Nov 13, 2019

{Good Times and Making Memories}

I am much later posting this week than usual but my mercy has time just seemed to get away from me here lately. Better late than never...right? In honor of Veterans Day I just want to thank all of those that have served or is still serving our country in the military. I have quite a few military hero's in my family. My grandfather and brother served in the Navy. One of my Soninlove's served in the Marines. My uncle served in the Air Force and I have a nephew currently serving in the Navy. My utmost thanks and gratitude stands. 

My granddaughter Kyleigh was part of a Veterans day program at her school this past Friday and it was truly heart touching. 

 She's the cute little girl with the red top, glasses and smiling.

Those kids sang their little hearts out and all our military was honored, past and present. It was truly a very special time. 

 My oldest and first born grandchild went to a Fall Ball recently. I can't believe she is 15 years old. 

She was just stunning.

Don't you just love her beautiful dress? She got a new dress, new shoes and new clutch. YEP...that makes any 15 year old young woman happy doesn't it? Well...who are we kidding? That makes us older women happy!
My youngest daughter and SIL spent their wedding anniversary in Savannah, Ga so between my oldest two daughter's and me we shuffled these two girls around. What fun they are! 

We then met my daughter and her husband in Georgia so they could get in a little hunting. Needless to say my daughter out done the men! Two nice bucks two days in row.  My little granddaughter had her first outing of sitting in a ground blind with her daddy and she done really well. Of course she had earphones, a tablet, and lots of snacks! LOL! 

Couldn't see her eyes with this 2nd buck but you can sure see that smile!

Yep, the girls in the family are outdoing the guys on deer hunting right now. We sure have lots of family fun though. 
Several asked me in last post and a few of you in emails so if I missed anyone here was the question and answer? Do we clean and process our deer ourselves? Yes we do. We enjoy processing our own meat. It is very time consuming but so worth it. Saves money and we get the cut of meat we want. We eat a lot of venison at my house and we love it. We enjoy the hunt but not just for the deer that might be harvested. We enjoy this as a family and time spent together in the great outdoors. 

Well, the weather has been somewhat crazy in Florida...but that is Florida for ya! We go from a low 39 degrees to 70's and 80's in a matter of a few hours! The temp dropped to 56 and I started dragging out boots and sweaters! LOL! Think tomorrow I will be dragging out the shorts and short sleeve shirts! 

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I sure hope no matter what your weather status is that you all have a wonderful day. Make a few memories this week and remember....

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Hugs and blessings, Cindy 


Nov 4, 2019

{It's Been A Wonderful Weekend}

I enjoyed some time in the great outdoors with my granddaughter Mallory over the weekend.Our family enjoys deer hunting together but there's just something special when you and your grandgirl can celebrate a harvest together!

 Me and the grandgirl downed some nice bucks in those old Georgia pines on Saturday morning. YEP, we showed the men folk how it's done!

It was a perfect morning to sit in a tree stand with a brisk 36 degrees. My kind of hunting weather and perfect for coffee in my Georgia thermos. 

Speaking of Georgia....the day even got BETTER!  Two nice bucks harvested and my Georgia Bulldogs took the win. 

The guys stayed at the camp but me and the grandgirl stayed at a hotel. And, just because we were out hunting didn't mean we couldn't enjoy some of the finer things in life. Oh yeah, I had those cute little cups wrapped tightly in my suitcase along with hot chocolate, cookies, and well....LOTS OF GOODIES!

Boy, our God sure is a wonderful painter isn't He? 

I can't hardly believe we are already in the month of November and Thanksgiving is a few weeks away!  Do you celebrate Thanksgiving with the traditional foods or something different? Do you dine at home or travel?

I hope that you all have a great week.

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Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Oct 28, 2019

{Five Random Facts About Me} And a Few Pictures.

Several of my facebook and blogging friends join in on {random facts} at times and it always fun to learn something new about them. It is funny though at how we can know someone forever and learn something new about them and think; "why I never knew that". Thought it would be fun to share a few random things about me. Would love to hear your answers as well. 

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1: What is something that you try to keep on hand in your pantry if possible?
My answer: Well, basic staples for sure but something that comes to mind is Pasta. Our church has a committee that helps to feed the families of members that has passed away at our church the day of the funeral service. It is a great and wonderful ministry.  I'm on the salad team. So, I always try to keep pasta handy for a pasta type salad when called upon. Most often we only know a day before the food item is needed so having boxes of pasta helps out. I have made every kind of pasta salad that you can imagine for our "bereavement team" and it is a huge blessing to be able to help out in that area by preparing a dish. 

I will share a few pictures along the way too....OF family! LOL! 

 Grandgirl Mallory plays softball and is so much fun to watch. They won the championship this weekend!

Each of the teams dressed up in costume and all the teams were judged for overall best costume.  Her team not only WON the championship game but the costume judging too. 

2. What is something that people do that has a tendency to drive you BANANA'S?

My answer: PROCRASTINATE! Think I will leave that one right there...LOL! 

 The championship win brought her home a trophy and a bracelet.

  3: Do you consider yourself a strong person? (not in body strength)

My answer: Yes I do. I think we all are "stronger" than we think we are at times. But,  YES for me. Now, there has been times that after all was said and done, I totally fell apart. Most often it's alone that I do that too. 

My oldest daughter and her family, along with our Youth leader, Music leader and Family Pastor attended a fun event (fun to them, lol) that involved running and all sorts of activities. They had a ball. They had a great time of fellowship, healthy exercise and lots of fun.

4. What's your preface? Sweet or salty?
My answer: I prefer salty. But I do like a little sweet and salty mixed. 

These cuties love to play dress up and enjoy the hats and head bands in the play room at Nana's house.  So, they had to wear their favorite head bands while enjoying a little dinner.  

This one didn't care about the head bands...just give me food

5: What is your most favorite holiday?

My answer: Christmas. Oh I love all the holidays but Christmas is my favorite. I love everything about Christmas. Matter of fact...YEP I am going to admit it....I am BITING at the bits to put up my Christmas tree! I know...I know...I know...Of course the first new Christmas hallmark movie aired Saturday night and that didn't help any. LOL! And.....I have already started my Christmas shopping. And....I am probably going to start Christmas decor before much longer.....

 I have my little bags of treats ready for my grandbabies for trick or treat. Yep, I am one of those Nana's that for almost every holiday I try to do some little extra something for them. I love it. Of course I only have six grands. If I had more then I might would have to re-think that.  WELL, I say that but their papa said we could have 20 and he guaranteed me I would still do something! LOL! He is probably right! 

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I hope that you all have a great week and maybe you can do a little "Trick or Treating". 
TRICK your husband into thinking your shopping idea was HIS idea and TREAT yourself to something sweet!

Hugs and blessings, Cindy