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It's almost Fall Y'all!

Hello everyone on this late Sunday afternoon. I hope that you all have had a great week. I wanted to share just a few fun pictures from my week and to also tell those of you that have said something about the blogger issues that I totally understand. I have had quite a few replies to my blog come in as anonymous. I can pretty much tell by the reply if it's indeed a blogger friend. Other issues are that our feeds are no longer showing up in our emails but this has been going on for some time. For those of us that use the free blogging platform then we have to take the good with the bad. For now, I am just enjoying doing a blog post when I can and purposely checking my reading list on blogger to try and keep up with my blogging friends. Technology is good but boy can it be a pain at times. Anyway, on to a few fun pictures.  We have a little soccer player in the family now. Our youngest grand that is 4 played her first game on Saturday. Oh my! This tiny little thing sure held her on a
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{A Little Fall Going On}

Good Sunday afternoon. I have been so slack this past week in making a post which I only do once a week! I'm also behind on visiting too. I've seen to stay so busy as of late and other things have surely grabbed my attention. Maybe I can keep up this week. LOL!  I did manage to get my table decorated for Fall. Now, if we would ONLY get some Fall temps I would be happy! sweet Fatherinlove always notices my table when he comes to eat with us every Tuesday night. That makes me happy.  I just love this tiered tray that I found at a Goodwill store for $1.99. It sure has served many purposes.  My handed down old dough bowl from my great-grandmother brings me much joy. I've used that dough bowl for lots of decorating. My great-grandmother and my grandmother made many a pan of biscuits using this bowl. I will try and share my Fall tree and some of my fall decor in living room next week. It's hard to decorate for Fall y'all when it's so stinking hot isn't it

{The Summer Is Almost Gone Ya'll}

Good Sunday afternoon everyone. Here we are at the end of August. My daughter's told me at lunch today that it has seemed like a short summer. They don't know anything yet! Wait till they get a little more age on them and they will wonder how it went from January to December in just a few short months! I will honestly say that I will be so grateful to feel a little fall in the air. I am completely over HOT! But, for us Floridians we might waiting a while on that cool crisp air! LOL!    Our baby girl celebrated a birthday yesterday. She and hubby went out for the evening with several friends so we kept the littles. We celebrated her today with family. The caboose of the family was named after her daddy. His name is Marty so we named her Marti Leigh. Leigh was after my great grandmother which the spelling of her name was Dollie Lee. She may have her dad's name but she is indeed my mini-me. Mannerisms, looks, and well, a lot of my ways rubbed off on her. Amen or Oh Me? LOL!  F

{Happy Week Y'all}

Web image Anyone else there with me? LOL!  Good Sunday afternoon everyone. I hope that your week has been great. I've had a productive week so it's always good to chill out on Sunday after church with the family.  After our usual Sunday Dinner my soninlove David carried us for a ride on the old dirt roads.  It was nice as it was far too hot to do our usual outside sitting by the pond. Web Image My granddaughter Kyleigh started back to school this past Monday as she is a week later going to school than her sister. She goes to a private school but sadly, several of her classmates has covid so now she's out this next week.  It's just so sad that we are still still experiencing the battle of Covid but I know this is the norm for life on this earth.  Several of my friends met up on the mats this week and we had a great time. I think we laugh more than we do anything, at each other and ourselves but what would we do without laughter in this world in which we live? We celebrat

{Fun with the littles}

  Good Sunday afternoon y'all. I hope that you all have had a great week. We actually got about 2 inches of rain yesterday and it was so nice. It did cool off a bit and this morning we had a nice breeze as we enjoyed coffee on the front porch. breeze or rain today. HOT!  The youngest two grands stared their new school year in which my daughter who taught school in the public school system for 11 years teaches them at home. Adalynn and Annaleigh are very blessed to have their mom teach them. They love it and of course they had to get all gussied up for their first day of school pictures you know?  The youngest three grands stayed with Papa and Nana Friday and Saturday as for an early birthday outing my daughter had the chance to go see Alan Jackson in Savannah, Ga. They couldn't wait for Papa to get home so he could ride them around on the 4-wheeler. Never mind that he had been up since 4 am and returned home about 6 pm. from work. What we do for the grands, right? Of c

{In My Little World Of Blessings}

  Happy Sunday everyone. I am about to cut up a fresh pineapple and enjoy it late this afternoon with a glass of ice tea. Nothing like  fresh fruit is there? I hope that you've all had a great week.  My youngest daughter and her girls invited me to lunch and a little shopping one day so off we went. Of course one can't go shopping without stopping at Hobby Lobby you know? We spotted a Five and Below store and the girls were thrilled when I suggested we browse a bit in there! Five and Below was already putting out some Christmas decor.  My FIL got a new toy this week and he's been riding away! He's 87 and in such good shape and health. We are so thankful for him. He was so excited though about his stationary bike. He said that he'd been peddling so fast before long that we might just see him riding by our house. LOL!  My Yoga instructor wanted to do something special for our teachers, bus drivers, or anyone associated with our school district as they are preparing to