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{Fall Please Come To Florida}

Well I am LATE in making a post this week!  Marty and I took three days off to do a little bow hunting in those old Georgia Pines. Camo, lipstick and earrings is a must for this huntress! LOL! A girl still gotta look like a girl...even when hunting right?  We had a good time. I actually had a nice breeze in my tree stand. Though no harvest was bagged we just enjoyed being away. Some of the sweetest times for me with the Lord is while I am sitting in a tree stand.  Had the two youngest grandgirls for a couple of days and of course we had a tea party! And sprinkles...we have sprinkles on EVERYTHING !  I've really enjoyed making coffees, shakes and loaded teas. Dang, I am getting pretty good at this! LOL! Everything I have made has been healthy, low in calories. Well, maybe I did add a whip or two of whipped cream and chocolate syrup!  Y'all, I won all these books! I was so surprised to get an email from my friend Cheryl at telling me I had won!

{Handy Dandy Things I Keep In My Vehicle}

I wanted to share with you ladies a few things that I have found to be of great use that I try to ALWAYS keep in my vehicle. I always have a supply of dental floss but it's a little hard to drive and floss at the same time. I learned about these while getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist once.  I am sure there are many different brands but I found these at the Dollar Tree and love them.  This small sewing kit also came from the Dollar Tree and I have found that you never know when you might need to use something out of it.   YES, I know some probably think I am crazy for keeping a pair of scissors in my vehicle but have you ever purchased something and you sat there for 30 minutes trying to open? I mean it was either keeping a chainsaw or a pair of scissors in my ride so scissors it was! You guessed it....I bought a pair at the Dollar Tree . never know what else you might need a pair of scissors for this day and time..... Before disinfecting wipes got so hard to find

{Sky Above, Sand Below, And Peace Within}

Someone once told me that lived near the beach that "Beach Life was the Best Life" . Well, to be perfectly honest with you, wherever my family is is the BEST LIFE for me but that dang BEACH sure does come in 2nd! Oh do I ever love me some beach. I am telling y'all that I could be a beach bum quick! LOL! Our family takes a seven day beach trip together every year and though I know that could change any year, it sure was nice to once again spend time with those I love the most at a place I love so much. THE BEACH ! One morning I enjoyed my BIG cup of coffee on the beach. I found the biggest cup there was in the condo and YEP, that cup of coffee went to the beach with me. It's never too hot for coffee girls! Every day we were blessed with beautiful weather. Hot, but the ocean breeze, sand between our toes and the sweet fellowship quickly became our haven. My man loves to fly kites and this was his newest one. What he had named the Patriotic Eagle took it's last fl

{Baking Is Good For The Mind But Maybe Not For The Thighs} LOL!

I hope that you had a wonderful Independence Day.  Marty and I stayed low key. No decorations, no fireworks and no sparklers. I do have a few American flags stuck in some of my garden pot plants that I’ve enjoyed so much. BUT....we did grill a big old fat juicy burger that I have been craving! Do you ever just get a hankering for something ? I’ve had a hankering for a good grilled juicy  burger and it was delicious! Venison and Pork burger with all kinds of seasonings in it sure hit the spot. Add a few french fries to that and y'all, you've got a meal!   We have needed to replace our barn doors so Marty and his dad hit it hard this weekend. Of course we built those barn doors in 1996 so I guess it was time to replace the doors. Y’all , we are old school , you keep stuff till it flat out wears out ! Some call that being cheap, some call it being frugal , some call it just being lazy . Well Marty calls it being smart and not being wasteful! That boy gonna get his monies worth out