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{A Whole Lot of Baking, Cooking and Loaded Tea Making Going On}

  Happy Sunday Afternoon friends. Hope you've all had a great week. I've been doing some cooking, baking and tea making.  I've really been enjoying making and creating loaded teas, shakes, smoothies and coffee drinks. I have not been writing down my recipes but guess I need to start doing that so I can remember what all I done! LOL!  I try to stick with healthy and low calorie drinks and have so many different things that I want to try.   But, this is an easy way to get extra vitamins, or Collagen, or protein.  I drink lots of water and this helps to give me something to add a little extra taste.   Mercy, I'm having too much fun with these teas. Decided to do a little baking this weekend too for my family. Pumpkin muffins with brown sugar topping was on my list for sure. I had enough batter left for miniature pumpkin chocolate chip muffins so baked a batch of those. If that wasn't enough already, I baked up some peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips. Needless t
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{It's Party Time With The Family}

  Hope that you all are enjoying your Sunday afternoon. I am doing a little R & R. Wanted to share a few fun pictures from our annual family Halloween/fall party with you all. Our family has such fun together and we treasure the moments that the Lord gives to us. Marty and I enjoy dressing up for our parties and I am so glad that he is such a good sport.  I had intended on using those old perm rods that belonged to my granny on my whole head. When I realized how time consuming that would be I decided that just a few would be good enough.  I honestly don't know how my granny stood there and rolled every stand of her hair with those tiny rods....and, she had a head full of hair! We had quite a few immediate family members that could not attend this year and with a family as large as ours that is to be expected for sure. But, we had a great time. #food#fun#laughter#dancing#games #fishingpond#carvingpumpkins#blessed YEP, that's what we are! We attended our granddaughter's l

{It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Fall" Every Where I Go.....

I hope that you all are enjoying your late Sunday evening. As for me, I about pooped as my granny would have said and ready for a little "rest in the recliner". We've had a busy week and weekend and it seems there is never enough time in the day to get all done that is needed but....I just give God the praise that we are able to do most of what is needed a little bit of what we want to do.  I managed to get a little more Fall decor done and I was glad as I told my daughter' won't be long and I'll be decorating for Christmas. I know that God knew what He was doing but y'all, I really think some holidays are too close together. LOL! My little grands love my OLD scarecrow. Bless his little heart, he used to light up but that tore up a few years ago. However, he is still in the family.  We went and watched our favorite grandson play his last home football game. Needless to say he has quite a fan club.  Nothing like family supporting family and with these

{Back To Reality} But Oh How God Did Bless

  Good afternoon my friends. I want to thank you all for the sweet "Happy Anniversary" wishes that so many of you sent our way. We had a wonderful time in the mountains celebrating our 44th wedding anniversary. I truly think God gave a little "EXTRA BLESSING" this trip since our last mountain trip winded up with both of us being sick. We surely give Him the praise. Our mountain side scenery was absolutely beautiful.  Our cabin was lovely. Way too much cabin for us but....I surely explored every crook and cranny and we loved it.  We have always used another company when visiting North Georgia but decided this time to try a company that we had heard great things about. They did not disappoint. The views we had was too beautiful to describe. Pictures cannot do it justice. We were supplied with chairs to use at the fire pit and we made good use of the fire pit as one of my favorite things to do is to have me a good old "Outside fire" as I call it.  We spilt