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{I Am Retired Y'all!}

  It sure is a bittersweet time but I am surely looking forward to my adventure with the Lord. I wanted to share a few pictures with my friends. I have received so many phone calls, texts, cards and gifts this week that have just brought tears and joy.  Turning in my office keys of many years was hard! But, Jeremiah 29:11 is surely reminder that God has set the plans for my life and that I will trust.  I only had the blessing of serving alongside Pastor Scott for nearly a year and I pray God's blessings upon him and his family as his journey continues. However, he is a quick learner and learned that I was the BOSS! LOL! The former pastor and his wife that hired me 22 plus years ago even tuned in to the recognition with a video. It melted my heart. I will never forget interviewing with Bro. Edsel in his office and then I was interviewed by the personnel team.  Lastly, Bro. Edsel's wife Judy interviewed me at a luncheon. Bro. Edsel trusted her discernment of me totally. However,

{Red, White and Blue}

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!   Memorial Day honors America’s military men and women who lost their lives in service to their country and I don't know about y'all but RED, WHITE and BLUE will always prevail in my book.  And my youngest granddaughter got all caught up with the RED, WHITE AND BLUE.... AND TWO! She is celebrating her 2nd birthday today and a little ham she is!  I done a little photo shoot of her to celebrate her red, white and two and she surely brought on the smiles.  And the grins... And  the wide mouth expressions when she would hear a tractor mowing in the fields nearby!   We had a ball snapping pictures for this sweet girl.  She just melts this Nana's heart... I can't believe our youngest is already TWO!  My mercy! I could just kiss her little face off! And pretty much do.  Our family celebrated her birthday with a little family party with cake, cupcakes and ice cream. She was

{Birthday, Cakes and Bread}

This sweet sweet granddaughter just celebrated her 9th birthday. I know y'all, seems my tribe has a birthday every month and well, we just about do!  Kyleigh brings our family so much joy. She has the sweetest and most loving personality ever.  This child never meets a stranger and loves with her whole heart.    Our family celebrated her birthday with a little party but then she got to spend the day  at the beach with her cousin. Oh the days of bikinis and eating what you wanted too................ I took a day to bake cakes to freeze for upcoming birthdays and well, maybe a Sunday dinner. Yep, we have another family birthday coming up this month.  I love baking fresh bread and haven't baked any in a while so decided on a loaf of fresh rosemary bread. Gathered some rosemary from my herbs and whipped up a loaf. The worst part is waiting on it to rise. But I was painting a new pump house my husband built so the time went by p

{Girls Just Wanna Have Fun} And We Did!

We had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. Let me just tell y'all a little secret. There is NEVER a dull or boring moment when my three daughter's are around! After a wonderful lunch we all went outside and while the younger kids played us older kids played too. We set up a tripod with a remote control switch and we snapped no telling how pictures of ourselves goofing off.  We got so tickled one time at ourselves because I had put the remote control in my pants pocket and I was trying to find it  non-conspicuously to snap a picture!    These gals of mine are crazy! A couple of the younger girls got in on the fun. Needless to say a lot of my flowers got picked yesterday! My oldest daughter did manage to get a picture with her two kids and the grandson doesn't like standing still long enough for a picture so that was a blessing.  I was truly lavished with sweet gifts from my girls. I was so excited about my new coo

{Birthday, Nail appointment and Flowers} A great combination huh?

My first born celebrated her birthday and I must say, her daddy is sure getting older!  We had a wonderful lunch and my oldest granddaughter baked her mama a birthday cake. Doesn't it look too pretty to eat? My grandgirl has become quite the baker and that makes me so happy. Kristy is quite amazing. She truly has a kind and humble spirit that shows the love of Christ to her family, friends and to all that know her. We couldn't be more proud of her. I decided it was time to do my nails so I made myself a nail appointment at Cindy's Nail Salon .  I have no excuse for not doing them as I keep plenty of nail supplies around for the grandgirls. Mercy, I have a whole cabinet of nail stuff.  When you have five granddaughters then you have nail supplies, hair bows, lipstick and stuff to make cookies! I probably threw away at least a dozen bottles that had dried up. But finally narrowed it down to a few of my favorite colors.   Now to mak