Jan 28, 2010

Amazing what a cleaning will do with a fresh coat of paint!

Found this cute little chair that goes with with a vanity about a year ago. There wasn’t a tore place on the seating though it was dirty and rusted somewhat. But for $3
I could clean it up and use it for grandbaby pictures. Put it up and it sat there till last week! We are remodeling our bathroom and bedroom and I always have used a short stool to sit on to put my makeup on in the mornings. Wanted to replace that and guess what came to mind? Yep, my princess chair is what I named it. Nothing that a good old pan of water, bleach, and spray paint wouldn’t take care of. And it just so happens to go perfect in my new bathroom.


  1. I love this chair....it looks great!!!!

  2. Love this cute little chair Miss Cindy. Tress

  3. This is a cute little makeup chair for you. I love it. If you decide to give it as a "giveaway" go ahead and call me and I'll just come get it. Trinity

  4. I love that little chair. You are right about a fresh coat of paint making things look alive. Liza S


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