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{I Am Retired Y'all!}

  It sure is a bittersweet time but I am surely looking forward to my adventure with the Lord. I wanted to share a few pictures with my friends. I have received so many phone calls, texts, cards and gifts this week that have just brought tears and joy.  Turning in my office keys of many years was hard! But, Jeremiah 29:11 is surely reminder that God has set the plans for my life and that I will trust.  I only had the blessing of serving alongside Pastor Scott for nearly a year and I pray God's blessings upon him and his family as his journey continues. However, he is a quick learner and learned that I was the BOSS! LOL! The former pastor and his wife that hired me 22 plus years ago even tuned in to the recognition with a video. It melted my heart. I will never forget interviewing with Bro. Edsel in his office and then I was interviewed by the personnel team.  Lastly, Bro. Edsel's wife Judy interviewed me at a luncheon. Bro. Edsel trusted her discernment of me totally. However,

{Entertainment In The Country}

  Well, I hope you all are doing well on this hot Sunday afternoon. I keep thinking a cool breeze will drift by but so far that hasn't happen. But, a little heat doesn't stop us around Conner's Pond from having some fun in the country with some of the grands.  In the country you make all kinds of entertainment happen. From coloring, painting, dancing and just being cute! Putting on makeup is always a hit with our littles.  Sleeping in Nana's lap and then a pan cake and sausage breakfast with SPRINKLES is always good.  Swinging with popsicles, 4-wheeler riding with papa and fishing is a MUST around Conner's Pond. But...finding a leaf bigger than your face is the most fun! Working in the garden planting sunflower seeds was the cutest thing to watch those girls do. Not sure which one was most fun for them. Poking holes in the dirt or trying real hard not to eat the sunflower seeds! LOL! Pear picking and catching minnows was on their list of fun things to do. Of cour

{Pumpkin Spice and All Things Nice}

  Happy Sunday afternoon everyone. I hope that you all have had a wonderful week and weekend. We sure have and a busy one with family. But, it's the life that I love. I have been wanting to decorate a little for Fall but it's been so hard with the temps being so high. And, even when the temps drop a little the humidity is horrible. Praise the LORD for AC! I am READY for a little Fall so finally got my dining table decorated at least. I wanted simple for my table and I wanted to incorporate my little truck. Y'all know I love me some little trucks.  I found these cuties at Hobby Lobby and loved them. Of course that 40% off surely made it an easy decision to purchase them.  It's just not FALL to me without  some "orange" but I wanted  a little something different this year and I wanted to incorporate some orange. I already had the black and white chargers, black flatware, white plates and well, almost everything else to be honest. So grabbed a black and white cut

{Enjoying The Simple Life}

Good afternoon on this NO RAINY Sunday. Day two without any rain for us and though I am sure I will be praying for rain again, I am glad to see it slack off a little around Conner's Pond. Which, is overflowing. Marty and I enjoyed a day date on Friday which was so very nice. He took off Friday for a dermatologist appointment which was not any fun for him but we did have a wonderful outing. We enjoyed a late lunch and done a little shopping.  YES girls, those bandages you see on my man are truly pink! Hey, he is color blind so he didn't know what color they were. When I told him the color the country boy about had a stroke! But, I told him that real men wear pink! LOL! He finally said, "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do".   We dined at this quaint place called European CafĂ©.  They were playing some of our favorite oldies and this song came to mind as we dined in this charming atmosphere.  Daughter # 2 and I had a lovely day on Saturday with our youngest g

{A Few Amazon Finds and Tidbits}

  Good afternoon to all. Hope this finds you all doing well this Sunday afternoon. I am actually seeing a little sun today after many days of rain. Not sure we won't get more rain today. My dirt is SURE WET y'all. I wanted to share a few things I've purchased lately from good old Amazon Prime. I have several friends that post their Amazon prime deals and I enjoy them so much. Here's a few things I have enjoyed.  We have an ORION and we love using it especially when we are grilling large sums of meat or large turkeys, racks of ribs and etc. FAST and EASY. These gloves have surely been a lifesaver from getting burned. Marty uses to them to lift our meats out with ease. These ovens mitts can stand high heat and perfect to use with any kind of grilling. Of course the bear claws are my favorite for pulling pork and chicken.   Web picture We have had our Orion for a long time and I purchased it from Bass Pro shop. They are now cheaper than they used to be but we have cooke

{Happenings Around Conner's Pond}

  Good afternoon everyone. I do hope that your Sunday has been wonderful to you. My family has left to go home after our weekly Sunday dinner together so I am relaxing a little. Wanted to share this picture with you. My oldest daughter Kristy and her husband Jered just celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary.  I just can't believe she has been married that long. They stayed at Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando Fla and had the best time. So much to do there and you never have to leave the resort.  The Lord has surely blessed this sweet couple.   I forgot to take a picture of our "fun food" by the pond from Friday...YEP, I know, y'all are disappointed! LOL!!! But, I did snap a picture of my little "Surprise sandwich" I had for lunch yesterday. I called it a surprise because I just put on it whatever I had handy in the frig. It was yummy too. Bow season begins in Georgia in September which our hunting spot is about a 3 hour drive from home so not too bad