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{Life Is A Precious Gift}

  Good Sunday Afternoon everyone. Hope that you all have had a wonderful weekend. I posted last on May 8th...I think...Seems like so much has happened since then. I am going to try and catch up this week with my blogging friends. Wanted to share a few fun pictures since I have last posted. These little girls sure enjoy fishing with papa. Our six year old granddaughter pulled in her fish all by herself and was so proud. The four year old eats more bread than she lets the fish have! LOL!  We had a nice harvest of potatoes. Some still had  few green spots but I can cut those off and we are good to go. I've already roasted potatoes and made potato soup. Mashed potatoes are up next.  Marty and I had a day date recently and stopped at Maple Street Biscuit. My, my! Now this is a biscuit and so yummy.  I was doing some baking for a fund raiser and decided since I was on a roll with the baking I would make Marty a fresh raspberry and lemon loaf cake drizzled with lemon glaze. It turned out

{I've Missed You Friends}

  Well it is so good to be able to whip up a little post for this week after being absent for two weeks now! I have missed you ladies . I took a little break but have been busy.  I appreciate those of you that checked on me to make sure I was okay. That meant so very much.  Over the two weeks that I have been absent we have celebrated my grandgirl's 13th birthday. Mallory Grace is what I call a well rounded young lady. She loves travel ball, deer hunting, dressing up or dressing down. She enjoys preparing and giving a devotional to her travel ball teammates which blesses me so much. She has such a sweet heart for our Lord.  I have spent quite a bit of time whitetail deer hunting with my family as well. My grandson went with us on one our hunts and needless to say he came home with a harvest. We sure enjoy spending time in the beautiful outdoors doing what we love.  Pictured is our "Favorite" grandson Conner, our only grandson , his Papa and his 2-pa as the grands and gr

{Enjoying Life} And a short getaway with Family

  I hope that you all have had a great weekend. I sure have. Spent some time with family for the weekend and well, it just don't get much better than family time .  Done a little hunting, shopping, eating and a whole lot of playing with the littles.   YEP, we had  chocolate milk the bed! They loved every minute s taying with Nana and of course getting by with lots of extra things....LOL!   My soninlove downed two nice bucks in two days! Guess what's for supper one night this week?  Yes friends, I am still truly enjoying my sunflowers.  I will miss them. I enjoy so much walking out to where they are each day and looking at them. They have kept me supplied in bouquets.  A friend in my Bible Study gifted me this precious journal and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Oh yes, these words are so very true. I hope that you all have a wonderful week and remember,  We must keep our eyes on the  SON.  Web image Hugs and blessings, Cindy

{Happy November}

  Don't you just love this color? Well can you believe it is already NOVEMBER! To be perfectly honest with my blogging friends there is a part of me that feels that the months, the weeks and even the days has been soooo slow due to the pandemic. Another part of me feels that the months, the weeks and the days have flown by. In the last 7 months I have experienced fear and sadness and yet, I have experienced pure joy and delight . This thing we call LIFE ! Not an easy road at times but it's sure one worth living to me. With November beginning I am praying for so very many as well as our country and I am planning to continue to do life as I know it and enjoy it to the fullest. Speaking of enjoying life....I have surely been enjoying my sunflowers.  These beauties can surely light up your world.  I am hoping to pick a bouquet one day this week. I have a bounty of beautiful sunflowers and they remind me so much of my late motherinlove. (Her favorite flower) She was the reason I