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{Mountain Trip}

  We surely give our Lord the praise for allowing us to take some time to enjoy the mountains before Marty returns to work. He is doing good and a little mountain air was just what the doctor ordered.  It had snowed a few days earlier prior to our arrival so on the first day we arrived the mountain side was covered with white beauty that already had started melting. I still can't believe I didn't snap a picture of it! Guess this Floridian was just glad to see that white stuff for a change! The weather was perfect.  The cabin was lovely. We have stayed in this cabin before and loved it. We enjoyed a lot of afternoon and late evening fires.   We enjoyed walking some outside the cabin and Marty likes to hike. However, that was limited for now but we did managed to get in some walking. I even managed to get in a little yoga one morning! Marty said, "You are on vacation now"! LOL!  We went to several nearby towns for day trips and enjoyed eating out and a little shopping!
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{It's a Hot Chocolate Kinda Night}

  I decided to treat myself to a cup of hot chocolate as I was preparing a little blog post for this week. Nothing like a cup of hot chocolate. Well, unless you are sitting by a nice fire enjoying it that is! It isn't cold enough for that in my neck of the woods. I wish it was! But, it's a perfect cool evening for hot chocolate. Marty, his dad and I had a little venison sausage making one day last week. Marty and I were so blessed to harvest deer this season and I cook with venison a lot so sausage was on our list.  It's a lot of work to be honest but oh so good. I stopped by one of local Dollar store's one day and was browsing through the Christmas on clearance to see if something caught my eye. Well, several things did in fact but this was so cute. It did not look christmasy so I thought someone had maybe just sat it down on the clearance rack. NOPE, when it rang up it was a whole $2.50. I sat it on my blanket ladder for a picture but not sure where I will put it. It

{Happy New Year}

  Well what do you know? Two blog posts in a week! LOL! I just want to say thank you to those of you that sent prayers and well wishes for Marty. He has some recuperating to do but he is doing good.  We had a great beginning to a New Year with my family. We listened to our church service this morning as Marty is getting over a head cold so we decided it best not to venture out. But, we sure enjoyed a great lunch with the kids. Grilled pork chops, fried cabbage, green beans, blackeye peas, rice, corn bread, biscuits, desserts galore and well...If this is a sign of how we will be eating the rest of the year then we have issues! LOL!  I did get all of my Christmas in the kitchen and bathrooms, and even my laundry room put away. But, I think I will leave up my Christmas in the living room a few more days. I love Christmas decor! The girls offered to help me today to put it away. I should have taken them up on their offer!  I've decided to carry on with my monthly focus board since doin

{Happy After Christmas}

Happy "After Christmas" everyone. Some are smiling as they are glad the busy, hustle and bustle times are over and some, like me, just simply want to linger over the Christmas season just a while longer. My December focus was simply to be reminded that the greatest gift of all is salvation. The Lord has surely reminded me that this was a free gift that He gave to me and that was why He came to us long ago as a Baby. I do pray that you all had a wonderful, healthy and memory making Christmas.  We had a most wonderful Christmas with our family. Our daughters and their families celebrate the holidays with us (Every holiday to be exact! LOL) There is never a dull moment with my tribe.  Of course the grands make life so much more fun!  These girls of mine are simply a hoot! I wanted to share this special gift that I gave to each of my daughters. Their grandmother, Marty's mom who was my precious motherinlove gave me this recipe years ago in her hand writing. She's been gon

{Happy December Everyone}

  Hello to everyone. I am so sorry that I have been missing in action with blogging as of late. I wanted to pop in and to tell you sweet friends that I am doing fine. Many of you have reached out to me. Marty and I have tried to do more hunting together this season and though he isn't retired he has taken an extra day here and there off so we have tried to hunt more. Marty's dad was also under the weather for a spell and though he is much better and able to hunt with us that surely requires extra time and attention and we are thrilled that he is able to go with us when we go. We've honestly had a lot going on and it would take too long for me to share. However, I wanted to pop in and say hey and that I do pray that you all have a very Merry Christmas. I am hoping to get back to some normalcy soon. Not sure what normal is at times but I give God the praise for every day we have.  I did harvest a nice buck on one my trips. The Lord just simply found favor in me on that cold G


  Good Sunday afternoon y'all. Where in the world has the month of October went too? My girls and I just said today that it seems that Christmas is knocking on the door already. Whew! But I will tell you a secret.....I've already been listening to a little Christmas music! LOL! I was creating a Christmas music playlist and the next thing I knew I was singing Christmas carols!  Marty and I managed to get away to do a little hunting in those Georgia Pines and I never tire of seeing the cotton fields. I will miss seeing those beautiful puffs of white cotton when it's harvested. There is just something about sitting in a tree stand and enjoying nothing but nature and God.  The trip paid off as Marty was able to harvest several deer and his dad came to help us process as we like to process our own meat if possible.  I did get a little time on the mats last week and made my instructor some homemade chicken noodle soup. I loves soups all year round. I am ready for a pot of chili t