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{It's Almost August}

 Hello Sweet Sunday Afternoon! Where in the world has July went? In a few more days we will be venturing into August and I feel the summer is passing quickly. I want to say that several have pointed out blogger issues from me. Some of you are getting that I am a non-reply blogger. I have no clue why. Some of you are not able to see my pictures that I post and I have no clue why. I have had so many issues lately with blogger. Any old ways I will try again today and we shall see what happens. You should be able to find my little old blog over at too. Just type in Creationsbycindy in the search box.  What have you ate good lately? We let me say that we have ate quiet well this week. I whipped Marty and I up a Chicken Fajita bowl this week served over brown rice. It was so good and favorable.  I took some leftover breakfast bacon and made myself a BLT using fresh tomatoes out of my garden. YEP, more tomatoes than bacon I think. But oh so good.  Of course I had to have a l


Just got to toot about our vacation in the mountains a little. I've got so many pictures to share but for today just want to share a few. We had such a good time. Peaceful, serene and beautiful!   Nothing like waking up to a fresh brewed cup of coffee.... The best part about waking up is Foldgers in your cup! The name of our Sweet cabin was Serenity and it was all that more! This picture was taken when we first arrived...before the SNOW!!!!! We loved it! We go every year to the mountains and each year we try a different cabin...Loved this one! The eye candy on the inside was beautiful. Very rustic and yet with a hint of the tuscany feel. Will have to share that another time.  Side View....YES, lots of stairs! Thought I was going to have to drag out my inhaler! Ha!  Sweet... Now the fun begins....  Neither of us was prepared for snow! We would play awhile and go inside by the fireplace a while.  We decided to build a snowman but it was so cold we decided to do jus

SUNDAY SHARING-Spiritual Aneroxia

I would like to share a post from a sweet little sister in the Lord...I hope you feel the LORD as I did through her post. Please pop over and visit her blog. Kristin Tanner Recovering from Spiritual Anorexia Can I be honest with you? These last couple of years I have lived like a woman who has spiritual anorexia. The spiritual food was readily available but I refused its daily nourishment for my life. As an anorexic loses her ability to enjoy and find adequate nourishment in one of her most basic daily needs, so had I lost my ability to enjoy and receive spiritual nourishment from reading the Bible. Like an anorexic, the less intake I had in my Bible reading, the more I looked for fulfillment in other places. Like an anorexic, the less I partook in the feeding of my soul the more I began to feed my sin. Like an anorexic, I was in a depressed state and in my case did not even realize it. Like an anorexic, my perception o


OOH, I REALLY DO LIKE BROWSING ON PINTEREST. SO MANY GOOD IDEAS. WANTED TO SHARE MY FAVORTIES FOR THE WEEK. Love the yellow and white tablescape. Really like the burlap wreath. This is so adorable and looks really easy to make. Easter Bunny Bread....SO CUTE! Love this idea for a shower gift---Pasta Gift I LOVE how Sheila decorated her Bakers Rack Who would have ever thought of using a muffin tin to decorate eggs? I love soup...all kinds of soup and all  year round. One of Paula Dean's soups. Bet it has lots of butter!!! Have some old sweaters that you thought about throwing away? Think again! I love this idea! And I will end my Friday favorites with one of my favorite Bible ver

Thrifty, Thrifty, Thrifty

Love it when I find some sweet deals! Join me as I join Leigh over at   I don't get to go as often as I'd like but when I can I do love to do me some Thrift store shopping and hit the yard sales. I thought I was in heaven when I spotted this beautiful solid wooden bowl with these ball ornaments. Price tag....$3.00  Yard sale Cute little clock! Loved it! Guess where I have it????? In my bathroom on my shelf! Looks so adorable there.   Price Tag: $1.00 Yard Sale Find Yep, found this bag of ball ornaments and snatched them up! Price Tag: $1.00 Yard Sale Find Ooh, I loved this! It is so pretty and this picture does not do this plate justice. Price Tag: $1.00 Yard Sale Find And got to have something to put that pretty plate in....right? Price Tag: $1.99 Thrift Store Find This little precious heart ornament with the birds just caught my eye! It actually has just a tad of shimmer on it. If I decide not to keep it I thought

St. Patricks Day

Well now that Valentine's Day has passed we must be thinking about St. Patrick's Day! A few shares today to get you headed in that direction.....  Beautiful Tablescape Nice Broach Yum...Pizza   Love this little hair style... Looks easy to make! Cute craft Ooh, Fruit! Love this wreath!  This looks yummy! Love this printable... And....SHOES! I love em'..... Hugs and blessings, Cindy