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{Beaching with the Girls}

Good Sunday afternoon everyone. I hope that you all are having a wonderful Sunday and that tomorrow, July 4th, that you enjoy your red, white and blues. I just returned from from a short getaway to Fernandina Beach with my three daughters and we had such a wonderful time. We had one shower of rain but needless to say, I was a drowned rat! But oh did it ever feel so good and I simply just give praise for the much needed rain and time away with the girls. I for sure got the biggest soaking but then I can't move as fast as my girls! LOL!  Web image We had a lovely meal at the Boathouse one evening. We had about an hour wait so we walked around the historic district for a bit and oh my! I found the cutest little Christmas ornament shop. I can't believe I did not take any pictures. Especially when I LOVE ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS.  There is nothing like the sound of the ocean and the clean salt air to me.  We had brunch one morning at Sliders and one can never go wrong with Grits and Shr

Our {WORDS} can bring Life and bring Death to the Soul!

With our children and grandchildren getting back to school regardless of whether they are in the public school system, home school or private school we need to pray for the children, parents, teachers and all that is involved with our precious cargo. Prayer is a must and I believe with all my heart that prayer is our life line straight to the throne of God. And...we need to pray for our words! There seems to be such a controversy between sending your child to public school versus teaching them at home. Private schools has also been added to that list of "Let's talk about them too" because they think they are better than us! .  Here's the thing and I will cut straight to the chase. Why are WE AS CHRISTIANS constantly "downing" and "badmouthing" the decision made by other parents about their choice of method when it comes to schooling? And please keep in mind that I am talking to Christians today . All parents have a respon

{Family} Where Life Begins and Love Never Ends

I have missed my blogging friends but I sure have enjoyed some time away at the beach with my family. I love the saying that says.... Families are like fudge...mostly sweet with a lot of nuts! Well needless to say we have a whole lot of sweetness in my family but we have a lot of NUTS and there is never is a dull moment when my crew is together! (I wouldn't have it any other way)  Of course I must say that the {cream of the crop} has got to be my grandbabies. I cannot imagine what my life would be without them. These three girls of mine keeps this mama straight and most days I need for them to keep me straight! My oldest daughter, soninlove and their beautiful family. My middle daughter, soninlove and their beautiful family. And last but not least my youngest daughter and soninlove. They will be celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary in November. These two are my oldest two grandchildren and that little man right there is my only grandson (rig

{Radical Obedience}

I hear sermons on the word obedience. I've taught on being obedient. I've read scripture on being obedient and I've battled more times than I care to admit with being obedient. But not to often do I hear the term "Radical Obedience" being used. It seems recently that everything I have picked up to read has used the term "Radical" . A Radical love for Christ, Radical obedience, Radical step of faith, and so on.... So I began to study a little bit about the words Radical Obedience and what it means for the Christian and here is what I came up with. Radical obedience is obeying God when it doesn't make sense. It is doing God's will when our own agenda makes more sense. Radical obedience is not only asking "What Would Jesus Do" but DOING what Jesus did. Radical obedience is heeding the call of God when, by all appearances, it's out of the question. Radical obedience is not compromising even if it means losing friends or f