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{Beaching with the Girls}

Good Sunday afternoon everyone. I hope that you all are having a wonderful Sunday and that tomorrow, July 4th, that you enjoy your red, white and blues. I just returned from from a short getaway to Fernandina Beach with my three daughters and we had such a wonderful time. We had one shower of rain but needless to say, I was a drowned rat! But oh did it ever feel so good and I simply just give praise for the much needed rain and time away with the girls. I for sure got the biggest soaking but then I can't move as fast as my girls! LOL!  Web image We had a lovely meal at the Boathouse one evening. We had about an hour wait so we walked around the historic district for a bit and oh my! I found the cutest little Christmas ornament shop. I can't believe I did not take any pictures. Especially when I LOVE ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS.  There is nothing like the sound of the ocean and the clean salt air to me.  We had brunch one morning at Sliders and one can never go wrong with Grits and Shr

{Enjoying Each Day}

Well good Sunday Afternoon everyone. I hope that your week and weekend has been most delightful. Thought I would share just a few highlights from my week. Marty and I had a day date one day through the week and decided to stop at this little bagel place.  Well, when I hear bagel I immediately think of cream cheese ya know?  But to my surprise this place had an array of bagel sandwiches. Any kind of bagel was offered and I choose a loaded ham and cheese toasted and topped with jalapenos. So good! The service was excellent, price was good and oh was my bagel sandwich tasty.  If you have an Einstein Bros. Bagel close to you I would recommend giving them a try.  Our 6 year old granddaughter lost her first two teeth. She was excited and nervous about the teeth pulling ordeal but she loved it that the tooth fairy came to see her. DANG...tooth fairy giving lots of money these days! LOL!  A sweet blogging friend sent me a package of lovely tea called "Sweet Nothings" and I took some

{Happy Resurrection Day}

Hello to all on this wonderful Resurrection Sunday. Our family surely enjoyed a wonderful time of praise and worship this morning at church and then home to a great lunch. We then gathered with other family and had our annual Conner Egg hunt. We gathered just in the nick of time too as the bottom fell out with rain. But, at least it held off so the kids could hunt eggs.   We gather together at my father-in-law's home for all that can come and the kids have such a great time together. We always hide two prize eggs. One for the younger age children and one for the older children. This year the younger child found $15. The older one found $30. Dang, I think next year I might get in on the annual egg hunt. LOL!  Our sweet Annaleigh was so excited to find an egg.  This isn't the best picture by any means as it was so bright but it's my family and I give praise for each and every one of them. We are a very close family and we all worship together at the same church and well, what

{The Happenings Of Life }

  Good Sunday Afternoon everyone. I hope you all are doing well and enjoying each day to its fullest. I wanted to share a few things that I have managed to accomplish this week. I am telling y'all, the retired life will keep ya busy! LOL! I usually keep a little corner chair in this spot as most know and I decorate it but decided to use a little serving tray stand instead and dress it up a bit.  I love my cute little teapot. I found it years ago at a thrift store for $3 and it sure has brought me lots of joy using it over the years.  My sweet FIL who eats with us every Tuesday night kept asking me when I was going to "dress my table up again" . I love it that he notices when I don't DRESS it up. So kept it simple but I must say I love the simplicity of it. My FIL will be happy to see my table all dressed up. I come up with a little quick yummy lunch using the air fryer this week. I love using things that I have on hand in my frig. or pantry and these things I had on

{Having Too Much Fun This Week}

I sure hope that your week and weekend has been wonderful for you. We have been enjoying a beautiful afternoon sitting outside and watching the grands play after our Sunday dinner.  But, all my family has headed home and I am enjoying a few clippings from my bridal wreath.  I love fresh flowers and greenery.  I've been playing again y'all! Made the grand girls and daughters some lip balm. It had not melted good and settled when I snapped this picture but they turned out so cute. I made a few peppermint and a batch of pink lemonade. Smells so yummy! Aren't the containers just too cute?  I decided to try some different flavors and techniques this week with soap making and I was pleased with how pretty they all turned out. I can't decide which is my favorite but trying out the peaches and cream tonight.  But, the peppermint and lemon is grabbing my attention too! LOL!  I've gifted several this week and was asked by my Yoga instructor if I would like to put some of my h