Oct 15, 2018

{Fun Times Making Memories}

Isn't that cutest rug ever? Found it at Ross for $5. YEP...FIVE BUCKS! 

My daughter and I carried this sweet girl to the Fairytale and Princess Play that was at our local high school. She loved it. Lots of singing with milk and cookies. Pictures galore! Nana loved every minute of it too! 

This girl cracks me up! She is so full of energy! When she comes to my house she is wide open! Within 45 minutes we had a tea party on the front porch, played dress up with hats in the grands play room, had pop sickles,went swinging, picked flowers, and colored. I wish I had just a tad of her energy. 

We went to do a little shopping recently and to get the baby's ear's pierced. She done so good actually. Done me worse than her! 

Lollipop to the rescue! She now has her very first diamonds.

Ears pierced, out to eat and shopping. Such a fun day with the girls. 

And I managed to slip off for a very short trip to sit in the midst of some Georgia pines to hunt. No harvest for me but I sure did enjoy God's beautiful creation, the quietness, and the cool brisk air. Of course before I got back to the Florida line I was rolling up my sleeves! 

I stopped at a Salvation Army on my way to Georgia and found another Biscotti Jar. I was so excited and especially since it was only $2.99. I love those jars. I need to do a vignette with the four I have now. 

Found this cute little pillow for 79 cents. Has a small rip in the seam on one side but nothing I can't stitch up. 

I hope that you have a good week and enjoy each moment that you can making memories with those you love the most. Memories....ONE DAY THEY WILL KEEP YOU COMPANY.

Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Oct 8, 2018

{So, Inquiring Minds Want To Know}

I do hope this finds you all having a WONDERFUL Monday! Those dang Mondays just roll around real quick don't they? 

Aren't they pretty? My sweet Mallory and Kyleigh gave these to me. 

So, I am wondering... 
Do you have lots of trick-or-treaters on Halloween night? If so, just curious, how much do you spend on candy to give out? 

I have been enjoying some pumpkin spice hot tea lately. Don't you just love my tea cup and saucer? What about my little angels? 

Since Fall is in the air...well, in most places that is....what is your favorite of these?

Hayride or Bonfire?
Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider
S'mores by the campfire or Homemade Soup?

My daughter and I carried our sweet Adalynn to see The Fairy tales and Princess Play at our local high school with singing and acting and she loved it! We enjoyed milk, cookies, and coffee with the Princesses too. Nana loved every minute......


Speaking of Fall...
What's your pleasure...
Apple Pie, Candy Apple, Caramel Apple, Apple Tart, or Apple Cake?

My man and Fatherinlove getting  their muzzle loaders and rifles sighted in.I just love seeing them do what they love and love what they do...together

Last curious question for today....

Let's say that the temps are cold and brisk. You have no where to go really and nothing on your agenda to do. Which of these would you consider doing?

Stay home in pj's, drink hot chocolate or coffee, and watch movies? OR....
Put on a cute sweater and some boots and go shopping? 

And here's a free printable for you from Frugally Fantastic 

Now here's my answers in case your little old mind may be inquiring.....

1: NO...we never have any trick or treaters. We live in the country and all the little one's that used to come to our house many years ago to trick or treat are now grown with their little ones. Our community has so many different churches that do so much for our community that lots of kids participate in those activities or they go to the larger well lighted areas where the homes are near one another.  But, I do buy a little bit of candy just in case...and I figure the worse that can happen is I will be the one to eat the candy! HOWEVER...I have heard HORROR stories on money spent on candy! I might be glad we don't have trick or treaters. LOL! 

2: Bonfire hands down! 
Hot chocolate but I do enjoy apple cider occasionally.
 Homemade soup! YUM! 

3: Caramel apple....

4: Depends on my mood but most likely I would LOVE to stay home in my pj's, drink hot chocolate or coffee and watch movies! OH...and I will most likely add a good old chocolate chip cookie to that list! LOL! 

I do hope you all have a great week and remember.....

Web image 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Oct 1, 2018

{Anything Goes Monday}

YUP....It's Monday again! Hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. I actually enjoyed a weekend away with my man to do a little bow hunting. I was so thankful my dang old arthritic neck was better so I could go. Nothing like being in the outdoors admiring the beautiful creation that God has designed. And, I did get a little rest too. Rest is good. Sometimes we ADULTS just have to give ourselves permission to REST, right? 


YEP....I'm one of those old gals that you call a Huntress! I think sometimes I love it better than my man does. Or....maybe I like the going out to eat part....the shopping part....or the simply doing nothing part! LOL! 

Now lets have a little fun together and answer a few questions...and while we do I want to share a few random pictures with my friends today.

Web Image

 Are you a coffee drinker?  If so, when is the last time you shared a cup of coffee with a friend?

I realized that I had not shown you our newest girl in a while. Can you believe she is already 4 months old? Her smile lights up the room. 

Web Image 

Do you enjoy music? If so, what kind? 

This grandgirl had a day at school called "Bring your dad to school". Her daddy had to work so Papa was to the rescue. It sure blesses my heart to see grandparent's involved in the lives of their grandchildren. 

I saw this recently on one of my friends blog and it totally cracked me up and how very true. What is something that you really like about Walmart or dislike about Walmart? 
No intentions here to SLAM Walmart as we all have our likes and dislikes and let's face it....some people wouldn't be happy if the store was called "Jesus loves you" store! 

Just sharing my "Lady Linda" teacup again. She is just perfect for Fall. I must say that last Fall I enjoyed many cups of coffee and hot tea with her. This year she sits on my mantle for decor.

What is your favorite candy to indulge in?
I think you know my answer by my picture. Hee-hee. 

Now my answers: 
COFFEE: Yes, I enjoy coffee and I actually had a sweet friend bring me a cup of Starbucks to my office and we took a little time and sat in the sun room that I NEVER get to sit in unless I am ministering to someone and enjoyed a cup of coffee and a little sweet fellowship. 

MUSIC: Yes, I love music and a good variety of music as well. I always have though. Whether it be the oldies but goodies, motown, country, blues or gospel, I enjoy music. 

WALMART: What I like about Walmart thus far is that they are very good to take something back without giving you a hassle. Or least that has been my experience so far. What I dislike about Walmart is having 50 people ready to check out and they have two lanes open! OH MY! 

CANDY: Yep you saw the picture. 

I do hope that you all have a great week and remember to enjoy the little things in life....

Hugs and blessings, Cindy