Feb 12, 2010


In honor of my sister Mary's birthday which is tomorrow I decided to bake her a cake. I've baked several cakes using pretty ribbon and curling the ribbon to make the "curly ribbon confetti" for the top of the cake. But, I also like the idea of edible curly confetti. So I wanted to you how to achieve that effect. **First of all I AM NOT A CAKE DECORATOR" but I do love playing around with it. First as you will see in the first picture I need to just tell you how much I LOVE my little mixer on the stand that my oldest daughter Kristy gave me! It sure makes things easier. And the 2nd picture showing the Cake Release product I use with all my baking cakes is a MUST HAVE! Girls, you will love this product. It last forever and can be found at Walmart with all the cake pans, cake decorating books and etc. I use a #21 tip....it is actually the tip that you use to make shell borders and etc. I made my buttercream icing to be a little more stiff than normal. Hold your tip upright and just swirl around. Now the key to this was the icing being thicker than normal....as I would swirl around on the cake with the icing it would actually break off.....therefore creating the curly ribbon confetti look. Now if you don't have a tip or decorating bags just use a plastic bag...Put your icing in the bag and squeeze it till it all in the corner of the bag. Take a pair of scissors and make two slits (small) one on each side of the corners of the bag. You will not get the same exact effect of the curly ribbon but it will be pretty darn close. As you can see in the other pictures I decided to really surprise her but putting exactly the amount of candles on the cake that reflects her age! Oh is she going to start a FIRE! Topped it off with ribbon tied in a bow. What better gift can one give other than something made with lots of love!


  1. The cakes looks delicious. I am sure your sister will love it. I am not creative, but love to look at creative ideas. Most times I can follow directions.

  2. Such a cute cake. I bet it was good too. Trinty


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