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  Good Sunday afternoon y'all. Where in the world has the month of October went too? My girls and I just said today that it seems that Christmas is knocking on the door already. Whew! But I will tell you a secret.....I've already been listening to a little Christmas music! LOL! I was creating a Christmas music playlist and the next thing I knew I was singing Christmas carols!  Marty and I managed to get away to do a little hunting in those Georgia Pines and I never tire of seeing the cotton fields. I will miss seeing those beautiful puffs of white cotton when it's harvested. There is just something about sitting in a tree stand and enjoying nothing but nature and God.  The trip paid off as Marty was able to harvest several deer and his dad came to help us process as we like to process our own meat if possible.  I did get a little time on the mats last week and made my instructor some homemade chicken noodle soup. I loves soups all year round. I am ready for a pot of chili t

{Goodbye October and Hello November}

  Web Image Well November is shortly upon us and I hope that you, like me, are looking forward to all the wonderful things that I pray this November brings to us all. I am personally looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. I am not trying to rush it by any means but dang I can already smell the turkey and dressing with giblet gravy. YUM! We've not had our Friday night fun food at Conner's Pond in a few weeks but we sure did get too this past Friday. The weather was nice and cool and the fun food was yummy.  We spent some time on Saturday BEFORE the Georgia-Florida game...(YAY DAWGS) processing my doe that I was blessed to harvest. Nothing like some good old fried back strap. We enjoy processing our own meat. But, I see a deer ham going in the Instapot soon for deer hash. YUM! I buy large boneless pork lions, hams, Boston butts and beef roast when on sale and we cut and process to our liking and then vacuum seal or wrap in freezer paper to pop in the fre

{October Is Half Gone Y'all}

  Good Sunday Afternoon friends. I do hope that you all have had a wonderful weekend. I am admiring a few more sunflower blooms this Sunday afternoon and drinking a loaded tea.  Several of you inquired on recipes for some of the teas I have been making and I wanted to tell you that I get lots of ideas from Pinterest and from friends that also love the different kinds of teas. HOWEVER, I am BAD to make up a recipe and not write it down!  Marty and I got away for a short weekend trip to hunt a little. We wanted to have a few extra days to hunt however, my FIL lost a sister, 98 years old and on the day of her funeral his 96 year old brother passed. If you think about it please lift my FIL up to the Lord in prayer. (Conner family) There were 12 children and now there are three of them left. Praise the Lord that God gave his sister and brother a long good life.  We did enjoy a few days of hunting and I managed to harvest a doe. I done a little hunting, eating, shopping and then propped my f

{A Whole Lot of Baking, Cooking and Loaded Tea Making Going On}

  Happy Sunday Afternoon friends. Hope you've all had a great week. I've been doing some cooking, baking and tea making.  I've really been enjoying making and creating loaded teas, shakes, smoothies and coffee drinks. I have not been writing down my recipes but guess I need to start doing that so I can remember what all I done! LOL!  I try to stick with healthy and low calorie drinks and have so many different things that I want to try.   But, this is an easy way to get extra vitamins, or Collagen, or protein.  I drink lots of water and this helps to give me something to add a little extra taste.   Mercy, I'm having too much fun with these teas. Decided to do a little baking this weekend too for my family. Pumpkin muffins with brown sugar topping was on my list for sure. I had enough batter left for miniature pumpkin chocolate chip muffins so baked a batch of those. If that wasn't enough already, I baked up some peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips. Needless t

{It's Party Time With The Family}

  Hope that you all are enjoying your Sunday afternoon. I am doing a little R & R. Wanted to share a few fun pictures from our annual family Halloween/fall party with you all. Our family has such fun together and we treasure the moments that the Lord gives to us. Marty and I enjoy dressing up for our parties and I am so glad that he is such a good sport.  I had intended on using those old perm rods that belonged to my granny on my whole head. When I realized how time consuming that would be I decided that just a few would be good enough.  I honestly don't know how my granny stood there and rolled every stand of her hair with those tiny rods....and, she had a head full of hair! We had quite a few immediate family members that could not attend this year and with a family as large as ours that is to be expected for sure. But, we had a great time. #food#fun#laughter#dancing#games #fishingpond#carvingpumpkins#blessed YEP, that's what we are! We attended our granddaughter's l