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{Fall Please Come To Florida}

Well I am LATE in making a post this week!  Marty and I took three days off to do a little bow hunting in those old Georgia Pines. Camo, lipstick and earrings is a must for this huntress! LOL! A girl still gotta look like a girl...even when hunting right?  We had a good time. I actually had a nice breeze in my tree stand. Though no harvest was bagged we just enjoyed being away. Some of the sweetest times for me with the Lord is while I am sitting in a tree stand.  Had the two youngest grandgirls for a couple of days and of course we had a tea party! And sprinkles...we have sprinkles on EVERYTHING !  I've really enjoyed making coffees, shakes and loaded teas. Dang, I am getting pretty good at this! LOL! Everything I have made has been healthy, low in calories. Well, maybe I did add a whip or two of whipped cream and chocolate syrup!  Y'all, I won all these books! I was so surprised to get an email from my friend Cheryl at telling me I had won!

{Fall Party}

Each year our family has the Conner Fall party in which we have so much fun. Food, sweets, games, prizes and lots of laughing fill this family event. Needless to say memories are made. This year me and my daughters dressed like Superheros. I don't know who was more shocked at my auburn man or my grandkids!  One of my grandgirls told me the wig made me look younger....I MIGHT BE WEARING IT MORE OFTEN! My grandbabies sure had fun as always. GAME TIME.... Needless to say the kiddos lined right up to throw the ball and knock down the cans. We definitely have some PITCHERS. And the party would not be complete without tossing the balls into the pumpkins! Especially when they are going to win LIVE GOLDFISH!   Who can have a Fall party without playing "Go Fish"?. The object of the game was to knock over the bottles without using your hands! Another little Pitcher up to throw! Pumpkin carving is always fun.   More game tim

{What's your Legacy going to be}

 Web Image   Sometimes it seems that life is lived backwards! When we are young and have only a limited perspective, we have to make huge decisions of life that will shape the rest of our lives. As we tend to grow older not only do we become wiser but we begin to ponder the thoughts of "If I could do it again". I love talking to people that are older in age....lived a long life and has some mileage under their belts. Oh the things we can learn by simply listening to our elders! A survey was done with fifty people with age beginning at 85 and the question was asked; "If you could live your life over again, what would you do differently? Lots of answers came from this question but three answers stood out prominently.  1: I would reflect more on the lives of others instead of allowing the busyness of my life to dominate me. 2: I would risk more. I would take more chances in life with the things that I thought were impossible. 3: I would do more things that

Love Shows Up

One of my favorite devotionals (and I have many) has got to be Girlfriends in God . Though I must admit I LOVE many different types of devotionals this one always seems so realistic to me. This spoke straight to my heart today and I wanted to share it with you.  Web Image Love Shows Up by Mary Southerland Mary writes... It was one of those days. You know what I mean. The minute I opened my eyes, I could feel the weight of the darkness. All I wanted to do was pull the covers over my head and pray that the world would go away and leave me alone.But it won’t. I know that. I have responsibilities – deadlines to meet, people who are counting on me, and things I need to get done. So I do what I always do on those days. I take a deep breath, cry out to God for the strength to get out of bed, and literally make myself get up. That is the first victory of the day. Yes! I then get dressed – another victory – and even though each step feels like I am walking through quicksand, I