Jan 22, 2010


No I don’t claim to be a Martha Stewart by no means….Wish I did have her creativity! I must say though there are two people I know that Martha Stewart has nothing over when it comes to decorating. (no harm intended Martha) Patty Lyons and Amy Perryman are simply amazing! Patty amazes me with her ability to take a stick and a pine cone out of the yard and gather up a little cut greenery, slap a candle with it and make a table arrangement that looks good! Amy has a sharp eye for what would look good in a room. That girl can take something out of a bedroom that has been there for years and put in “just” the right spot in the living room and leave you wondering, “Now why didn’t I think of that”?.

My words to ponder today isn’t how to do something it is simple words of advice that has been given to me.
“Think outside the box”. Example: Just because a particular piece was made to go outside doesn’t mean it would not look good inside!!!! Put your thinking caps on!

Less can be more, (avoid too much clutter in a room). Have you been in homes that when you walked in the door that there was so much stuff in the room that you didn’t know what to look at first? And for the most part all that stuff is pretty, nice, and even valuable maybe…but what do you look at first? Well, I have a spare room like that! Yep…on my list of things to redo. My husband calls that CLUTTER and he hates clutter. And of course my being a pack-rat doesn’t help but I am getting better! A room that is filled with clutter…even beautiful CLUTTER is just that, CLUTTER!

Utilize what you already have
. You want a new look in your guest room but you’re on a budget? Walk around your house and look at things in other rooms that you can change out and move around!

Don’t be in a hurry (my problem and my husband’s problem). When remodeling and decorating I find myself with the attitude of: I want it done today! And….hubby is worse than me so you can imagine how we both have to remind each other that ROME wasn’t built in day! I read in a decorating magazine once that people that tend to be in hurry tend to make poor choices on color, size, and cost.

Your Taste Is What Counts:
Remember, what matters is what YOU like as style, not the lady next door! Sometimes we as women compare our taste to others and think our taste stinks! Not true…that is why it is called “OUR TASTE”. Marty has a taste for Oysters…YUK! I have a taste for Tomatoes, he hates them! I love to add old books as part of my décor but my friend Casey says old books are for libraries. That doesn’t make one of us wrong and one right. It proves we have different taste…..DO WHAT YOU LIKE!


  1. I appreciate you saying that "your taste" is what counts! You are so right. I wish I was creative but then I just happen to like my style just fine. Thanks Miss Cindy

  2. I like something that is easy to keep up, not something you have to spend so much time on to enjoy. I guess that is why I have never a beautiful flower garden. TOO much work!!!. I would rather enjoy my family. Kim

  3. My problem is thinking outside the box but I have never really thought about taking something out of one room and placing in another room till I read this post. Funny how we just don't think about those little things. I'm scouting out my rooms! Trinity

  4. What great tips! And yes, you are so right about our own style being good. I know someone that if it isn't cottage type style then it isn't quite up to par. I personally love the 70's stuff. Whatever makes one happy is what they should do. Love the ideas though. Audrey


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