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{Fall Please Come To Florida}

Well I am LATE in making a post this week!  Marty and I took three days off to do a little bow hunting in those old Georgia Pines. Camo, lipstick and earrings is a must for this huntress! LOL! A girl still gotta look like a girl...even when hunting right?  We had a good time. I actually had a nice breeze in my tree stand. Though no harvest was bagged we just enjoyed being away. Some of the sweetest times for me with the Lord is while I am sitting in a tree stand.  Had the two youngest grandgirls for a couple of days and of course we had a tea party! And sprinkles...we have sprinkles on EVERYTHING !  I've really enjoyed making coffees, shakes and loaded teas. Dang, I am getting pretty good at this! LOL! Everything I have made has been healthy, low in calories. Well, maybe I did add a whip or two of whipped cream and chocolate syrup!  Y'all, I won all these books! I was so surprised to get an email from my friend Cheryl at telling me I had won!

{Tuesday Tidbits and Winner of Giveaway}

Well I hope that you all are enjoying your week so far. Right now I am smelling some fresh collards out of my garden cooking and I am so ready to EAT some! Oh I have to show you my new sign a sweet gal from my Ladies Bible Study class gave to me. I just love it! It's going in the Buck Room. Last week I posted that one of my blogging friends would have the opportunity to win this Poppy Tea set by simply answering one question to the hodgepodge. I must say that I truly enjoyed reading all of your answers to the questions. It's a great way to get to know one another for sure. So I decided instead of putting all the names in a hat to draw from that I would use the good old faithful online name generator to pick a winner and the winner is............. From Everyday Living   Pam does some of the most beautiful tablescapes ever. Here's her latest.... Romantic Table for Two ... Makes me want to

{A little Hodgepodge Fun and Giveway}

Happy days are happening with the REVAMPING , REMODELING , DE-CLUTTERING my little room!  I found things I forgot I had! LOL! The process is slow but at least it's in the works. YAY! So for the GIVEAWAY I have FOUND something in my closet......remember the closet from last week?????? Well, apparently I was going to give it as a gift and never did, so ONE of you LUCKY gals get to have this cute Poppy set. The set includes 4 tea bags holders still in the box. A tea book , serving tray with 4 snack trays . AND all you have to do to be entered in the drawing is comment today on at least one question from the hodgepodge. It's just that simple.  Before we get into the hodgepodge today I want you to know that I have been doing other things besides cleaning up my little room. We've been making sausage .    Drinking hot tea from my new tea cup that a sweet gal from church gave to me. Reflecting on my new FOCUS WORD of the year..

{Looking for INSPIRATION}

I'm looking for inspiration to start on a project at home! Maybe you can help me. Sometimes it just helps to talk it know what I mean?    Web image My motherinlo ve used to say that everyone needed a project to do and for the last several years I have been revamping , replacing and remodeling a few things here and there. I've heard it said that if you truly want your project to be exactly how you dreamed it would be then you must be PATIENT ! O UCH! But here I am in a brand new year and ready to tackle another h ome project.    Web image I have four bedrooms in my home. One in which of course I sleep in. One is the grandbabies "Play Room" which so desperately needs to be organized and some things tossed. One room my man calls the "The Buck Room" because we have deer mounted on the wall and the decor is totally a hunting theme in which we both love. But then I have "My Room" which has turned into a disaster and all by m

{Happy New Year and my 2017 Focus Word}

I hope that your New Year has started out wonderful and that you are counting your blessings no matter great or small from 2016. We spent New Years in Georgia hunting, eating and shopping! The hunting wasn't all that great but the eating and shopping was! Of course eating and shopping is always great huh?  Needless to say that none of us stayed up to see the New Year come in. But, we surely praised the Lord for another New Year .   With a New Year brings the unknown for us all. We never know what tomorrow may bring and honestly, that's a good thing. But with the New Year it does bring a new Focus Word for me. Th ere is nothing magical about having a focus word . It just simply gives me something to think about or to focus on. I will find myself looking for my focus word in the Word of God, on signs, billboards, sermons , Bible studies and more. It is amazing at what the Lord will show me through a simple word.  The stories that I could tell you at how the Lo