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{Life Is A Precious Gift}

  Good Sunday Afternoon everyone. Hope that you all have had a wonderful weekend. I posted last on May 8th...I think...Seems like so much has happened since then. I am going to try and catch up this week with my blogging friends. Wanted to share a few fun pictures since I have last posted. These little girls sure enjoy fishing with papa. Our six year old granddaughter pulled in her fish all by herself and was so proud. The four year old eats more bread than she lets the fish have! LOL!  We had a nice harvest of potatoes. Some still had  few green spots but I can cut those off and we are good to go. I've already roasted potatoes and made potato soup. Mashed potatoes are up next.  Marty and I had a day date recently and stopped at Maple Street Biscuit. My, my! Now this is a biscuit and so yummy.  I was doing some baking for a fund raiser and decided since I was on a roll with the baking I would make Marty a fresh raspberry and lemon loaf cake drizzled with lemon glaze. It turned out

Friday Favs-Fall Treats

We have covered Fall Centerpieces and Fall Wreaths in the last two features of Friday Favorites. about some Fall treats today? Ooh...I love treats don't you? I am joining Laura today over at   Go on over and check out some other great pins.  What a cute idea! Who wouldn't want these OWL cookies? Pie on a stick shaped like a leaf? Carmel Apple Bites? Oh Yeah.... Pilgrim Hats... Apple, Ice Cream and Carmel? You can't go wrong here!   Scarecrow Treats...this looks so good! Crispy Crawly Treats How about a chocolate pumpkin cake?  And who could go wrong with a pumpkin spice latte?  

Wednesday In The Word-Not a Fan

I am currently co-leading a Bible Study called "Not a Fan" by Kyle Idleman. To me it is a very intense study of the heart.  After speaking at a conference Pastor Kyle said a gentleman walked up to him and said, "We raised our daughter in church but not in Christ".   Image Credit What does that statement mean to you? Happy Wednesday......... Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Tuesday Toots-WOW-They LIVED!

Well let me say this before bragging on my plants! If you all knew just how fast I can kill a plant then you would really know the depth of this HAPPY POST! I did not inherit my granny's green thumb! That woman could "merely spit" on a plant and the sucker would grow!  I can buy stuff that you plant in the yard and sorta just "toss" it out there and it would grow! But I can buy a plant that needs to stay in the pot and oh MY! Usually disaster would come! Most of the time I can buy a plant and it SQUATS before I can get home with it. Oh I can do fair with plants but the truth of the matter is I tire quickly from "tending" to them!  HOWEVER....I bought this back at the beginning of summer (and I do not know what it is) HELP? It was just "pretty". It was small and pretty! I have "tended" to this cutie and I want you to look at it!   BEAUTIFUL! The thing is growing out of control! It is growing behind the chair! So pretty

Friday Favs-Fall Wreaths

Since everyone is getting their Fall on let's take a look at some Fall Wreaths this week! Love the sunflowers! Now isn't this a cute idea using the end of a rake? Ooh...I really like! This is so simple but I think it is adorable! Isn't this wreath beautiful? I love  the simplicity of this wreath! Don't you just love this one? And...I must say...this is my absolute favorite! I love the Fall of the year.....just wish those temps would drop a tad in my neck of the wood! And...I leave you with this............  Image credit Hugs and blessings, Cindy 

Wednesday In The Word

My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. James 1:19 Thoughts about today's verse: Have a brake on your tongue , hit the throttle on your ears . Let your angry email sit three days before responding and be sure you read it and edit it before you send it. Keep your mouth shut and your ears open. They all say the same thing! Now...if we we would just do this wouldn't the Christian community be so much more blessed?  Image credit Dear Father...please guard my lips today from hurtful words. Protect my mind from evil thoughts. Allow my ears to only hear things that are pure and good. Amen Hugs and blessings, Cindy


It is tootin time!!!!!!!!! Do you have something to toot about? What has happened in the last week that you can say, "I feel good about that? I enjoyed that. I made that. Another person made me feel good. Or better yet, I was able to help another person feel good.  I actually accomplished something I set out to do! Our list could go on and on couldn't it? There is ALWAYS something to TOOT about friends.... ALWAYS! Just waking up in the morning to share another day with family, friends and coworkers is a TOOT! A simple little tablescape for my sweet Motherinlove..... Her most favorite time of the year is fall. She loves it better than anyone I know! She was having two long time friends over for lunch so we had to fix her up a little fallish tablescape.  She almost had to break my arm to make me do it..... RIGHT? Nothing fancy but sure was pretty. Her centerpiece is what made it I think. She and I had taken some time a few days prior to her luncheon and whipped u


Last week we saw some really cute pumpkin ideas so this week let's take a look at some cute table centerpieces for Fall. Ooh, I really like this piece by Martha Stewart. This is so simple but I really like it a lot!   Love the colors used here. Ooh, I just happen to have what I need to make this one! I must say so far....this has really been a favorite!  Simple but adorable!   Ooh..very elegant! How about one more today? You can never go wrong with candles. Hope you have enjoyed my Friday Favs! I am ready to get my FALL on! I leave you with this today....... Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Wednesday In The Word-Fellow Workers

Beth Moore tells a story about a neighbor that was diagnosed with a mass on her side which turned out to be cancer. The neighbor was a registered nurse and she and her husband had just had their first child. The couple was not saved but during the trials and tribulation of this dreaded disease both husband and wife came to know Jesus.  With time at hand the mom decided to prepare her child for her death. She told him that she was too sick to stay on earth because she could not get well here but if she went to heaven to live with Jesus she could be well there and would see him and his daddy one day.  She told her son all about God and the love of God. The morning of her homecoming the husband knocked on Beth's front door to tell her the news. Beth immediately went over the neighbors home and felt compelled to anoint her body and her surrounding with oil.  In the meantime everyone was doing what they could to keep the little boy occupied so he would not see the Paramedics t


Decided for Friday Favorites to feature some pumpkin decor! This made me the idea! Of course I thought of my grandgirls when I saw this!   As soon as I spotted this I thought of my friend Debbie over at By the way...jump on over and visit her today! Just using some leaves dolled this pumpkin right up! Awe yes...a pumpkin chandi! And when I saw this I thought of two of my friends! Vicky that is a seamstress there is no doubt and another sweet blogging friend, Beverly from Hope you have enjoyed a few pumpkins today!  And I leave you with this............   Hugs and blessings, Cindy