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{It's Almost August}

 Hello Sweet Sunday Afternoon! Where in the world has July went? In a few more days we will be venturing into August and I feel the summer is passing quickly. I want to say that several have pointed out blogger issues from me. Some of you are getting that I am a non-reply blogger. I have no clue why. Some of you are not able to see my pictures that I post and I have no clue why. I have had so many issues lately with blogger. Any old ways I will try again today and we shall see what happens. You should be able to find my little old blog over at too. Just type in Creationsbycindy in the search box.  What have you ate good lately? We let me say that we have ate quiet well this week. I whipped Marty and I up a Chicken Fajita bowl this week served over brown rice. It was so good and favorable.  I took some leftover breakfast bacon and made myself a BLT using fresh tomatoes out of my garden. YEP, more tomatoes than bacon I think. But oh so good.  Of course I had to have a l

{Back To Reality}

Web Image Our family beach vacation has ended but oh the memories will remain. Seven days of beach and family time surely flew by. But, as my husband said, "If we done this every day we would not appreciate it as much". Well, that may be true but I sure would love to give it a  TRY !  Our family began our "family beach" trips when that little girl in the middle (hands on hips) was only two years old. She is eight years old now. We have grown in size since then and we have so many wonderful memories from years pass. Each year it is a joy to add to those sweet memories. A sweet and dear friend gave me my little beach flag and needless to say our FAMILY domain was decorated the best! I even had my own little folding table on the beach. Might as well do things up right...RIGHT? The family is just lucky I didn't drag dishes to do a tablescape. LOL! These girls of mine sure keep my life interesting. NEVER a DULL or QUIET moment! Don'

{Taking a Break}

I am counting down days before our Family Beach vacation and I am making a list. A list for things to NOT forget, you know, like my beach chair, book...that important stuff! Matter of fact I have already started packing. I just don't want to get left behind. LOL!   Seven days of beach time will fly so fast so I hope to savor every moment. We laugh a lot...a whole lot, eat a lot, play a lot and most often do CRAZY stuff! Maybe this year I won't wear a strapless bathing suit top while catching a wave!!!!!!  Our family always has such a good time. I even found a cute new luggage tag!   I will plan on being back in blogging mode with lots of pictures the end of July or first of August. I've so much to do this week just to prepare to be gone seven days. Between working a few days, grandbabies, and errands, this week will be full steam ahead for me.  I am not leaving until Saturday of this week so I will be popping in to visit with my friends.  I want to sha

{The Birthday Girl}

Hey everybody! I hope that you all had a great 4th of July. Our day was low key. Well, sorta....We cleaned out kitchen cabinets and kitchen drawers and re-organized and tossed stuff out. So I worked more than I wanted too. But, we ended the day with grilled ribs, salad, fresh banana peppers and cherry tomatoes from my little garden, BBQ bread and chocolate chip cookies. YUM! Web image    One of my daughter's sent this to me and I thought, Oh my mercy! I will be Christmas shopping before long! I see Thanksgiving items out already. Time sure does seem to fly by. Speaking of "time" doesn't seem too long ago that I was holding this girl in my arms as a new born baby and here she is celebrating her 35th birthday. We celebrated her birthday yesterday with a hamburger and hot dog cookout and homemade ice cream with all the toppings. Melissa is my 2nd born child. She came into this world full speed ahead 7 minutes after I got to the hospital