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{Let June Begin}

  It's Sunday afternoon and my tribe has left after a wonderful and breezy afternoon. The youngest two grands made friends with a baby bird today and was so sad when they had to let it go.  We attended a dance recital for these two littles. They both done so good. It was so bright outside and we were all squinting in pictures. The girls had a fan club for sure. Marty and I are blessed that our family always supports one another. Just BLESSED y'all. Just blessed! Marty enjoys coffee cakes and breads with his morning coffee on his way to work so I baked a yummy cranberry & orange coffee cake with drizzled icing. It smelled amazing baking. I think I might have a slice in the morning. LOL! The month of May was National Physical Fitness & Sports month so we ladies finished up strong. We added extra workouts to our yoga classes in different areas and well, let me just say, "I found a few muscles that I didn't know I had". LOL! My focus board for June is so fitti

Friday Favorites

Ooh....have I told you how much I love burlap ...and mason jars .....and tin cans ? So many different ways to use these wonderful items. So for this week I wanted to share just a few of my FAVS for the week Found on I hope you've enjoyed looking at these ideas as much as I have! Matter of fact...going to try a few of them! Leaving you with this...enjoy your weekend. Creations By Cindy   Hugs and Blessings,  Cindy

Wednesday in The Word-Deserve Mercy?

Have you ever thought after reading your daily devotional, "WOW" God must have wrote that just for me to read that day? Recently my devotional was on "Mercy" . Which was something that I was finding really hard on that particular day to extend? Just like God to allow me to READ just what I needed that day huh?  Story goes like this..... John had served on the seas since the age of 11. His father had trained him well for a life in the Royal Navy. Although his training would have qualified him to serve as an officer, his behavior caused him to be flogged and demoted. He mocked authority, ran with the wrong crowd and indulged in the sinful ways of the world. At the age of 21 John made his living on the Greyhound, a slave ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean. He ridiculed and poked fun at the religious. He even made jokes about a book that would reshape his life: The Imitation of Christ.  One night, just mere hours after John had degraded the book menti

Tuesday Toots....

Wanted to share a few things worth "tooting" over this week.  Of course my grands hit the list of priority right ????? Three of my four grands are ALWAYS involved in something for sure. Right now I have one granddaugther in gymnastics and in ball. One granddaughter in gymnastics and soccer and a grandson in soccer. The youngest granddaughter is just BUSY having fun on the fields! (LOL)  First ball game of the season was Saturday for one of the grandgirls. This kid is what I call (an all around kind of gal) Will play in the dirt with the best of them but she has on those earrings, bows and etc. to match while she does it!  Little sister happy playing in the dirt while big sister runs in the dirt! And little sister doesn't mind having her picture taken at all! Two of my grands had soccer practice that morning so came on soon as they could to watch their cousin play ball. My grandson just celebrated his 8th birthday and has played every sp

Friday Favorites

It has been a long time since I've had some extra time to post for "Friday Favorites" . Want to share some favorites of mine this week with you.... I just love burlap. So many different ways to decorate with it. Isn't this just a cute and simple idea? this idea of using a pallet a lot! Such a cute and different idea! Would really be cute for a rustic wedding. Awe....a camping party/shower. Too cute! Love how she used the shutter for a runner for the table! How neat is this? Paint card samples to hold your flatware! My mind went to going with this one... Love this place setting!!! YES I do like a lot!!!

Wednesday in the Word-Spring in my step.

Spring is in the air....OR SO I HOPE! Living in Florida one never knows what to expect with the weather..... Have you noticed at how it seems when just a tad of Spring begins to come forth that we all get HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY? We can't help but to get a little Spring in our step. I find myself wanting to plant a few flowers, buy some new ferns, clean off my front porch, re-do a room in the house and just start fresh with a few things. I even had the urge to drag out some flowers and make a new Spring wreath for my front door. With the help of my granddaughter who will be 3 in May!   For me, when Spring comes it is a like a breath of fresh air.  It even has put me in the cleaning mode... Dusted off one of my little birds today and I think I heard him say "Thank You".    Found myself re-arranging my (makeover project from last summer) to a new location. Then it hit me....Just doing these few things brought a ray of sunshine to me, a Spring to

Tuesday Toots-The Grandson's Birthday Cake

Well let me just go ahead and say, " This was not my choice of cake to do but however, when I realized it did not need to be perfect and could look like a mess and yet still be what he wanted I was all for it! Our little Conner and only grandson celebrated his 8th birthday on Saturday. He had told me that he wanted a snow boarding birthday cake. As I looked at the picture it took on  the scene of a snow ski slope...mountains and etc. His mom gave me several ideas and his whole "thing" was having a mountain look! Here is the last picture that I looked at after scouting out many. Taken from the Web  Well I meant he was having a snowboard-snow ski-mountain look cake of some kind! (Can any of you Nana's relate?) First problem: We live in is the month of March...and no one has snow ski, snowboarding things for a cake!!!!  Okay, so we used a military dude on a snow board.....Yep, that is all we could come up with. So, I named this cake: