Jan 22, 2010


Just a few pictures of my three grandchildren at Christmas. They are indeed the light in our lives! You’ve heard the saying, “I wish I could have had them first!”. Well, if I had not had my children I would not have them but one thing is for sure, “On your very worst day just one smile from these grandbabies makes everything beautiful!”. It is so fun to watch these three with their different personalities. They play well together and totally love one another. Mallory thinks her older cousin’s Raygen & Conner was put on this earth just for her. Boy does she love her some Ray-Ray and Conner. Raygen has the sweetest personality…just like her mama! Conner is all boy. He loves to find out what makes something tick, likes to be rough with his sister, and loves to ride the 4-wheeler with papa. Mallory keeps our party going! Amazes us with her facial expressions she makes and likes to be the boss! Wonder if she got that after her mama? Grandchildren are definitely our rewards in life! Mercy, I just could kiss their little faces off them!


  1. Your grandbabies are adorable. I love seeing your pictures.

  2. I can't wait to find out just how sweet they are. My first grandSON will be here sometime in June. Boy am I ready. Kim

  3. They all 3 are so stinking cute! Trinity

  4. Cute, cute, kids. The oldest one looks like you! Audrey

  5. They are adorable! Liza S


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