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{A Whole Lot of Baking, Cooking and Loaded Tea Making Going On}

  Happy Sunday Afternoon friends. Hope you've all had a great week. I've been doing some cooking, baking and tea making.  I've really been enjoying making and creating loaded teas, shakes, smoothies and coffee drinks. I have not been writing down my recipes but guess I need to start doing that so I can remember what all I done! LOL!  I try to stick with healthy and low calorie drinks and have so many different things that I want to try.   But, this is an easy way to get extra vitamins, or Collagen, or protein.  I drink lots of water and this helps to give me something to add a little extra taste.   Mercy, I'm having too much fun with these teas. Decided to do a little baking this weekend too for my family. Pumpkin muffins with brown sugar topping was on my list for sure. I had enough batter left for miniature pumpkin chocolate chip muffins so baked a batch of those. If that wasn't enough already, I baked up some peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips. Needless t

{Gardening And Girl Talk}

These few pretty days that we have had has had me wanting to work in the yards a bit.  I have been re-potting several things and cleaning up my potting table getting it ready for more flowers and herbs to sit on.   I just love these pretties. I have two planters attached to the two windows on my she-shed and I always have such good luck with these flowers. They seem to grow abundantly. So much that I actually had some in the winter months that didn't look half bad. I absolutely adore asparagus ferns. I have several. I have a large one that sits in my yard in a bird bath and two that sit on the ledge of my carport. The one that sits in my bird bath was HUGE at one time and one of the hurricane's we had one season done some major damage to that beautiful fern. However, I manage to save some of that fern and re-potted and it has been beautiful once again. I use them for fillers in floral vases, decor and well, just to look at. They grow so easy and last forever. I

{Easter Tablescape and a Birthday}

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter. We surely did. I wanted to share my Easter tablescape with you.  Better than late than never right? A dear, long time friend from church gifted me this 40 piece set of  beautiful dishes.  I love the colors. I decided to use pink and white place-mats to go with the lavender and green. The green table runner and green napkins gave the white a little pop. Don't you just love the adorable little bunnies? I have a set of 8 of those and have had them for a few years. I have used them different ways but decided they would look adorable sitting inside the salad plate.   I have had this cute guy for a long time. A friend of mine gave me this cutie some years ago. It held a candle but I think the egg looks so cute in it.  See the cute little egg salt and pepper shakers to the right? Too stinking cute. I love how the colors meshed so well together.   This cute little snow bunny was

Let's make a Teepee and Celebrate a Birthday}

My granddaughter Adalynn just celebrated her 3rd birthday and of course I had to come up with something a little creative for her 3rd birthday pictures, right ? Let's make a teepee shall we?  I gathered up a few flower bushes and snipped away.  Depending on how large you want your teepee to be to the size you will need your teepee but sweet girl was turning 3 so we didn't need a real big teepee. I bought 2 (10ft) pieces of PVC pipe and had them cut into 5 ft. pieces which gave me 4 pieces of PVC.  I think the PVC was maybe an inch thick. I decided how much of the tops of the PVC I wanted to show for the teepee, marked that spot with a pen, and drilled holes. Next I took rope, you can use heavy duty or light weight but I had some rope already and it worked for me. I put my 4 pieces of PVC together and ran the rope through the holes and wound it as many times as I felt needed to secure it and tied it off.   YES , I went from the barn to the porch and the p