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  Good Sunday afternoon y'all. Where in the world has the month of October went too? My girls and I just said today that it seems that Christmas is knocking on the door already. Whew! But I will tell you a secret.....I've already been listening to a little Christmas music! LOL! I was creating a Christmas music playlist and the next thing I knew I was singing Christmas carols!  Marty and I managed to get away to do a little hunting in those Georgia Pines and I never tire of seeing the cotton fields. I will miss seeing those beautiful puffs of white cotton when it's harvested. There is just something about sitting in a tree stand and enjoying nothing but nature and God.  The trip paid off as Marty was able to harvest several deer and his dad came to help us process as we like to process our own meat if possible.  I did get a little time on the mats last week and made my instructor some homemade chicken noodle soup. I loves soups all year round. I am ready for a pot of chili t

Blogger Giveaway!

Now time for some fun! Leave me a comment on any post or all post and your name will go into a drawing for this beautiful cheese spread with matching knife. First of all let me tell you that from the research I have done I can't find where this particular pattern is made anymore. It really is a pretty piece. As you can see from the picture it is cream, trimmed in gold with beautiful pink roses on it. I did find two others from this same company (Formalities by Baum Bros.) on Ebay. They had two other patterns and as you can see. The one I have for the giveaway is still in the box. I have shown you two pictures. One in the box and one with it being placed on an easel. However, you all know how thrifty I am so I can assure you I did not pay what Ebay wants for the two patterns they have! Ha! Anyway, leave me a comment and on Valentines day one lucky name will be the owner of a beautiful Cheese board and knife. It takes only a minute to sign up for a google account so you can post an

Question For Today

Why can’t women put on their mascara with their mouth closed?

Amazing what a cleaning will do with a fresh coat of paint!

Found this cute little chair that goes with with a vanity about a year ago. There wasn’t a tore place on the seating though it was dirty and rusted somewhat. But for $3 I could clean it up and use it for grandbaby pictures. Put it up and it sat there till last week! We are remodeling our bathroom and bedroom and I always have used a short stool to sit on to put my makeup on in the mornings. Wanted to replace that and guess what came to mind? Yep, my princess chair is what I named it. Nothing that a good old pan of water, bleach, and spray paint wouldn’t take care of. And it just so happens to go perfect in my new bathroom.


If you'll add just a few drops of yellow food coloring to your pasta while boiling and it will have a rich and buttery look? Did you know that your dirty kitchen sink has more bacteria than your toilet seat. Believe me if you've ever suffered from a bacteria of any kind you learn quickly about these things! When cooking green leafy veggies, add a pinch of sugar and it will help to keep its green color.


No I don’t claim to be a Martha Stewart by no means….Wish I did have her creativity! I must say though there are two people I know that Martha Stewart has nothing over when it comes to decorating. (no harm intended Martha) Patty Lyons and Amy Perryman are simply amazing! Patty amazes me with her ability to take a stick and a pine cone out of the yard and gather up a little cut greenery, slap a candle with it and make a table arrangement that looks good! Amy has a sharp eye for what would look good in a room. That girl can take something out of a bedroom that has been there for years and put in “just” the right spot in the living room and leave you wondering, “Now why didn’t I think of that”?. My words to ponder today isn’t how to do something it is simple words of advice that has been given to me. “Think outside the box”. Example: Just because a particular piece was made to go outside doesn’t mean it would not look good inside!!!! Put your thinking caps on! Less can be more ,


Just a few pictures of my three grandchildren at Christmas. They are indeed the light in our lives! You’ve heard the saying, “I wish I could have had them first!”. Well, if I had not had my children I would not have them but one thing is for sure, “On your very worst day just one smile from these grandbabies makes everything beautiful!”. It is so fun to watch these three with their different personalities. They play well together and totally love one another. Mallory thinks her older cousin’s Raygen & Conner was put on this earth just for her. Boy does she love her some Ray-Ray and Conner. Raygen has the sweetest personality…just like her mama! Conner is all boy. He loves to find out what makes something tick, likes to be rough with his sister, and loves to ride the 4-wheeler with papa. Mallory keeps our party going! Amazes us with her facial expressions she makes and likes to be the boss! Wonder if she got that after her mama? Grandchildren are definitely our rewards in life


A couple of years ago I decided to get myself a stash of what I call “my take off & giveaway dishes”. I can’t recall the times I have baked a cake or a batch of cookies and carried it to a gathering at church, or for someone sick, or etc., only to never get my plate back. Sometimes that was my fault and sometimes it wasn’t! So I decided to purchase a few plates for my “take off stash”. When I would thrift store shop I would look for plates. I cannot tell you how many pretty plates along with just simple ones I have purchased for a dime each. If they were really Pretty or Fancy plates I might have paid 25 – 50 cents for them. I also love it when I am giving a baked good as a gift and they get to keep the plate! Makes your gift even more special. I usually try and keep a small stash but got to looking the other day and it’s time to purchase a few more! The good thing is if you don’t get the dish back…at least it wasn’t an expensive piece…and it makes a wonderful gift with your bake

What's Cooking

Chicken, Noodle & Cheese Casserole Ingredients: 3-4 Chicken breast-sliced and diced. *TIP* Any type of meat is easier to slice and dice if it is partially frozen. 1 regular package of noodles *I used the wide egg noodles* 1 can of cream of mushroom soup 2 (8oz) pks of shredded cheese (whatever you like) White sliced fresh mushrooms (Opt) Spices: whatever you like to use but I will share what I used. Extra Virgin Olive Oil or butter: I used EVOO. I’m trying to be good! Water How did I make it? Sprinkle the bottom of your pan with EVOO. Saute your chicken on low stirring often so it doesn’t stick. While your chicken is cooking, wash and drain your mushrooms (I only used a handful) since I was serving it to my family as Guinna pigs first) Next time, I will use more! I love mushrooms! Cook your pasta according to the package. *TIP* Add a pinch of salt and a drizzle of EVOO to your boiling water* Keeps your pasta from sticking. Don’t overcook your pasta. Once cooked, dr