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Happy May!

Happy May! I wanted to pop in and share a few pictures from my month of April which seemed to fly by quickly. As I am trying to catch up with my blogging friends today I realized it had been a month since I last posted. My mercy! But, I am so busy doing this thing we call life here on earth and enjoying every moment that I can. With my immediate family of 14 there is never a dull moment y'all!   We had three family birthdays in April. My SIL David, granddaughter Adalynn and oldest granddaughter Raygen.  Our favorite grandson Conner (only grandson) carried his girl to the prom. We had to snap at least one picture with Mom and Nana! Two of my elementary school friends and I get together at least once every 4-5 weeks so we went to breakfast and then to  Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens. We always have so much fun.  The gardens are so beautiful that I couldn't even attempt to snap all the pictures I wanted. There are so many beautiful paintings to look at this but this was one of

{Happy Resurrection Day}

I hope that you all have enjoyed this beautiful Easter Sunday. He is risen!

I wanted to end the month of March in sharing a few of my favorite photos from the month. 

Celebrated my favorite grandsons birthday. Conner is 18 now! 

Our beautiful Mallory Grace all decked out for the prom.

The youngest grands (sisters) were flower girls in their uncle's wedding. The oldest one was in her element of dress up. The younger one, not so much. THAT HAIR BAND ITCHED HER HEAD she said! 

I purchased a new pair of wedges that I love. I am always skeptical about ordering shoes or clothing but read the reviews on Amazon and went for it. Love the color and the style. 

The youngest grand loves to take selfies and play with the filters. 

Marty colored Easter eggs. He always colors at least a dozen every year. He always says he's doing it for the grands but I know he does it because of the inner child in him! LOL!

I went with the little ones to Disney on Ice and we had the best time. I think I enjoyed it more than they inner child was showing as I watched such talent. 

My hearts....

Happy Easter to you all and I pray that April brings you many wonderful blessings. 

I will close with this TRUE statement.

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. I always enjoy visiting you and seeing your beautiful family! So glad you had a wonderful Easter!
    Love the wedges! Lol!

  2. Such a beautiful, lovely day, my friend! Wishing you a happy week. smiles

  3. Happy Easter Cindy! Beautiful photos!!

  4. I loved, loved, loved seeing all your happy pictures. Your grandchildren are so beautiful, well your whole family is! Happy Easter Monday and thank you for the inspirational quotes. Blessings to you, lovely Cindy.

  5. I love seeing all of your family photos, Cindy! Each photo warms my heart. I am so glad your Easter was wonderful! He Is Risen!!

  6. Your Grands, big and little, are so is your entire family. I hope April brings you loads of Blessings!!

  7. A happy post, Cindy! You have beautiful (and handsome) people in your life!

  8. What a beautiful family, inside and out!! Gorgeous photos of you all. Love the colored eggs! I haven't done any in a long time. I should! I bet Disney on Ice was so much fun. Enjoy it all!!

  9. What a beautiful family you all have, Cindy! I'm so glad you shared these photos with us. Blessings to you and each of your grands!

  10. Cindy,
    Thanks so much for your visit and for your prayers for Joe and my family as we navigate through this difficult time...
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

    1. You are most welcome and I am keeping you all in prayer.

  11. So pleased you had a good Easter.
    I enjoyed seeing your wonderful family photographs.
    We were fortunate to spend time with our family over the Easter weekend too.

    Wishing you a happy and healthy new month of April.
    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  12. What a precious family you have - had to laugh at the youngest not liking her itchy hair band! They are beautiful darlings! Always fun to go out and have fun! Love all the special pictures with your grands - you are such a special grandma! Your Easter pictures were beautiful! Much love to you dear friend, keeping you always in my prayers!

  13. Your post has so much to offer a reader, Cindy. But these photos do my heart so good! Your family is beautiful. I can think forever on that last quote, too! God bless you and yours.

  14. Sorry I missed this one when it was first posted. It's been a crazy month and I am still playing catch up. I loved seeing your beautiful grandchildren...I can't get over your grandson so grown up and TALL and handsome! And that Mallory in her prom dress...she's just beautiful!! Oh, don't they grow up way too fast??? The littles are so sweet in their pretty wedding dresses...they are adorable little girls as you well know. Love seeing the whole group of you together. Love the colored Easter eggs too! I haven't done that in a while, but I agree, the "inner child" would love to have some colored Easter eggs again. I may have to do that next year! I enjoyed seeing you looking refreshed and hopefully you are feeling much better these days? Praying for you and hoping all is well. God bless you all real good!

  15. I'm just catching up on your blog today. Glad you had a joyful March with the family. Can't believe it's been almost a month since Easter. Where did April go?!?

    1. Thanks Margie for stopping by. April is almost gone!


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