Mar 18, 2014

Wednesday in the Word-Spring in my step.

Spring is in the air....OR SO I HOPE! Living in Florida one never knows what to expect with the weather.....

Have you noticed at how it seems when just a tad of Spring begins to come forth that we all get HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY? We can't help but to get a little Spring in our step. I find myself wanting to plant a few flowers, buy some new ferns, clean off my front porch, re-do a room in the house and just start fresh with a few things. I even had the urge to drag out some flowers and make a new Spring wreath for my front door.

With the help of my granddaughter who will be 3 in May!

 For me, when Spring comes it is a like a breath of fresh air.  It even has put me in the cleaning mode...

Dusted off one of my little birds today and I think I heard him say "Thank You". 

Found myself re-arranging my (makeover project from last summer) to a new location.

Then it hit me....Just doing these few things brought a ray of sunshine to me, a Spring to my step, and joy.  I wonder if we are a ray of sunshine to others? 

When others leave our presence do they say, "She was like a breath of fresh air to me?

It's so amazing at how our Lord gives us so much joy through the season of Spring time. But what should be more amazing to a lost world and to those saved is the wonderful joy the Lord gives to us as Christians. The strength that joy brings to our lives should make us walk with that spring in our step every day. Because of that joy, we should have a smile on our face and love in our hearts.

"...for the joy of the LORD is your strength. ." Nehemiah 8:10 

Happy Spring! 

Hugs and Blessings,


  1. Hello, Cindy! Yours was my first comment on my post this week, and here I am, first on yours! I know exactly what you mean about spring and having a spring in our walk/joy in our hearts. Always love your posts and your inspiration. And I'd missed the snowboarding cake post--what a riot! I'm sure he loved it!!Yes, I can relate to scouring the house and the town for whatever we need for those precious little ones who all too soon won't be asking for those cakes! You're a good grandmother! I'm sure he knows how much you love him. :) Thanks for visiting and your sweet comments about my purple table! ~Zuni

  2. Love the wreath and I just adore the plant inside the picture frame! Way to cute!
    Connie Royals

  3. My sweet friend....this is exactly how I felt after we met at Bass Pro....refreshed!!! (love your wreath...and the idea of the basket in the frame) HOPE you have an awesome day!

  4. Oh, yes, milady! Basking in His joy this day - even though the skies are gray. CHOOSING joy is our calling. CHOOSING new life each day keeps us ever in the SPRING of life and living - HOPE for ourselves and every life we touch. The calendar page will turn this weekend to that long awaited first day of spring after a very harsh season of winter here in the northern states. Thing is - I ought to be living spring year round. And - as you say - in His strength spring joy is full year round.

  5. I love your little birdies!! Spring cleaning is a wonderful thing, and it tends to remind me of the spiritual spring cleaning that I need to tend to, as well. Asking God to search my heart to see if there are any dusty areas that He needs to clean out isn't always fun, but it's always beneficial. Hugs!

  6. I know you're a ray of sunshine to others!!! Love the birds and the flowers! I hope Spring comes here soon!

  7. This is really good - as always! Here in central FL we are still having spring one day, and winter the next! I don't think I'll ever complain about being hot again! I'm ready for some warmth!


  8. You girls have rocked a stunning wreath for the front door - How cute to work together on something so lovely x


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