Jan 22, 2010


A couple of years ago I decided to get myself a stash of what I call “my take off & giveaway dishes”. I can’t recall the times I have baked a cake or a batch of cookies and carried it to a gathering at church, or for someone sick, or etc., only to never get my plate back. Sometimes that was my fault and sometimes it wasn’t! So I decided to purchase a few plates for my “take off stash”. When I would thrift store shop I would look for plates. I cannot tell you how many pretty plates along with just simple ones I have purchased for a dime each. If they were really Pretty or Fancy plates I might have paid
25 – 50 cents for them. I also love it when I am giving a baked good as a gift and they get to keep the plate! Makes your gift even more special. I usually try and keep a small stash but got to looking the other day and it’s time to purchase a few more! The good thing is if you don’t get the dish back…at least it wasn’t an expensive piece…and it makes a wonderful gift with your baked good for someone else. Every year at Christmas I always have a few businesses that I like to bake goodies for and carry to them. Though my time was limited this past Christmas with my daughter’s wedding I still managed to have time to bake up some goodies. And from my stash from last year there I pulled out three Christmas plates…Snowmen with blue and red colors. Wrapped up my plate of goodies with plastic wrap and topped with a red bow I made. Yep, made nice gifts and my goodies looked so cute on them! Want to show you a picture of one of my favorite plates though. Several years ago I found these white pretty plates for 10 cents each and bought all they had which was about 12. Over the last few years I have used these as gifts with items such as muffins, cookies, a pound cake and etc. I also liked the fact that I could weave some pretty ribbon in and out of the slots around this plate. Well I am down to two of these plates! Don’t know if I can part with the last two…matter of fact I think I might make myself some chocolate chip cookies and put on them today! Ha!


  1. Neat idea Miss Cindy.

  2. Good idea! I always buy those plastic containers with the lids or alum. pans for take off dishes. I don't have the patience to shop for the plates like you do but it is a good idea especially to use for gifts. Trinity

  3. I don't yard sale shop or thrift store shop but have some old dishes I never use! Great idea! Audrey


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