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{It's Almost August}

 Hello Sweet Sunday Afternoon! Where in the world has July went? In a few more days we will be venturing into August and I feel the summer is passing quickly. I want to say that several have pointed out blogger issues from me. Some of you are getting that I am a non-reply blogger. I have no clue why. Some of you are not able to see my pictures that I post and I have no clue why. I have had so many issues lately with blogger. Any old ways I will try again today and we shall see what happens. You should be able to find my little old blog over at too. Just type in Creationsbycindy in the search box.  What have you ate good lately? We let me say that we have ate quiet well this week. I whipped Marty and I up a Chicken Fajita bowl this week served over brown rice. It was so good and favorable.  I took some leftover breakfast bacon and made myself a BLT using fresh tomatoes out of my garden. YEP, more tomatoes than bacon I think. But oh so good.  Of course I had to have a l

{The Celebration Is Winding Down}

I have tried to celebrate my birthday for a month now so guess it's time to move on..... (SAD FACE) But, it has been a great birthday and I thank you all for the sweet birthday notes and the cards with gifts of TEA! Love it! Daytona Beach was our first destination of celebrating. Marty and I both wanted a time of relaxing and for the most part we done just that. We went on a Scenic Dinner cruise and it was so very relaxing. Very low key cruise and laid back. Awesome food and 70's music playing. Needless to say we could hum right along with some of those old tunes.  The weather was beautiful that day and couldn't have been any more perfect for a boat ride.  When we passed this sign it brought back memories of 40 years ago. Holy Hill is where we spent our honeymoon. We laughed as we were so young and wondered, "How did we even know how to get there". NO GOOGLE MAPS back then!  After our scenic dinner cruise we done a little s

{It's My Birthday and I Can Cry If I Want Too}

Don't you just love that Maxine? She has a way of saying things doesn't she? I celebrated another birthday on February 18! CRY about it? NOPE ! I enjoyed another day of life and had a sweet time of celebration with my family.  My three daughter's cooked a wonderful birthday luncheon for me, menu of my choice. The kids played and yep, several tried to swim in this February cold water! That didn't last long needless to say. Corn Hole is a favorite game for our family.  Spending my birthday with the ones I loved the most is the best gift ever! And of course my favorite dessert, cheesecake, was the icing on the cake. Nothing like family to celebrate life with. My greatest accomplishment in my life has been my family and can't imagine doing my life without them. I am truly a blessed and spoiled woman!   I will be celebrating my birthday again with my man! Nothing like having a few celebrations right? I will be off for 5

{Because He First Loved Us} Tablescape

Happy Valentine's Day I hope that you all are having a "lovely" day on this day of showing expressions of love to others. I chose to use some of my most favorite plates for a Valentine's celebration. Though the salad bowl is hiding it, on the bottom of each plate is a scripture. My lovely napkins with a C which could stand for Cindy or Conner right, was made and gifted to me from my friend Vicky. I just love them.  My little Cherubs I have had for years.  I chuckled looking at them. One is praying and one is resting. Maybe the one that is resting is all prayed out! LOL!  Centerpiece of roses and rose petals. Simple tablescape but I think it speaks "Love" . "We love because He first loved us". 1 John 4:19 I have a little devotional calendar that always gives a scripture and quote for the day. This morning here is what my calendar said;  Love one another as I have loved you

{Cheesy Creamy Hassleback Potatoes...and A Little Family}

These babies winded up being a hit with my family.  I had never heard of Hassleback Potatoes until Jenna posted the recipe on her blog in which I am adding the link for you to check the recipe out and her blog. It was kinda nice to tell my daughters, "We are having hassleback potatoes" . It sounded important! LOL!  But first, before the potato recipe, you know I must share my family with you a little. Just a little.....I spent the day with this cutie on Friday. We had so much fun. Can y'all believe that she will be two in April? Remember all that dark hair that she had? And now it's so light. She still has plenty of hair as she never lost any. If it gets the least bit damp it curls.  We went to our local City Park, AKA the Duck pond. She had such a great time trying to chase the ducks. NANA was wore out chasing her!  Then we headed to pick up her cousin, my 6 year old grandgirl and off again we went.  Yep, she kicks those shoes and so