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{Beaching with the Girls}

Good Sunday afternoon everyone. I hope that you all are having a wonderful Sunday and that tomorrow, July 4th, that you enjoy your red, white and blues. I just returned from from a short getaway to Fernandina Beach with my three daughters and we had such a wonderful time. We had one shower of rain but needless to say, I was a drowned rat! But oh did it ever feel so good and I simply just give praise for the much needed rain and time away with the girls. I for sure got the biggest soaking but then I can't move as fast as my girls! LOL!  Web image We had a lovely meal at the Boathouse one evening. We had about an hour wait so we walked around the historic district for a bit and oh my! I found the cutest little Christmas ornament shop. I can't believe I did not take any pictures. Especially when I LOVE ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS.  There is nothing like the sound of the ocean and the clean salt air to me.  We had brunch one morning at Sliders and one can never go wrong with Grits and Shr

{The Sweet Times Of Life}

 Happy Memorial Day everyone .  I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial day and have enjoyed your weekend. We enjoyed Hibachi style yesterday afternoon and it was so good. Steak, chicken, shrimp, pork, fried rice and veggies. YUM!  The youngest grands got their red, white and blue on for church yesterday.  The oldest grandgirl Raygen and her best friend Penny visited a nearby sunflower farm.  Marty and grandgirl Mallory done a little fishing and needless to say we will be frying up some fish before too long.  My baby wrens have hatched and getting ready to fly out of the nest before long.  Marty and I enjoyed another late afternoon of "fun food" served on my new lazy susan. I can tell I am going to really enjoy that piece and it will be used.  While out and about doing a little shopping I found these cuties to also use for my "fun food" and many other items I am sure.  A blogging friend of mine introduced these Spurtles on her blog in a post and as soon as I sa

{More Cake...More Celebrations... A Time to Reflect on a Cup of Hope}

  Hey everyone. Here is hoping that your week ahead of you is wonderful and yes, we celebrated another sweet grand's birthday. I know it seems that all we do is celebrate birthdays and well, yep, pretty much all year round with my tribe. When you have 14 in just your immediate family (children and grands) then there's lots of celebrating going on. We love every moment we get to celebrate life with our family.  Our youngest grand will be celebrating her 3rd birthday this Tuesday. Can't believe she is already 3 years old.  Our oldest is 17 and youngest is 3. Mercy, time waits on no one. Annaleigh has such a wonderful little personality. She brings laughter and joy to our family with her sweet and sassy personality. My kind of little gal.... Our oldest granddaughter Raygen is 17 and she takes college classes and enjoys photography. She recently submitted several photos to the college that she attends and to her surprise they were published in a magazine.  Her mom, our daughter

{Another Fun Filled Weekend}

I hope you all are doing well. I am trying to wind down for the night and thought I would try and get a post out. Girls, by this time I am in my fat clothes and recliner smashing that remote control!   Marty and I kicked off our weekend by having a little fun food as I call it,  "charcuterie" style out by the pond. Of course I always fix more than we need or eat but it sure was good.  Two of our granddaughters had dance recitals over the weekend so we got to watch them perform and oh my! They were just the cutest things ever.  We were blessed to be able to see them perform. Then we celebrated a birthday for this sweet grandgirl! She was excited about being double digits . And besides all the fun from the weekend I was able to see some of my pretties in bloom.  Now to enjoy a cup of coffee.... I hope that you all have a wonderful, blessed week.  Hugs and blessings, Cindy

{Happy Mother's Day To All My Blogging Friends}

  Happy Mother's Day to all my friends in blogland. Whether you are a mom, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin or friend, you are special to some one and have touched the lives of many in some way or another I am sure. I do hope that you all have had a wonderful day. My heart is full as I think of so many of my friends that have lost their moms or those ladies that has played a huge roll in their lives. This morning I prayed for the sons of our late and beloved friend Debby, from My Favorite Things. I am sure this was a hard day for her sons. I also gave praise that I could share today with my daughter's. Counting my blessings today my friends as it is a blessing to share those special moments with the ones you love the most. I am truly grateful that God chose me to be these girl's mom. God is good.  After church today we celebrated my oldest daughter's birthday (Kristy) and also celebrated Mother's Day. Grilled hamburgers and hotdogs was on the menu.  Kristy asked fo

{Lemons Anyone?}

I hope that you all are having a great day and that your week ahead of you will be blessed. I have taken a little time this weekend away from baking cakes  and decided to throw together a little vignette for my corner chair.  I have so enjoyed my little corner chair and decorating it for different seasons and holidays. That old chair needs a fresh coat of paint but for now, she will just have to do. Lemons became my inspiration as I love anything with lemon. Lemonade, lemon pound cake, lemon pie, lemon cookies...and well, lemons became the theme for a tablescape as well.  I've had the hobnail tea pitcher for a long time and have used it on many occasions. She looks quite adorable with a few daisy's and lemons surrounding her don't you think?  The small white bowls holding the lemons belonged to my grandmother. I love using the things that was given to me from loved ones.  The salad plates are my newest purchase. Found them marked down to $3 for four at Bealls Outlet and wou