Jan 14, 2012

Spring PJ's & Funny Faces

This 4 year old granddaughter of mine is nothing short of a FUNNY mess! I had whipped up a pair of "Spring" PJ's for her out of some scrap material I had laying around. Needless to say she spotted the PJ's and JUST had to wear them! ALL DAY!!!!!!!!! I told her, "Mallory, Nana made those for you to wear for Spring". She said, "Nana, what is Spring?". I decided it wasn't worth even trying to explain. Then she proceeded with her photo shoot....she is too funny! Wanted to share one my precious grands with you today and of course the cute and easy PJ's she loved!

And of course her funny faces!



  1. How stinking cute!!! Cute PJ's and adorable grand! Nita

  2. What sweet kiddos!!! I'm so looking forward to having a little girl to go along with our GRANDsons!!!

  3. Cute as she can be. Such a little personality.
    Jackie Canaday

  4. She is too cute!!!! And don't we all need a day every now and then when we lay around in new pajamas and just enjoy life!!!!

  5. Oh how sweet! And the PJ's too! Scrap material unh? LOL

  6. How sweet! Love looking at pictures that aren't really planned! Just fun and casual. The PJ's are so darling.
    Betty B

  7. What a little cutie pie! A day in pj's? How bad would that be?

  8. Your the Nana that can do it all. The photos are great, the P.J.'s are too cute and Mallory's name is as cute as she is!



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