Sep 17, 2012


It is tootin time!!!!!!!!! Do you have something to toot about? What has happened in the last week that you can say, "I feel good about that? I enjoyed that. I made that. Another person made me feel good. Or better yet, I was able to help another person feel good.  I actually accomplished something I set out to do! Our list could go on and on couldn't it? There is ALWAYS something to TOOT about friends....ALWAYS! Just waking up in the morning to share another day with family, friends and coworkers is a TOOT!

A simple little tablescape for my sweet Motherinlove.....

Her most favorite time of the year is fall. She loves it better than anyone I know! She was having two long time friends over for lunch so we had to fix her up a little fallish tablescape.  She almost had to break my arm to make me do it.....RIGHT?

Nothing fancy but sure was pretty. Her centerpiece is what made it I think. She and I had taken some time a few days prior to her luncheon and whipped up some fall arrangements and refreshed a few old ones and well...this one was perfect for her table.

Don't you just love these glasses with the leaves? Dollar Tree....

Now for the menu. How about baked chicken breast with white sauce with mushrooms sided with some broccoli rice pilaf?

Green beans seasoned with sausage, ham and bacon?

Oooh...potato salad.

Sweet potatoes with pineapple! It is really better with pork but not too shabby with chicken!

You can't go wrong with yeast rolls and homemade honey butter!

How about a little strawberry shortcake for dessert?

How about another look? Yep, couldn't resist adding just a few chocolate chips. CHOCOLATE makes everyone feel better!

I had as much fun cooking for them as I did helping with her fall tablescape. I must admit, I was a tired little puppy but It was a good tired! 

My inlaws on the left and their long time friends on the right. 

You know what makes you feel really good when you are feeling really bad? Doing something for someone always takes your mind off of your mishaps. It doesn't take much to put a smile on another persons face. When we take the TIME to put our wants and desires aside and extend a little joy for someone else. It is called LOVE.....SACRIFICE...SERVANT HOOD.

Oh do I feel good about tootin today? What do you have to toot about?

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. You are so right...service is the best thing for what ails a person. Your autumn table and food are beautiful. What a blessing to be with such good folks. Happy Monday/Tuesday!

  2. aww, I know all you did was appreciated, as well as the lovely table setting.

  3. Love the tablescape. I need to borrow you sometime. It does feel great to do things for others. This weekend I was blessed by a friend coming in from out of town and she brought me 3 pieces of Pyrex for my collection. So it did feel good to be on the receiving end as well.

  4. Miss Cindy, I am quite sure your MIL had to talk you into putting out some dishes on that table! LOL! The food looks yummy. Matter of fact would like to know how you made the sauce for the chicken. It always makes me feel better to know I've put a smile on someone's face by being of help. After all...Our Lord came to serve...not to be served! Love this Toots today Miss Cindy.
    Connie Royals

  5. That is a beautiful fall table and the menu looked so yummy! A great atmosphere for great friends to enjoy!

  6. What a sweet DIL you are, Condy. The tablescape is so pretty, love the warm colors and yes, I want those glasses! I need to run to the Dollar store. The food looks delicious!...Christine

  7. Cindy,

    Your blog cheers me up and brightens my spirit in ways you will never know. Thnak you for being a light in my life.



  8. So pretty! The table is lovely and the food looks delish. I am sure your mother-in-love had a wonderful time with friends.

  9. I agree with your Mom. I love the warm colors of fall. You did a beautiful tablescape. I just looked at Dollar Tree today for glassses, but didn't see any. I'll try the other store.
    You should share your recipes. It all looked so good. Would especially like the sweet potatos and pineapple. That was some spread for a luncheon. You are so sweet to do that for your MIL.

  10. So beautiful fall setting, and the food looks delicious!!!

    Big hugs

  11. What a beautiful table and the food looked delicious too!


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