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{Let June Begin}

  It's Sunday afternoon and my tribe has left after a wonderful and breezy afternoon. The youngest two grands made friends with a baby bird today and was so sad when they had to let it go.  We attended a dance recital for these two littles. They both done so good. It was so bright outside and we were all squinting in pictures. The girls had a fan club for sure. Marty and I are blessed that our family always supports one another. Just BLESSED y'all. Just blessed! Marty enjoys coffee cakes and breads with his morning coffee on his way to work so I baked a yummy cranberry & orange coffee cake with drizzled icing. It smelled amazing baking. I think I might have a slice in the morning. LOL! The month of May was National Physical Fitness & Sports month so we ladies finished up strong. We added extra workouts to our yoga classes in different areas and well, let me just say, "I found a few muscles that I didn't know I had". LOL! My focus board for June is so fitti

{Sprinkles For Breakfast? YES}

Well who doesn't like sprinkles with pancakes and sausage? My grandgirls sure did! My five grandgirls spent the night with us recently and there wasn't a dull moment for sure. From cheer skills, watching Frozen 2, to playing with papa's face...we done it all.  All the aprons was brought out and cake baking began.  Of course you can't bake a cake or make icing without licking the beaters.  And, I tried to get my one and only favorite grandson to come too but I don't think he wanted to be around all the chit-chatting and squealing. LOL!  Marty and I dug up the last of our potatoes. We have enjoyed them so much. My daughter snapped this picture of my grandgirl Kyleigh doing zoom with her friends for the first time. Just priceless! She misses all of her friends at church and school. There are lots of folks that social distancing (I am actually sick of this phrase) isn't bothering but our Kyleigh is a lot like her nana....

{Plant Smiles, Grow Giggles, Harvest Love}

Easter has passed and all my Easter decor has been put up for another year. I only decorated in my kitchen and dining area this year so it wasn't too bad getting it put back up. Though I must admit that I miss my pastel tablescape. But, time to move on.  My little birds and faux greenery with that cute pitcher made its way to my little bench.   I just love my little teapot and the cup and saucer was gifted to me one summer so I was glad to display some of my favorite things in my little corner chair.  My planter took center stage on my table that my daughter Melissa gave me. I have Swedish ivy in small pots in the planter. I have clippings from it and rooting them now. I did stick a few faux baby breath in it just to serve as a filler. Plant smiles and harvest love really says it all. We can all do that, right? But that was as far as I got I am afraid. Maybe I can get a tablescape done this week.  These two cuties got a surprise this week. Their daddy brou

{Elsa, Anna and Family}

I hope that you had a wonderful Resurrection Day on Easter. I know that Easter Sunday was so different from probably what most of us has done in the past but the fact remains, JESUS ROSE FROM THE GRAVE and JESUS LIVES in my HEART today.  The Conner family has always celebrated with a large Easter egg hunt with the extended family in which that is a very large group of people. Mercy, I have lost count we have so many. However, we could not do that this year and we all missed being together. But, I am so grateful for my little family and that we did spend Easter together. YES, my little tribe is always around one another so we figured if we have cooties then as a blogging friend of mine said, we have the " family cooties " together. We are trying to be mindful and careful and just so you hands will never look the same I have washed them so much!  We had church online with our church, dinner and then our own little Easter egg hunt. My heart was full.  

{All Good Things Come From The Lord} and that includes Easter eggs, fishing and cookies!

Aren't they just so pretty....too pretty to eat but give me a little salt and pepper and I am good to go. Love boiled eggs. My grands had a great time coloring eggs.  I love that they still want to have fun despite the many changes that surrounds us all. I had another baking spell and decided to bake chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. My mercy...I have to take hold of THIS before it takes HOLD of me! LOL!   My little granddaughter who will be 4 this Thursday wanted to fish with her little "Frozen" rod and reel so her daddy obliged her.   Well needless to say everyone is wanting a "Frozen" rod and reel now!  I was looking at some pictures I had saved and came across this one that my youngest daughter had taken while traveling many years ago. I remember that when I had seen that picture I feel in love with it and then felt led to add scripture to it and now, years later, I find myself being more so blessed and comforted.