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{A Whole Lot of Baking, Cooking and Loaded Tea Making Going On}

  Happy Sunday Afternoon friends. Hope you've all had a great week. I've been doing some cooking, baking and tea making.  I've really been enjoying making and creating loaded teas, shakes, smoothies and coffee drinks. I have not been writing down my recipes but guess I need to start doing that so I can remember what all I done! LOL!  I try to stick with healthy and low calorie drinks and have so many different things that I want to try.   But, this is an easy way to get extra vitamins, or Collagen, or protein.  I drink lots of water and this helps to give me something to add a little extra taste.   Mercy, I'm having too much fun with these teas. Decided to do a little baking this weekend too for my family. Pumpkin muffins with brown sugar topping was on my list for sure. I had enough batter left for miniature pumpkin chocolate chip muffins so baked a batch of those. If that wasn't enough already, I baked up some peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips. Needless t

Happy Anniversary to us!

Well let me begin by saying that my last post has disappeared! YEP...just gone! I have no clue what happened. I pulled up my blog to see that my post had been removed. But, I can't thank you enough for all those that responded with prayers and well thoughts. So many of you gave me ideas and I am so glad that I wrote them all down. I am so much better and today is actually the first day that I will not take the medication so we can see how I do. First physical therapy went well. Learning so much by research and being my own health advocate. Thanks again for your support. Now onto "sweeter things" in life.  On September 23rd we celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary. On one hand that seems like forever ago but on the other hand it seems like yesterday. I just wish I had that youth of energy that I had 41 years ago! And those knees that didn't crack...and that complexion that didn't need much makeup...and that skin that didn't have so many wrinkles...