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{It's Been A While Y'all!}

  Well seems that it's been almost two months since my last post! MERCY! I promise I have a good excuse. Since my last post we've experienced birthdays, sporting events, and well, any and everything in between including sickness. I will share a few of my favorite photos with you all during the last two months.  My November focus has surely become dear to my heart.  Marty celebrated his 65th birthday in October. God has surely blessed him as he had a rough year in 2022 with several frightening health scares. God surely went before us and leveled each mountain that we came upon. We also celebrated our sweet granddaughter Mallory's 16th birthday. EXCITED doesn't even describe her surprise to a new car. Well, it's new to her!  I did manage to get in a little hunting and once again God found favor on me! No explanation needed for my lipstick friends! LOL! Well, that is in between trying and I say TRYING to stay on top of my health!  This football season was my favorite g
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{Happy 46th Wedding Anniversary To Us}

  Happy October everyone! I wanted to pop in today and share a few pictures. Marty and I celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary on September 23.  Oh it seems so long ago that we said "I Do". We started dating when I was 16. Married at 18 and began a family at 20. Needless to say we have surely grown up together. Praise the Lord that we are growing "Older" together.  We decided since it had been about 8-9 years since we had been to Savannah, Ga. that we would take a weekend there and just enjoy a scenic luncheon cruise.  We enjoyed walking River street and sightseeing, shopping and eating of course! It was a nice get away and perfect for us as we are simply two imperfect people that fit perfectly together.  I did spot Santa while in Savannah though! YES, I love Christmas so I had to stop at several Christmas shops! We've had outings that have kept us quite busy and we have surely been blessed to be able to attend our grands functions and our little outings toget

{Better late than never}

  Good afternoon to everyone. Seems I have surely been behind on blogging as of late. The term "Can't get with the program" seems to be my motto. LOL! But, I am here today.  I have been under the weather for about 10 days but feeling much better this afternoon. God surely has been right by my side. I believe in giving God praise and just want to lift His banner high tonight. Give a little praise with me friends because He is surely a good and merciful father.  My September focus sure came at the perfect time for me.  I was gifted this Thanksgiving catcus about three months ago and it was just a baby. It's growing and so much so that I have already repotted twice.  My favorite grandson, only grandson....a senior this year and his picture is up on the fence at our local football field as he plays football. We are so proud of our Conner.  Football game fan club. Our Adalynn, (Ada) started cheerleading this year and she is doing remarkable. We might just have a cheerleade

{Show and Tell}

  Where has the month gone too? Mercy, I can't believe September is almost here. I wanted to pop in this afternoon with a few new products that I am trying out. I love it when some of my blogging friends share what they've tried good or bad. It is always nice to hear the thoughts of others. Several of my friends use this brand of foundation so thought I'd give it a try. I like Neutrogena products so why not try the foundation. I use Infallible 24 hour L'oreal Paris as its long lasting and gives a good coverage. For a few bucks more though I decided to give Neutrogena foundation a try. Though it's a great coverage and smooth finish I couldn't tell a difference really between the two products. I think I will stick to my old faithful L'oreal unless they go up in price.  I do like the L'oreal. I normally use a tea tree type of shampoo on my hair but I do like to change it up from time to time. I decided to try this. My hair is dry and my skin is dry so anyth