Jan 21, 2014

Tuesday Toots with Valentine Decor

 I wanted to share my Valentine Tablescape and Valentine Tree with you. First let me say that I truly did not want to take my Christmas decor this year. I do believe if my hubby would have let me it would still be up! My 7 year grandson told me on Saturday that it wasn't Valentine's Day yet and I had Valentine's stuff up too early! LOL! Well, first of all he is a MALE...2nd of all...he is 7 years old. What do men and 7 year old's know...right? LOL! 

I couldn't decide this year if I wanted red or pink. Decided on a simple centerpiece with a few red roses.

And my "After Christmas Sale" heart ornaments which I love!
Had these little easels and decided to put my little hearts at each table setting. 

Remembered I had a couple of cute little Cherubs...Grandson calls them NAKED BABIES!

Simple place settings. Red charger, white plates and clear saucers/dessert plate with my Thrift store goblets that I love. Plain red napkin from my Christmas stash!

My red flatwear.

And what cute heart salt and pepper shakers! After Christmas sale at Cracker Barrel for a mere 30 cents! Was a Christmas markdown but made a cute Valentines treat for me!

Pretty little red heart stones just added an extra touch.


Was going to make chair covers but changed my mind and just kept telling myself...SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE! LOL!

I wanted just a little something for my chandi and just so happened to have a couple of "After Christmas Sale" hearts.

Decided I would actually try to be creative a little so I took some music note paper and cut out hearts and placed them on some heart doilies I had! Needed a little something for my mirror you know?

Just enough for me!

Had some more music paper I used for crafts so decided to use this!

On this! Isn't it pretty on my milk glass plate?

Even though the words kept ringing...simple, simple, simple, I just love how these beautiful pieces add a touch of elegance.

I never tire of these pieces.

Yes, I do love my little white Christmas tree and my red heart ornaments. Another after Christmas Sale purchase!

Forgot to put my lights on it!!! Oh well...Easter is next right? But I do love the finish look.

And I must say that my new favorite piece this year has to be my little gold hearts! Just wanted to give you one more look at them....hee-hee!

I hope you have enjoyed my Valentine Day Tablescape. I've been enjoying it for several weeks already! My Grandson will really think I am "out in left field" when I put my Easter Tablescape up the day after Valentine's Day won't he?

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Be still my heart :-)..LOVE IT!

    Johnna D.

  2. I love your V-day decor Cindy. I must say...those hearts are the cutest ever. Really do like the way you put your heart banner on the mirror though. It was just enough to give it a SWEET look. Connie Royals

  3. Oh, my, Cindy, this is just beautiful! I love it all the the hearts hanging off your chandy just finishes it! Thanks for popping over to see me at Kiki's!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. You are on the ball, Cindy! Valentines Day has made it to my Etsy s hop - but not my blog posts, yet! Lovelies to show your love in your tablescape. Glad you enjoyed my sunshine tea - that was an old one. I just posted a really whimsy teatime - worthy of a chuckle, I daresay.

  5. You have always been extremely creative... Love your decor and your table.... Can't wait to see what you have in mind for Easter... :)

  6. Cindy, everything looks LOVEly. I really love your valentine tree, I'm thinking I need/want one too!

  7. Oh I love those naked babies! lol! Cindy, the whole table is just perfect. I often buy after Christmas items that can be used for Valentines. I have some of those little glass hearts and they add just a sweet touch. Grandsons are so fun! My 3, soon to be 4 year old grandson looked at my dried Hydrangeas the other day and said, "Grammy, these flowers are rere, rere old". That's how he says really. All I could say is, "I know, Grammy likes them that way".

  8. By about the 2nd pciture you'd lost your "simple" mantra and you were off to create a beautiful table, Cindy. I do love the milkglass plate with the music on it, and those ruby-rimmed cups are beautiful! Loved your not-so-simple but oh-so-pretty table and other touches. :) ~Zuni


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