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{I Am Retired Y'all!}

  It sure is a bittersweet time but I am surely looking forward to my adventure with the Lord. I wanted to share a few pictures with my friends. I have received so many phone calls, texts, cards and gifts this week that have just brought tears and joy.  Turning in my office keys of many years was hard! But, Jeremiah 29:11 is surely reminder that God has set the plans for my life and that I will trust.  I only had the blessing of serving alongside Pastor Scott for nearly a year and I pray God's blessings upon him and his family as his journey continues. However, he is a quick learner and learned that I was the BOSS! LOL! The former pastor and his wife that hired me 22 plus years ago even tuned in to the recognition with a video. It melted my heart. I will never forget interviewing with Bro. Edsel in his office and then I was interviewed by the personnel team.  Lastly, Bro. Edsel's wife Judy interviewed me at a luncheon. Bro. Edsel trusted her discernment of me totally. However,

{A Few of my Favorite Things}

  I hope that you all have had a wonderful weekend.  The weekends just seem to go by too quickly don't they? I wanted to share a few of my favorite things today that sits on my corner hutch in my kitchen. Most of all my blue and white dishes belonged to my grandmother and motherinlove so they hold special memories for me to say the least. I have a few that I have picked up here or there or that was gifted to me. Since I enjoy displaying my favorite blue and white dishes, most often I add seasonal or holiday decor to them and I also enjoy the little pops of color added to the blue and white.  Since the bottom of my corner shelf has a cabinet I was able to store a few of my dishes there. But, I have more lovely blue and white dishes stored in my She-Shed. I guess I need to have a blue and white party one day.     Though I have lots of dishes I do have some favorite's, how about you? Do you have favorite dishes?   Recently it was "National Daughter's Day" . So I ju

{ Zucchini Bread, Grands, Wedding Anniversary} What a life?

  My daughter Marti Leigh gave me fresh Zucchini and needless to say bread baking began. Zucchini is a dessert to me! Pairs perfectly with coffee and our family enjoys it. I had 4 nice size zucchini's and only used two for this batch of bread. I will be baking more bread to freeze this week for sure.     Everyone carried what they wanted too home after Sunday Dinner  and Marty and I will enjoy some for the rest of this week.    I had saved a few tin cans and had just a tad of zucchini batter left so decided to bake it in the tin can. It turned out so cute! And, was just as yummy!    We went this watch this sweet girl who plays travel ball on Saturday do her thing. The weather was nice and cool.    We love watching our grands participate in various activities especially if it's not HOT! Suppose to be back up in the 80's this week but that is sure better than 99!!!   She plays Volleyball too. The grandson plays football. This sweet girl dances. And so does this sweetie....Ne

{Fall Tablescape}

I decided to battle the heat once again and grab some goodies from my She Shed to put together a little Fall Tablescape . I knew exactly what I wanted to use for my centerpiece this season, my granny's dough bowl . She was handed down this heirloom from her mama, my great-grandmother, who passed away when I was 9 years old.  I remember her so very clearly. A tiny little petite woman that loved her snuff.  LOL!  I can remember her carrying her snuff can in the pocket of her apron. Once while visiting her she told me that she had some pretties for me to put in my purse. Of course she called it a pocketbook. She gave me colored tissue that was sitting on her dresser for my little black "pocketbook" . The reason it held such a special place in my granny's heart was because her daddy, my great-grandfather carved and made this dough bowl. When she passed it onto me I was thrilled. My great-grandfather passed away when I was only two years old. I would have loved to have hea

{A Little Fall Fell}

  I hope that you have a wonderful Labor Day tomorrow. I hope to have a low key day and grilled steaks are on the menu at the Conner house tomorrow.  I have been itching to start decorating a little for Fall but girls this heat is about more than I can stand in Florida. Especially when all my decor is outside in my She Shed. I ventured out there yesterday to begin bringing in a few things and a FEW was it! I was drenched down in a matter of minutes. I got a feeling that come another year my sweet little She Shed will have AC. My first item to bring out on my list was my Lady Linda Tea Cup . Isn't she a beaut? Lady Linda from gifted me this beauty in 2017 during a Tea Cup Exchange. She will lovingly be used with all my favorite teas... And flavored creamers... And coffee... She is so perfect for Fall isn't she? I did manage to get my little corner chair decorated. My handmade tray that I use often was turned vertical and held my "Give