Mar 18, 2014

Tuesday Toots-The Grandson's Birthday Cake

Well let me just go ahead and say, "This was not my choice of cake to do but however, when I realized it did not need to be perfect and could look like a mess and yet still be what he wanted I was all for it!

Our little Conner and only grandson celebrated his 8th birthday on Saturday. He had told me that he wanted a snow boarding birthday cake. As I looked at the picture it took on  the scene of a snow ski slope...mountains and etc. His mom gave me several ideas and his whole "thing" was having a mountain look! Here is the last picture that I looked at after scouting out many.

Taken from the Web

 Well I meant he was having a snowboard-snow ski-mountain look cake of some kind! (Can any of you Nana's relate?)

First problem: We live in is the month of March...and no one has snow ski, snowboarding things for a cake!!!! 

Okay, so we used a military dude on a snow board.....Yep, that is all we could come up with. So, I named this cake: Snow boarding on a Mission for the USA! Great name don't ya think? This dude is ready for some serious snowboarding!

Looking for things to fit this scenario was somewhat difficult to be honest. We came up with a snowmobile, some plastic trees, a couple of sleds, a set of snow skis and the cutest little squirrel ever! Now his hat was ugly but nothing a little icing wouldn't take care of! 

I only had 3 little plastic trees and needed a few more. I found myself cutting branches off of a little tiny Christmas tree that I had stashed in my shed! 

His mom and sister had the snow scene ready for the cake!

Birthday balloons was flying!

His sister even made him a cute "Jab card".

So strange to see snow men in March in Florida...but oh so cute!

Sweet little card that his sister made for sure to look at the cute little picture to the left on the card. They were so LITTLE then!!!!!

Well, the cake wasn't exactly like the picture......BUT.....

It was BIGGER!!!!

I made three cakes to complete this task!

Nice little ski slope with tons of snow icing!!!! Except the military dude was fixing to have a bumpy ride....that is why he is a military dude huh? They are used to the rough ride and we know they can do the mission at hand!

Well all I can say is there was enough icing, powdered sugar and sugar crystals on that cake too cause a sugar high for WEEKS! Glad those children did not come back home with me after eating it!!!!!

But the icing on the cake was snapping my grandson's picture with his Great-Grandmother for his birthday! Nothing takes the place of SWEET memories! 

Happy Birthday Conner! 

 And I might say that the grandson was happy with his cake!

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Awe Cindy, the cake turned out just as planned...a snow cake! WOW at the icing! Wish I could have just a taste on the end of my finger!
    Connie Royals

  2. You did a fabulous job on that cake Cindy! I can tell he just loved it!! I bet it tasted delicious too!!! Happy Birthday Connor!

  3. You're an awesome Nana!!! The cake looks so good...and I so wish I could slide my finger across some of that frosting/icing and stick it in my mouth!! YUMMY!!!

  4. What a great cake and Happy Birthday to Conner!


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