Sep 20, 2012

Friday Favs-Fall Wreaths

Since everyone is getting their Fall on let's take a look at some Fall Wreaths this week!

Love the sunflowers!

Now isn't this a cute idea using the end of a rake?

Ooh...I really like!

This is so simple but I think it is adorable!

Isn't this wreath beautiful?

I love  the simplicity of this wreath!

Don't you just love this one?

And...I must say...this is my absolute favorite!

I love the Fall of the year.....just wish those temps would drop a tad in my neck of the wood!

And...I leave you with this............

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Hugs and blessings, Cindy 


  1. Cindy, You have found a group of stunning wreaths that are sooo full of the bounty of Autumn! So inspirational!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love that little pumpkin with the little ones! LOL!
    Well I must say Miss fav is the one with the rake!
    Selena Guest

  3. Lovely wreaths, Cindy! I don't have mine finshed yet. Still working on it. Have a wonderful weekend.


  4. Our temps have dropped....just a tiny bit, we are still running our a/c. I love the wreaths, i think my favorite is your favorite as well. Time to start pulling all the fall stuff out of the closet

  5. They are all so pretty but yep, your fav is mine too.. That and the very simple wheat with a bow..
    Do you think those 2 being my favs gives a window into my own decor dilemas lol.. ornate or simple- I go back n forth a 100 times.

    hugs and happy smiles and all GOOD things to you and yours.
    ps- Thank you for always being the voice of cheerfulness combined with reason.. I do appreciate having you in my life, even though we are miles apart.

  6. I saw the rake one on Pinterest and asked Jack if we have and old rake top I can use to decorate for fall. I think he thought I was a bit bonkers...which I am!!! ;-)

  7. I love the simple one with the leopard print on the bow. Plus I love ...well, never mind. I love them all!

  8. Lovin' the cute little pumpkin buddies! All the wreaths are spectacular, this ornament addict is especially fond of the baubles one:@)

  9. Love all the wreaths! The rake one makes me smile. I have an old one I may use to decorate.

  10. Neat ideas! My fav is the one with the rake! Too cute! I see I'm not the only one who likes it best!


  11. Happy 35th anniversary, my friend. HOPE you have a great get-a-way!!!


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