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{A Whole Lot of Baking, Cooking and Loaded Tea Making Going On}

  Happy Sunday Afternoon friends. Hope you've all had a great week. I've been doing some cooking, baking and tea making.  I've really been enjoying making and creating loaded teas, shakes, smoothies and coffee drinks. I have not been writing down my recipes but guess I need to start doing that so I can remember what all I done! LOL!  I try to stick with healthy and low calorie drinks and have so many different things that I want to try.   But, this is an easy way to get extra vitamins, or Collagen, or protein.  I drink lots of water and this helps to give me something to add a little extra taste.   Mercy, I'm having too much fun with these teas. Decided to do a little baking this weekend too for my family. Pumpkin muffins with brown sugar topping was on my list for sure. I had enough batter left for miniature pumpkin chocolate chip muffins so baked a batch of those. If that wasn't enough already, I baked up some peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips. Needless t

Wednesday in the Word-Coffee, Jesus and Hope

I love coffee. Any flavor and any time. How about you? There is nothing any better to me that sitting down with a cup of coffee and God's Word. Just sort of goes hand in hand for me. I love this dishtowel that my friend Vicky made for me for Christmas. It hangs on my stove front for me to see every morning.   This is so true for me! I need a little bit of coffee but I sure need a A WHOLE LOT OF JESUS! Without Him I can assure you I would be nothing! As I have been preparing for my Bible Study class the phrases "Hopelessness" came to mind in a whole new light it seemed. There are people in our midst daily that feel hopeless.  Hopeless when the doctor says, "We have done all that we can do". Hopeless when there is not enough money to carry them to the next pay day. Hopeless when they continue to battle the raging sea of addiction. Hopeless when their spouse walks out on them. Hopeless when their child walks away from God. Hopeless when they feel that no one

Wednesday in the Word- O Taste and See The Lord is Good

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8 Have you ever just had a hankering for something and you knew that you would not be satisfied until you got it? Well, that is how I felt about Mashed Potatoes! I had everything I needed to make my mashed potatoes and my sweet husband (God bless his little heart) calls me to say, "Cindy, BABY , (he adds the "baby" in when he wants something) my office is having a cookout and I signed you up for potato salad and I need for you to make that today because it is for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so being the submissive sweet wife that I am......I said "Sure, no problem! Of course I must confess that I didn't say that until AFTER I told him I had bought potatoes for my hankering!!!  I decided I would not be outdone so on to Plan B . I just so happened to have a pack of frozen cubed hashbrowns. Mashed potatoes was still in the making.   You know what else I thought

Tuesday Toots with Valentine Decor

 I wanted to share my Valentine Tablescape and Valentine Tree with you. First let me say that I truly did not want to take my Christmas decor this year. I do believe if my hubby would have let me it would still be up! My 7 year grandson told me on Saturday that it wasn't Valentine's Day yet and I had Valentine's stuff up too early! LOL! Well, first of all he is a MALE ...2nd of all...he is 7 years old . What do men and 7 year old's know...right? LOL!  I couldn't decide this year if I wanted red or pink . Decided on a simple centerpiece with a few red roses. And my "After Christmas Sale" heart ornaments which I love! Had these little easels and decided to put my little hearts at each table setting.  Remembered I had a couple of cute little Cherubs ...Grandson calls them NAKED BABIES! Simple place settings. Red charger, white plates and clear saucers/dessert plate with my Thrift store goblets that I love. Plain red napkin from

Wednesday In The Word-New Year RES-ELECTION

 My daughter was talking about New Years Resolutions and her daughter who is 6 asked, "What does Resolutions mean? So my daughter explained to her the term "New Year Resolutions". Later on my 6 year old granddaughter said that she wanted to make a New Year RESELECTION ! Not Resolution, but RES-ELECTION . (She couldn't remember the word Resolution.) She told her mom that she wanted her family to hold hands at the dinner table every time they prayed over their meal. Well of course you know that just melted this Nana's heart ..... There is always a lesson for us in everything if we would just really take the time to listen. I thought about the wording she used and the word ELECT jumped out all over me! Truthfully, that is exactly what a New Years Resolution is.. .TO ELECT to change, do different, to choose, to pick our or decide. Though for many our New Years Resolutions... OUR ELECTED choices consist of better diet, exercise program, save more money, help

Wednesday in the Word-Rejoice

What is your New Word for 2014?   This year as I was praying for my new word for 2014 I could never settle on a word. My friend Darlene Rockefeller made me a sweet wall hanging for Christmas and the word was REJOICE!   I knew in an instant that was to be my word for 2014.  My Scripture is "But let all take refuge in You REJOICE; let them sing for joy, and spread Your protection over them, that those that love Your Name may exult in You. For You bless the righteous, O Lord; You cover Him with a favor as with a shield. Psalm 5:11-12 Happy 2014! Hugs and blessings, Cindy