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  Good Sunday afternoon y'all. Where in the world has the month of October went too? My girls and I just said today that it seems that Christmas is knocking on the door already. Whew! But I will tell you a secret.....I've already been listening to a little Christmas music! LOL! I was creating a Christmas music playlist and the next thing I knew I was singing Christmas carols!  Marty and I managed to get away to do a little hunting in those Georgia Pines and I never tire of seeing the cotton fields. I will miss seeing those beautiful puffs of white cotton when it's harvested. There is just something about sitting in a tree stand and enjoying nothing but nature and God.  The trip paid off as Marty was able to harvest several deer and his dad came to help us process as we like to process our own meat if possible.  I did get a little time on the mats last week and made my instructor some homemade chicken noodle soup. I loves soups all year round. I am ready for a pot of chili t

{Blessings Abounding}

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. As I have thought about this past week I am truly thankful for all that Christ has done for me and my family. So undeserved and yet He lavishes us with blessing after blessing.  One of those blessings was having a Nana Blessing Basket bake day with the grandgirls.   Grandgirls had a sleepover at Nana's house and the next morning after breakfast we began our baking. Each one had their apron on and ready to bake. Well, except for that sweet youngest grandgirl. She just wanted to taste and smile. She smiles all the time. Such a blessing. It was such a joy to have my grandgirls in the kitchen with me.  My one and only grandson decided that all of us gals might be too much woman power for him so he didn't get in on the baking. But treats was indeed sent home for him.  Oh yes! Give me that beater!  And of course a taste test needed to be done on each item baked you know!

{Happy, Happy, Happy}

My Sunflowers are blooming and oh so pretty. I planted my first sunflowers ever the year after my motherinlove went home to be with the Lord. October made 4 years that she has been gone so this is my 3rd year of planting them. She loved sunflowers so much and I wanted to try my hand at them in memory of her.  God has been very sweet to me and allowed those cuties to always bloom and be healthy.  This year my sunflowers became heirlooms at that as my sister Mary harvested her seed from the summer before. I was going to harvest mine from last year but either it was too wet or the birds ate all the seeds. You can see a bee in the middle of the one of the sunflowers. The bees are loving them. It doesn't take a whole lot to make me happy but my sunflowers are surely on that list! The sunflower’s yellow color symbolizes vitality, intelligence, and happiness. The color yellow also traditionally symbolizes friendship.  No matter how small or how litt

{Easy Hot Sandwiches and A Weekend at Nana's}

I had a hankering for some sausage and potato soup over the weekend and a hot sandwich. Do you like hot sandwiches or prefer cold ones? I like both actually and could eat a sandwich everyday. But, my man eats sandwiches through the week so I try real hard not to fix him sandwiches for a meal. But oh this hot sandwich goes so well with soups. Simple ingredients so it was easy peasy. I used a large cookie sheet so I used three cans of Crescent rolls, two different kinds of cheese and ham and turkey. I lined my pan with aluminum foil and lightly sprayed it with Pam. Placed crescent rolls on the pan and just pressed down so all seams  connected good.Nothing fancy as you can see. I just made it work best I could. Melted some butter in the microwave and I brushed butter on the layer of Crescent rolls. You can use olive oil or whatever you want too. I placed a slice of ham on top of Crescent rolls, then layered it with two different kinds of cheese i