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{I Am Retired Y'all!}

  It sure is a bittersweet time but I am surely looking forward to my adventure with the Lord. I wanted to share a few pictures with my friends. I have received so many phone calls, texts, cards and gifts this week that have just brought tears and joy.  Turning in my office keys of many years was hard! But, Jeremiah 29:11 is surely reminder that God has set the plans for my life and that I will trust.  I only had the blessing of serving alongside Pastor Scott for nearly a year and I pray God's blessings upon him and his family as his journey continues. However, he is a quick learner and learned that I was the BOSS! LOL! The former pastor and his wife that hired me 22 plus years ago even tuned in to the recognition with a video. It melted my heart. I will never forget interviewing with Bro. Edsel in his office and then I was interviewed by the personnel team.  Lastly, Bro. Edsel's wife Judy interviewed me at a luncheon. Bro. Edsel trusted her discernment of me totally. However,

{What's Your Thing And a Few Fun Pictures}

Web Image A friend of mine recently shared this and I thought it would be a great way to share with our blogging friends. "What's Your Thing" . But, I'll share a few "fun" pictures of Nana night with this cutie too. She loves her some ELSA and ANNA and anything to do with being a princess and dressing up.  So here we go.... 1: would you rather have Coffee or Hot tea? We did a little of, hair, dress up, movie and you name it and we did it .   2: Food or dessert? After spending the night with Nana, the next day my daughter and I went shopping, out to eat and had a fun day with the girls. AND YES , I did buy that HUGE mermaid that her mama just shook her head at me about! LOL! 3: Cook or Clean? Sisters always make the best friends.... 4:  Apples or Oranges? I thought I would share these little small packs of tuna with you if you like tuna. I love tuna and it's a

{Family and Pie-Oh My!}

Well, I sorta got on a pie baking frenzy and baked two pi es for Sunday dinner. But in the midst of baking, we had a bonfire , ma de S'mores with the grands , fried venison with french fries, rode the 4-wheel er, done a little fishing and told stories around the fire. GHOST stories at that! LOL! Yep, one of the grands is practicing yoga on a slanted log aiming right t owar ds the pond! And, another grand talked he r papa into carrying her to the store and of course she came back with a doll.   Life in the country is NEVER boring I can assure you .  Sunday after dinner there was more fun! Who has time for N AP S on Sunday? Now, how about a pie? Blueberry Sour Cream Str eusel Pie   I ha ve some fresh blueberries that a sweet friend gave to me in my freezer and decided to use some and make a pie. I also had pie crusts in the freezer so why not?    Preheat oven to 400 degrees One unbaked pie crust 1 cup of sour cream 3/4 cup of sugar 1 egg 2

{January Has Begun And With It Came My WORD}

Well, Christmas is over and January has nonetheless begun in full mode. With this brand new year, I decided to be smart and mak e a list of all the things that I really needed to tackle this year and one by one mark them off. You know, things like clean out closets, declutter, do some painting on much-needed projects, repair a few t hings that have needed repair for a long time, and well, my list was quite lengthy in my mind. And just so you's still in my mind beca use it's never made it on paper much less begun! Now I feel better since I got that out in the open . My youngest daughter asked me if I wou ld li ke to have a movie day with lunch and shopping and my answer ,  "why I cou rse I would love that"! So we went to see...... I read the book a long time ago but had forgotten bits and pieces of it. The movie was really good. With having three daughters I guess the movie being about four sisters sort of hit home with the ups and dow