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{What's Happening}

Hello dear blogging friends. Hope you all had a great weekend. Despite one eye healing and one bad eye, I am still keeping up with life as normal as I can and much appreciative to those who have reached out to me to assure me...I will feel normal soon. It's great to know others will pray for you and especially to hear from those that have felt the struggle because it's truly real.    When the 4 year old granddaughter wanted Chocolate cake well, of course I whipped up a batch of chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing topped with chocolate chips. I hear chocolate is really good to help your eyes heal from surgery too...... The oldest granddaughter carried me back to the eye doctor and of course I treated her to lunch. It is a good feeling to know I have a grand with drivers license now! LOL!  We went to watch my favorite grandson.... my only grandson , play basketball with our church team over the weekend. It was a treat to have his great-grandfather there too.  Finished up the
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{Country Winter Tablescape}

  Happy Week To Everyone. I hope that this week brings you lots of JOY . I wanted to share my Country Winter Tablescape that is surely given me joy this week. I did not want to put away my Christmas table decor this year but when my youngest daughter spotted these cute chargers at Michaels and pointed them out to me I knew a Country Winter Tablescape was next.  Incorporating my Deer and forest animals that I used at Christmas made me feel that I still had a little of Christmas lingering on my table.  I love these new chargers and what I really loved about them was the price. 8 of them for $7.50 at Michaels was the after Christmas sale price and wouldn't you know it...they had 8 which is what I needed.  As soon as I saw the chargers I knew exactly what kind of tablescape I wanted to do.  My white platter surely came in handy for more than just cookies to nestle on. I was able to incorporate pinecones, small white ornaments and several mini trees. I love anything woodsy and country.

{Happy New Year and My WORD for 2021}

  I sure hope that your New Year has started out with "sweet moments" of life happening all around you. I have been busy taking my Christmas down and putting it away for another season. I love my Christmas so much and I always dread taking it down. But, It's a New Season of life, a New Beginning , and a New Reason to have JOY ! For New Year's Eve we spent some time with our children and fried some good old venison back strap and potatoes. We enjoyed a fire pit and S'mores and of course a few fireworks added to the fun.  On New Year's Day we spent a quiet day at home "piddling" as we like to call it. I've learned something about myself this past year. I'm real quick to start several projects at one time but I am easily distracted by other things. So I just sorta "Piddle" . Oh well.... I went out to eat and done a little shopping with this crew over the New Year Holidays. YEP, picked up a few new items for next Christmas that had

{Thankful and Blessed}

  Merry After Christmas Everyone! I hope that you all had a most wonderful Christmas. It is truly my favorite holiday season. I love the lights, the music, the gift of giving and mostly the acts of "goodwill" towards others that I have witnessed this Christmas season. The Lord has surely blessed my family and we have enjoyed our Christmas season together. I have tried so hard this holiday season to not take these sweet moments in life for granite.  I have done LOTS of baking this Christmas! Oh my! I've often said that baking and cooking was good therapy for me and I do enjoy it so much. Well, I am not showing all the pictures of baked goods this season but let me just say, my freezer has baked goods for many Sunday dinners to come! LOL!  I so enjoyed giving baked goodies to others this season as gifts. I think "baked goodies" speak love to me and mainly because it's time consuming and you know, it would be much easier to run out and buy a small gift. But,