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{Let June Begin}

  It's Sunday afternoon and my tribe has left after a wonderful and breezy afternoon. The youngest two grands made friends with a baby bird today and was so sad when they had to let it go.  We attended a dance recital for these two littles. They both done so good. It was so bright outside and we were all squinting in pictures. The girls had a fan club for sure. Marty and I are blessed that our family always supports one another. Just BLESSED y'all. Just blessed! Marty enjoys coffee cakes and breads with his morning coffee on his way to work so I baked a yummy cranberry & orange coffee cake with drizzled icing. It smelled amazing baking. I think I might have a slice in the morning. LOL! The month of May was National Physical Fitness & Sports month so we ladies finished up strong. We added extra workouts to our yoga classes in different areas and well, let me just say, "I found a few muscles that I didn't know I had". LOL! My focus board for June is so fitti
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{Everyone Needs A Little Fun In Life}

Mercy, has time slipped away from me with blogging. Marty and I took a little time away and then there seems to be so much happening around my neck of the woods that getting a post done has been almost impossible. Well, until now!  We spent a few days at my favorite place, St. Augustine Florida which always requires beach time. You know that you have overstayed your welcome when the security guard has to remind you that you have to be off the beach in 30 minutes! LOL!   Marty surely took the opportunity to get some much needed R & R. No, we didn't create the sand creations but I had to snap a picture of them. Old Glory makes every trip to the beach with us every time that that go and she's flying mighty high and proud.  We stayed at what used to be a B & R. New ownership now has taken over and they had just been opened a week when we stayed. They still have quite of bit to do but it was so lovely and relaxing.(Bliss By The Sea)  The Long boardwalk behind the hotel carri

{Happy Monday}

  I hope that all of you mom's and grandmother's had a wonderful Mother's Day. I was surely blessed and had such a great day that I missed my usual Sunday afternoon post.  My daughters are all moms too so we celebrated together. I am so very blessed to have daughters that love me so well. It's amazing at how your girls become your best friends as adults. Of course they know I rule the roost!!! Some things NEVER change! LOL!  We went out to eat in Fernandina Beach and had a lovely meal. Then we spent the afternoon at the beach. The weather was perfect. My three daughter's surely did good when they gifted Marty and I with these sweet grands.  I have quite a few buckets of tomatoes growing and they are coming along nicely. We've even harvested some potatoes and have gifted some and have eaten out of them several times. Oh, there is nothing better than fresh veggies.  My Easter Lilies are so pretty this year.  We experienced quite a hail storm this past Thursday and

(May Has Arrived)

Well my goodness! May has already begun and full steam ahead it seems. We kicked off our May with our eldest daughter's birthday which was May 3. Of course the gals in my family celebrate a whole month for our birthdays.  Y'all would love my Kristy. She has such a Christ like spirit and shows kindness to others in so many ways. She truly displays the joy of the Lord. We are so blessed that we were chosen to be her parents. It seems our week was busy but good. We kicked off Cinco de mayo with a family party. We had a great time and Fajita's...YUM! My soninlaw David enjoys cooking on his Blackstone and I sure enjoy his cooking! My youngest daughter hosted and she done such a good job and everyone had so much fun.  Fiesta Time! This grand's softball team won the District Champs. Their game was away so we didn't get to go but rooted her and the team on from home. One more game to go this week and it's home! YAY! I stopped by our local Dollar Tree to pick up some par

{Show and Tell Sunday}

Winding down on this Sunday coolish afternoon and wanted to share a few goodies I found this week.  Well, I just didn't find Marty as I've had him for years but we did go out on a day date one day this week and as always our outing was nice with perfect weather to stroll around. In the garden department at Walmart I spotted these adorable planters with the price tag of $1.00!  Though I have tons of planters I couldn't help but bring home a few! Already have seedlings going in three of those cute pots.  Then on another day I had another date with two friends from elementary school. We always have the best time together as we try to meet at least once a month. Sometimes we gather at one of our homes for a light lunch and LOTS of talking and laughter. Other times we go out to eat and shopping. We stop at a variety of places and found a thrift store of course along the way. I just love this wooden bowl with plates. I will use use the bowl for many things but I see a salad lunch