Sep 9, 2019

{It's Too Hot Y'all For Fall}

I think "Fall" officially begins September 23 and I always like to get seasonal decor out a little early, BUT....Y'ALL....I just can't even!!! When my car reads 101 degrees I am like....FALL? FALL BEST BE FALLING to make it by September 23! I really had good intentions this past Friday to take my life into my own hands and fight the heat and head out to my She-Shed to gather up Fall Decor.  BUT.............

I decided to spend the day with these cuties instead! YEP, Nana bought her some cute sunshades to match her Georgia outfit too!

Hobby Lobby was calling our name! I needed wanted these cute tin chargers.

Oh and I just loved the black and white check chargers too! So, they came home with me. My daughter, Marti Leigh just shook her head when she saw me putting 16 chargers in my basket! LOL! 

I found these pretty floral stems that I hope to incorporate into a Fall Tablescape. That is if I ever get around too it!

I even put out some hot chocolate and marshmallows thinking it would give me that "UMP" I needed to fight the heat and get my Fall on.  NOPE!

So how about some Pizza Dips instead....

And Chocolate Chip cookies....

 Web Image 

 Web Image

But on another note.....Despite the high temps in Florida we are truly blessed. Once again the Lord chose to cover us with His hand of protection against Dorian. Our hearts has been broken for the Bahama's and for those families that have lost loved ones. I will take the high temps in Florida any day of the week! 

It ONLY takes a moment to look around us and see just how very blessed we are....Things in life has a way of bringing new perspectives don't they? 

AND....I do plan on trying this Fall Coffee out...despite the temps! LOL! 

Hugs and blessings to you all.

Sep 2, 2019

{Monday Musings of My Life}

Happy Birthday to our baby girl...

Our baby girl just celebrated a birthday. My, what happened to that little girl that used to lay her head in my lap and let me run my fingers through her hair for hours?

Now here she is a wife...

And a mom to these two precious girls.
 Adalynn and Annaleigh

Being the baby surely brings extra joy for her because she is spoiled by her sisters.

Her nephew and nieces adore her.

She was my last child and third daughter. I named her after her daddy whose name is Marty and after my great-grandmother whose name was Dolly Lee. I chose to spell it differently so it wound up being Marti Leigh and we call her both names.  Each of my children get to pick what they want for their birthday dinner so her menu of choice was grilled chicken, baked potatoes, Greek salad and green beans and bread. Her birthday dessert was fried donuts and vanilla ice cream. We had a great time celebrating my girl.

We kicked off our first Georgia Bulldog game of the season on Saturday night and needless to say, another reason for us to get together and party! I am sure you know by now my bunch doesn't need a reason though to get together. LOL! 

But as much as I love my Georgia Dawgs they aren't nearly as exciting to watch play football than my one and only and FAVORITE grandson.  

 This grandgirl plays volleyball and has just started this season. She also plays travel softball. I have several grands that loves sports. I can't play the radio real well so Lord knows they surely didn't get any athletic skills from Nana. LOL!

But I can make a "mean" tuna fish sandwich with a fresh tomato out of my garden. And oh it was so good. My tomatoes are about gone though. I am sure going to miss them.  

My oldest granddaughter who is 15 has had a love for baking since she was a little girl. Of course as much as i enjoy cooking and baking I am just thrilled that she enjoys the art of baking. And, the art of baking is simply "love". A friend of my daughter's gave this sweet kitchen aid mixer to my grandgirl and she was beyond excited! My daughter's friend had bought a new one and our Raygen was a happy camper to receive her older one. 

And I spotted a buy that I couldn't turn down at our local thrift store that gives the proceeds back to the community and missions. 

Don't you just love these beautiful snack plates and cups? A what's best is I got the set of 4 plates with matching cups for $4. YEP! 

I ordered some new makeup brushes from Amazon. I found the cutest container at the Dollar Tree to store them in.

 I hope that you have a wonderful Labor Day Holiday and let us keep all covered in prayer with the hurricane situation. Our family has  been praying for the Bahama's and our hearts are broken at the devastation that has already occurred. Where I live we are expected to have heavy rain and winds at this time (which could change at any time) by Wednesday. Power outage is due and we are as prepared as much as possible. Prayers abounding.  Of course, the Bible has warned us of times such as these. May we all stay safe and remember to Trust the One who can calm the sea with just His breath.

 Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Aug 19, 2019

{It's Getting That Time Again and Simply Curious}

Well, Bow season is around the corner and I am getting ready! Marty and I made a quick over night trip to ride around in the old Georgia pines and it sure gave me an itching to get my camo out. I done a little target practicing with my bow so I am READY...

We stopped by Carroll's Sausage and Country Store on our way home. Reminds me a little of Cracker Barrel with their decor. In which I did have me some breakfast at Cracker Barrel too.

Their specialties there is no doubt their meats but oh do they have tons of other goodies.
Yep, we came home with several goodies. 

Since Football is getting started they had these specialty grills to sell. Well, it didn't strike my fancy at all...especially when I saw the price!

Marty thought he needed a snack so he grabbed some meat and cheese sticks. The meat sticks was a tad spicy for me but he loved them.

We did stop and do a little shopping and I found another e.l.f. product I am going to try.

We had a short getaway but a productive one. A Hunter and Huntress knows you have to prepare....LOL!

So, recently there were several of us ladies having a conversation and the subject came up about "whether you make you bed up in the mornings or not" That conversation led us to spilling the beans on our personal "habits" or maybe some would call them "quirks" in our daily routine of what we feel must be or needs to be done before leaving our house for the day. And the truth is...there are NO right or wrong simply is the way WE DO IT! But I am curious?

Web image

Do you make your bed up every morning?

I was surprised during this conversation that "making the bed up each day" was very low in percentage. Now keep in mind I come from the old school and you had no choice but to make your bed each morning.  It actually wasn't an option. But, it's funny at how things really do "stick" with us from childhood in our adults years because I can remember my granny saying that making her bed each morning always made her feel better about her day. I'm not so sure it has ever made me "feel better about my day" per say....but, It sure makes me feel better to climb in a freshly made bed at night and truthfully, I sorta, kinda, have always felt that it did indeed begin my day of productivity. It sat the tone for me for the rest of the day. Does that make sense?  Even if that day was spent at home, my day had begun by making my bed. That sounds crazy to some I know. Just you make your bed each morning?If my bed isn't made y'all, it's because I am still in it or sick and will be back in it shortly. Besides that...I am scared my granny would HAUNT me at night if I didn't make my bed. LOL! 

And...if you are looking for a new ladies Bible study check PROVEN out. Our ladies just started it last Wednesday night and it is going to be SOOOOO GOOD!

A Florida gal with a Georgia heart...YES I AM!

I hope that you enjoy your week and I'd like to leave you with this.........

"Life is a compilation of many different seasons. Don't be afraid to let go of one season in order to grab hold of the next one".

Hugs and blessings, Cindy