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{Beaching with the Girls}

Good Sunday afternoon everyone. I hope that you all are having a wonderful Sunday and that tomorrow, July 4th, that you enjoy your red, white and blues. I just returned from from a short getaway to Fernandina Beach with my three daughters and we had such a wonderful time. We had one shower of rain but needless to say, I was a drowned rat! But oh did it ever feel so good and I simply just give praise for the much needed rain and time away with the girls. I for sure got the biggest soaking but then I can't move as fast as my girls! LOL!  Web image We had a lovely meal at the Boathouse one evening. We had about an hour wait so we walked around the historic district for a bit and oh my! I found the cutest little Christmas ornament shop. I can't believe I did not take any pictures. Especially when I LOVE ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS.  There is nothing like the sound of the ocean and the clean salt air to me.  We had brunch one morning at Sliders and one can never go wrong with Grits and Shr

{Girl Talk}

 Nothing like dis cussing your favorite color of nail polish, right? Let's have some girl talk today.  While we do some girl talk I will share a few pictures. Girl Talk : What is one of those little pet peeves that irritates you about your spouse? And what is it about you that irritates him? NOW LETS ALL BE NICE. LOL! Grandgirl dressed up for the 100th day of school. She is carrying her great-great grandmother's purse or as my granny would have said, "pocketbook". My girl talk answer: When my man opens a pack of crackers and leaves them on the counter and does not seal them back! Yes, it's just a little thing but irritating nonetheless. One thing that irritates him is when I bring home another dish. He says I have a major issue with dishes. Truth is, he is right! My name is Cindy and I am dishaholic! There, I've admitted it. Girl Talk: In today's culture, youth equals beauty. That's a statement that I read in a magazine. The art

{Funday Monday?}

I know what you are thinking; "what is fun about Monday?".  Well, if we can't think of anything else let's just be glad that we got out of the bed this morning, right?  Web image Let's have a little fun today and while we do I will share a few pictures of my life with you. I have had this collection of devotional books for years and love them.   Let's kick off with the 2018 Color scheme for women's clothing according to the Huntington Post. Web image  It looks as though Spring will be bringing the above colors to life from what I have read. Just because inquiring minds want to know, what color scheme do you find yourself most often purchasing regardless of what season you are in? I often purchase black, red and beige. Of course my best friend has said for years, "buy a pair of black dress pants and then you can buy lots of different tops to go with them". TRUE! However, I do try to expand out there a little....I

{Winter White and Copper Delight and Questions}

Since it seems that Florida is actually having a little winter weather I thought I would do a little tablescape to celebrate. YES, I said celebrate because I can already see the heat coming and with that in Florida comes those dang mosquitoes!  It seems that everywhere I turn, something I read whether it's in devotional book or someone posting on Facebook, or through an email I keep seeing "Keeping it Real" type of posts or readings. So for this post we are going to "Keep it Real" with answers to our questions. While we have some REAL talk I want to share with you my Winter White and Copper Delight tablescape.  1: The New year is a time for New Beginnings. What New Beginnings do you see or hope for for 2018? The phrase "New Beginnings" can mean; letting go of the past and moving forward; turning over a new leaf; embracing something new; the act of starting something new.  There’s something in the human spirit that nat

{Mondays Musings, Thrift Store Deals and Food for Thought}

BACK TO REALITY! Wow, seems that the holidays have almost been a blur to some extent. I had all of my Christmas placed away except for some "After Christmas sales" sitting in a bag in a spare room.  I am one of those women that after Christmas is when I buy all my ribbons, gift boxes, gift tags, gift bags, gift wrap and tissue paper for the next Christmas. It is a great feeling to walk out to my shed and pull out that BOX and BAM...there it is for another Christmas and I don't have to go out and buy it. However, I have everything put up and away and y'all, I miss my Christmas.'s time to move on. I have about decided I need a TEA ROOM! I just love my teapots and teacups and all that girl stuff. Speaking of TEA look at this darling Tea Set I found at a wonderful thrift store that I found as well. This will be perfect for having a tea party with the grandgirls. I actually found several cute things while browsing around at several th