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{Fun with the littles}

  Good Sunday afternoon y'all. I hope that you all have had a great week. We actually got about 2 inches of rain yesterday and it was so nice. It did cool off a bit and this morning we had a nice breeze as we enjoyed coffee on the front porch. breeze or rain today. HOT!  The youngest two grands stared their new school year in which my daughter who taught school in the public school system for 11 years teaches them at home. Adalynn and Annaleigh are very blessed to have their mom teach them. They love it and of course they had to get all gussied up for their first day of school pictures you know?  The youngest three grands stayed with Papa and Nana Friday and Saturday as for an early birthday outing my daughter had the chance to go see Alan Jackson in Savannah, Ga. They couldn't wait for Papa to get home so he could ride them around on the 4-wheeler. Never mind that he had been up since 4 am and returned home about 6 pm. from work. What we do for the grands, right? Of c

{A Little Fall and a Tip For The Week}

Got a little Fall going on with my little corner chair in the kitchen. Loving my little Harvest blessings truck. There's just something about those old trucks that I do love. Love my farm house lantern. My glass pumpkin with fall leaves was perfect to add. The drawer that usually sits on the chair will get a break for now. LOL! I was gifted this cute "Gather Together" sign and just love it.  I added a little fall to the corner hutch. Break time......... I have a set of these beautiful pumpkin canisters that I enjoy using in the Fall. I use the set of 4 for different things such as snacks, flavored teas, candy and etc. I had bought this set many years ago and gave them to my motherinlove. When she went to her heavenly home I was given them back. I love using them. While bow hunting look what Marty found in the woods near a tree stand? He loves things like this. Can you just imagine how much time it may ha

{Fall Tablescape and Happy Anniversary To Us}

I finally got a little "Fall" going on y'all and set my table for Fall.  Don't you just love that sweet mixing bowl? I spotted it at TJ Maxx and I knew it would be perfect for a Fall Centerpiece. Remember these chargers I showed to you in my last post? They will be used a lot I am sure. The flowers I bought recently really turned out cute for napkin rings and yes, that would be a piece of candy you see in that plate. LOL!    Each place setting had a piece of that good Ghirardelli chocolate. I had the chocolate mints and the Caramel chocolate but decided that the dark chocolate would be (healthier) right?????? And of course I put those out so my sweet family that eats dinner with me each Sunday after church could enjoy. And to get rid of that chocolate in my house!!!! I love the simplicity of this Fall tablescape. I think I found those cute metal baskets holding the candles at Walmart and there was only two left on the shelf so

{It's Too Hot Y'all For Fall}

I think "Fall" officially begins September 23 and I always like to get seasonal decor out a little early, BUT....Y'ALL....I just can't even!!! When my car reads 101 degrees I am like....FALL? FALL BEST BE FALLING to make it by September 23! I really had good intentions this past Friday to take my life into my own hands and fight the heat and head out to my She-Shed to gather up Fall Decor.  BUT............. I decided to spend the day with these cuties instead! YEP, Nana bought her some cute sunshades to match her Georgia outfit too! Hobby Lobby was calling our name! I needed wanted these cute tin chargers. Oh and I just loved the black and white check chargers too! So, they came home with me. My daughter, Marti Leigh just shook her head when she saw me putting 16 chargers in my basket! LOL!  I found these pretty floral stems that I hope to incorporate into a Fall Tablescape. That is if I ever get around too it! I even put o

{Monday Musings of My Life}

Happy Birthday to our baby girl... Our baby girl just celebrated a birthday. My, what happened to that little girl that used to lay her head in my lap and let me run my fingers through her hair for hours? Now here she is a wife... And a mom to these two precious girls.  Adalynn and Annaleigh Being the baby surely brings extra joy for her because she is spoi led by her sisters.   Her nephew and nieces adore her . She was my last child and third daughter. I named her after her daddy whose name is Marty and after my great-grandmother whose name was Dolly Lee. I chose to spell it differently so it wound up being Marti Leigh and we call her both names.  Each of my children get to pick what they want for their birthday dinner so her menu of choice was grilled chicken, baked potatoes, Greek salad and green beans and bread. Her birthday dessert was f ried donuts and vanilla ice cream. We had a great time celebrating my girl.