Sep 24, 2012

Tuesday Toots-WOW-They LIVED!

Well let me say this before bragging on my plants! If you all knew just how fast I can kill a plant then you would really know the depth of this HAPPY POST!

I did not inherit my granny's green thumb! That woman could "merely spit" on a plant and the sucker would grow! 

I can buy stuff that you plant in the yard and sorta just "toss" it out there and it would grow! But I can buy a plant that needs to stay in the pot and oh MY! Usually disaster would come! Most of the time I can buy a plant and it SQUATS before I can get home with it.

Oh I can do fair with plants but the truth of the matter is I tire quickly from "tending" to them! 

HOWEVER....I bought this back at the beginning of summer (and I do not know what it is) HELP?
It was just "pretty". It was small and pretty! I have "tended" to this cutie and I want you to look at it! 

 BEAUTIFUL! The thing is growing out of control! It is growing behind the chair!

So pretty and green! I am thinking it needs to be in a bigger pot but scared it will die on me! 

Now this next plant I know is an IVY! LOL! I do know a little bit. We have re-wrapped this plant three times! 
It is just a miracle...I tell you...a miracle! 

I actually have some plants that are thriving with beauty in my back yard in pots and I am so amazed that the things are still BREATHING! I have been so proud of myself because I still have a plant my friend Elaine Bennett gave me months ago and it is LIVING!

Hey...I might actually be having a little of my Granny's green thumb coming on me in my older age.....LOL!

And....just a sneak peek at my Fall tablescape centerpiece....Ooh...can't wait to show you pictures of my Fall tablescape. Maybe next week huh!

Why do you think this may be my husbands FAVORITE Fall Centerpiece? 

Have a good week and thanks for letting me toot.

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Those are beautiful, Cindy. Looks like you have good luck with vines. The first one is a sweet potato vine. I have them growing like crazy too going down the secret garden....Christine

  2. Great plants Cindy, looks like your thumb finally turned green!

  3. Great job bringing them back to life!! They look awesome. I love your fall tablescape!

  4. Is the vine a sweet potato vine? It looks like one that I saw for sale at a little local road side market!! I am going to venture to guess that the antlers might have something to do with the centerpiece being your hubby's fave!!! :-) HOPE you had a great anniversary!!!

  5. Well good for you on your newly found green thumb! LOL! I am waiting on the revealing of the Fall table. LOVE the centerpiece. The antlers just made it! Are those your bucks Miss Cindy?
    Selena Guest

  6. Love your sweet potato vine! I grow them every year and love them.
    The antlers are so popular now and my hubby has lots of them.

  7. Loving the plants. Philodendron's are about the only plants I can keep growing.

  8. Hey, love the tablescape with the antlers. See a little sewing project too, huh? Luv, ya!

  9. Sweet potato vine it is Miss Cindy. They usually die back in the winter. But go online and you can check them out. A man told me that you can grow them grow then from sweet pot. really easy. Very pretty! But I DO LOVE the centerpiece on the table. WANT picture please of the tablescape! LOL! Connie Royals

  10. i will have to agree with the others , the light green plant is a sweet potato vine, mine are still alive but a bit more subdued. I did have one a couple of years ago that just about took over my front porch....never since. They also have them in a deep purple color

  11. Congrats on your success with the plants, sometimes it can be a challenge! You made me chuckle, I always get a kick out of the memory of being at a nursery and a woman wanted to buy zinnia plants and her friend said don't waste your money, all you have to do is spit on those seeds and they grow!:@)

  12. Wow! What a green thumb you have.

    I am guessing hubby likes the antlers. :)


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