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{It's Almost August}

 Hello Sweet Sunday Afternoon! Where in the world has July went? In a few more days we will be venturing into August and I feel the summer is passing quickly. I want to say that several have pointed out blogger issues from me. Some of you are getting that I am a non-reply blogger. I have no clue why. Some of you are not able to see my pictures that I post and I have no clue why. I have had so many issues lately with blogger. Any old ways I will try again today and we shall see what happens. You should be able to find my little old blog over at too. Just type in Creationsbycindy in the search box.  What have you ate good lately? We let me say that we have ate quiet well this week. I whipped Marty and I up a Chicken Fajita bowl this week served over brown rice. It was so good and favorable.  I took some leftover breakfast bacon and made myself a BLT using fresh tomatoes out of my garden. YEP, more tomatoes than bacon I think. But oh so good.  Of course I had to have a l

{Savoring the moments}

My sweet grandgirl turned 6 months old on October 9th and I truly think she is growing too fast. It just seems like yesterday that our sweet Adalynn was born.   Of course I am reminded when I look at my oldest grandgirl who will be 13 in April that time waits on NO ONE !  Here she is old enough now to be in our youth praise and worship band at church. REALLY? What happened to that little baby?  But our babies do grow up and quickly. This sweet girl has brought so much joy to our family. We call her our JOY baby.  If you look at her she will smile....  Sleeps 11-12 hours a night. Cries if she gets hungry and that's about the only time she cries.   And she is at that stage that she grabs everything...earrings, ears, nose and whatever else she can grab. But do you know what my favorite thing is that she does? She'll put those little hands up to your face and looks at you as if to say, "I love you soooo much".  YEP.....I truly am trying to

{Be The Change You Want To See In The World}

One of my all time favorite quotes is from the Gandhi who once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” . A team of us from my church went to Nicaragua this past February on a mission trip and our theme was "Change The Wor ld; Be The Change ". God had given this key phrase to one of our ladies who I call my "Soul Sister" to be our main theme for the mission trip and challenged us all to be that CHANGE . A Change that would be so evident for Christ that others would want that change in their life and in doing so YES, we could change the world... one soul at a time, one woman at a time, one wife at a time, one mother at a time.  Well, that phrase has not left my mind nor my heart and when I saw these words on a decal I knew that I had to come up with something that would be a cute gift for my friend.  As you can see I winded up buying several different sheets of quotes to use in the future. I bought a plain black frame. I took t

{What happens when you clean out the frig and pantry?}

YOU MAKE SOUP! Have you ever had just a little of this and a little of that when cleaning out your frig and pantry and you just can't stand the thoughts of throwing it away? I was raised by a grandmother that always "thanked" the Lord for the food we had because she would say, "There are people all over the world that would love to have just a little bit of what we are eating".  Then she would throw in... "It's a sin to waste food". Boy, that has stuck with me through the years.  If my granny had of had the means I can assure you she would have taken in every child that she thought might would be hungry and she would have cared for them. The biggest thing on my granny was her heart!   So I had a handful of mushrooms left over that I had sliced up after fixing several batches of stuffed mushrooms and enough spinach for maybe one small salad so decided to saute the mushrooms in butter and then added the spinach. I sat it aside. 

{A Picture is worth a thousand words}

Joining Jemma for Thoughts of Home Hugs and blessings, Cindy