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{Beaching with the Girls}

Good Sunday afternoon everyone. I hope that you all are having a wonderful Sunday and that tomorrow, July 4th, that you enjoy your red, white and blues. I just returned from from a short getaway to Fernandina Beach with my three daughters and we had such a wonderful time. We had one shower of rain but needless to say, I was a drowned rat! But oh did it ever feel so good and I simply just give praise for the much needed rain and time away with the girls. I for sure got the biggest soaking but then I can't move as fast as my girls! LOL!  Web image We had a lovely meal at the Boathouse one evening. We had about an hour wait so we walked around the historic district for a bit and oh my! I found the cutest little Christmas ornament shop. I can't believe I did not take any pictures. Especially when I LOVE ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS.  There is nothing like the sound of the ocean and the clean salt air to me.  We had brunch one morning at Sliders and one can never go wrong with Grits and Shr

Wednesday in the Word-Is Your Heart Like HIS?

1 Samuel 16: But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." The LORD sent Samuel to anoint a new king from the house of Jesse. When the oldest was presented, a strong, tall warrior, Samuel thought surely this was the man. The Lord responded with our verse for today. We've always heard. "Don't judge a book by its cover." We are so easily persuaded by what our senses tell us.  We all have prejudices of one kind or another, but God sees straight into the heart. The sharpest looking man or most beautiful woman among us with the warmest smile and most pleasant manners may be the vilest person we ever met. The street person in dirty clothes and not a penny to his name may have a heart that is totally for our Lord. That is why the LORD tells us not to judge by

Make Me Smile Monday

Yeah, yeah, is Monday again! However, I just praise the Lord it's Monday again!!!! Wanted to share several things with you that JUST MAKES ME SMILE . Love these adorable and precious book markers that our Ladies Ministry Team made. We are taking this year to minister to every single employee in our school district. 166 of these "little blessings" was delivered recently.  Considering these little herbs started out as babies they are doing quite well. Love the smell of them! Ooh, not only does this make me smile but makes me HUNGRY! Love me a good old fashion low country boil! Working on final preps for my nieces wedding and finished up this cute little rustic garter. Every time I walk by this on my bakers rack it JUST MAKES ME SMILE ! Had myself a cup of hot tea in this little cutie recently and OH YES, that indeed made me smile... How can you NOT smile when you look at this picture of my beautiful grandgirls? Sweet li

Friday Favorites

Time to share some of my favorite Pinterest eye candy! If I only had enough time and money OH THE THINGS THAT I COULD DO!  Ooh....Love this Pretty and Pink...don't you? DIY Burlap Napkin Ring YES, cakes made in tin cans. I WILL BE TRYING THIS! I love these bottle makeovers... How adorable for an outside your own yard!!! This would be so lovely for an outside garden party. YEPPERS, Love the makeover of this lantern. Hope you have enjoyed my Friday Favorites! I will leave you with this free printable today! See ya next week. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Food for Thought

Did you know that a genuine smile is not only good for the person doing it, but also for those who see it and smile in response, and it takes little effort. Next to yawning, smiling is the most contagious facial expression.  And no one really likes to see a frown...unless it is from a baby having a bowel movement!!!! Of course my little granddaughter not only smiles...but she grins big with that little snarled up nose.....  With icing on her nose! Hope you all have a great Thursday and remember..... Smile!!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy  

Wednesday in the Word-Recipe for Misery

Some people in life cannot figure out why life has dealt them a miserable hand.  They see others around them enjoying life and it seems to add to their misery. Such people even feel at times that others are out to "get them" and that is why their life is miserable.  Can I be totally honest? Well of course I can this is my blog right?  I have found that most of us bring misery on ourselves. Here is just a few reasons that I know this. The person that lives this way of life usually.... ...Thinks about themselves and no one else ...Uses the word "I" as much as possible ...Constantly is looking to the opinion of others ...Always suspicious ...Expects to be appreciated ...Jealous and envious of others ...Never forgets a criticism ...Trust nobody  ...Thinks their way is the ONLY way ...Thinks everyone owes them something ...Selfish     Recipe card is a free printable by the way. Compliments of Elle's Kitchen at

Rustic Bridal Shower

I had so much fun putting little things together for a Rustic Bridal Shower . Amazing at how things so simple can really be cute. Rustic Naked cake ... (well not totally naked) I never knew til recently what Naked cake meant till I started seeing pictures of them everywhere. Funny ....6 years ago I made some cakes and had just enough left to make a small cake but not enough icing to cover it and decided to use it to go with our many desserts we had for my motherinlove's 70th birthday party. Little did I know that a few years later these NAKED cakes would be so popular!!! Here is the one I done 6 years ago! A small pallet worked great for the cake to sit on don't ya think? Remember all the tin cans I have been covering ????? How cute is this? Another pallet for my cute bucket, tins cans, mason jars and homemade bird seed hearts. Another yard sale basket. My grandson said, "Nana, did you glue all those twigs together? Of course I had to tell hi