Feb 12, 2010


The first "giveaway" was the beautiful Pink/Red Rose Cheese Board and Knife (Formalities by Baum Bros.)
CONGRATULATIONS TINA BARBOUR!  Contact me by email to claim your prize girl! 

2nd "giveaway" was the Bible Scripture plaque that holds 3 pictures.

Everyone that entered the contest had their names put in a bowl and I drew from the stack! 

Get ready next week for a ANOTHER GREAT GIVEAWAY! 

I must say that I loved everyone's ideas on how to use the jar with lid and the ivy bowl but one idea that came in that I love! "It was what I call "think outside the box" ideas....."The fancy toothpick holder idea was my fav".
I love them! Doesn't it feel good to make something out of such inexpensive things? I think they look pretty good as-is, but I do like that plaque so I will have to come up with something!....The jar would be cute in the bathroom with cotton balls or bath salts. The bowl would look cute if you wrapped the candlestick with ribbon and then tied a ribbon around the bowl with matching candle inside. Or as an extra fancy toothpick holder at your next buffet style dinner???



  1. Congratulations to the winners! I never win anything! Boo-hoo. I will keep on trying though. Can't wait to see what is next! Trinity

  2. I won the Cheese Board and Knife and Still don't know what I am doing! Wow! Thank you! Tina B.

  3. Congrats to the winners - and I am so glad you liked my suggestion Cindy!


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