Feb 28, 2010

Don't Mess With A NANA!

 You gotta hear my story. I am shopping at a Thrift Store...(go figure that) and I am on a mission. Looking for items I need to decorate with for a Front Porch Lemonade Party I am doing for some young moms in May. But....I just so happen to see this cute little basket purse and decided to check it out. Here is the little basket purse!
As soon as I picked it up I knew something was inside of the little cute little purse. So I proceeded to open it and found this darling little doll inside.


As soon as I saw this cutie I knew my little granddaughter Raygen would love her. I picked her out of the basket purse and realized that her head, her hands and feet were porcelean.


There was no price on this sweet little thing so asked a young man that was working there would he be kind enough to get me a price. (He was a volunteer) He came back and said, "This is one dollar". I noticed that he didn't put the price on it so I asked him would he please put the price on it so when I got to the checkout counter I would not have a problem with it. "Sure he said", and came back shortly with $1.00 wrote on a piece of freezer tape attached to the basket purse. I proceeded to shop and then went to CHECKOUT! 

The lady that waited on me opened up the basket purse and took the doll out and proceeded with a tone of voice that told me she did not want to work that day and said, "Mam, where did you get this sticker on this that says $1.00". I told her my whole story....by this time there is probably at least 3 other people behind me!
She then proceeded in a "Not happy camper" voice to tell me that not only was that doll NOT $1.00 but almost in a round about way accused me of sticking the $1.00 tape on there myself. OK GIRLS, I don't normally carry freezer tape around in my purse for starters but please tell me why I would even think of such a thing "Thrift Store Shopping"? My blood pressure is normally low but I got a feeling that if it had been taken RIGHT THEN...it might have been high!
But I tried to compose myself because after all, I did have on my bright green bracelet that says, "Prayer Warrior for India 2010" which was my reminder to pray for the ministry team that had gone to India..... And also my cute little tee shirt that I got in a Fund Raiser that said, "Pray for Allison". So you can imagine how I am really trying to keep myself under "Christian check here". After all, I am a Bible Study teacher!!!!
 The next thing I knew the lady was not only being rude & loud but proceeded to jerk the doll out of the basket, lifting her little bonnet to show me the markings on the dolls neck as she explained that this was a collector's items and she would NOT let me have that doll for $1.00 and that was just all there was to it! Of course, still trying to maintain my composure I told her I was not a doll collector and knew nothing about the value of the doll and all I wanted to do was  buy the doll for the price the young man had put on there for my granddaughter. She loudly and meanly said, " THIS IS A HUGE MISTAKE MAM AND I AM NOT SELLING YOU THE DOLL FOR $1.00". Well ladies, LITTLE NANA MODE KICKED IN!!!!

I maintained my composure, got myself together boldy and firmly said, "Mam, you have as much as accused me of putting my own price tag on this doll. I do not carry freezer tape in my purse. You have been rude, loud, and not a very nice person and I don't appreciate the way you have handled this situation at all and I am not leaving this store until I get this doll for the price of $1.00 and for crying out loud, this is a CITY RESCUE MISSION THRIFT STORE! You are suppose to be helping people not being ugly to them! Of course by this time the line behind me had grown and you could hear mublings such as "just sell the lady the $1.00 doll". 

Well, the clerk lowered her voice and said, "Well mam, I guess I have no choice but to sell this collector doll  to you for $1.00. I paid for my prize possession not even to get a mere thankyou from the "SWEET" clerk. However, I did tell her to have herself a BLESSED DAY! 

Now the moral of my story is this:
1: It's not what we say to people it's how we say it. She could have worded things a little different and been kinder with her words and actions and who knows, I probably would have just left the doll there! (Probably not though)

2: I managed to maintain my actions, choice of words and kept my voice at a level that was pleasant. (And to be honest, it was HARD)

3: We can be firm and bold with our words and not be ugly.

4: Lastly, YOU DON'T MESS WITH A NANA!!!!!!

I got to my car and looked at that doll and I thought to myself, "Mercy, I hope my little Raygen likes her after all this".
Look at her face....who couldn't like her?


And BTW I did look at the inscription on the back of neck and of course I had to google these collector's dolls when I got home. (There is a serial # on the back of her neck as well)  Best I can tell, give or take a few dollars, this little cutie is worth around $50.00.........and.......my little Raygen loved her! 



  1. Little Nana, I'm right proud of you for keeping your composure. Too funny! I could feel my BP rising for you as I read the story!! Love ya!! Tanyia

  2. You go girl!!!!! J. Canady

  3. Raygen does love the doll. She has changed her name three times. It was Kim, Mallory, and now Kelly. Thanks Mama!

    Kristy :-)

  4. Thank you for the doll. I love you.

    Raygen :-)

  5. No one messes with a praying Grandma!! Good for you - responding in a christian way doesn't necessarily mean giving in to the bully. Sometimes it means calmly standing for your rights!

  6. Well you are the woman Miss Cindy! And you were right about standing your ground. So many people think just because we are Christians that we should just give in to everything! There is a right way to handle things and you done it correctly. However, I hope the clerk was convicted! And just for your information, your granddaughter has herself a nice little collector item there. When I saw the Seymore Mann inscription on her I could not believe that you found her in a Thrift store! She is quite a collector's item. I collect dolls so I know! What is really funny to me is the fact you didn't even realize that you had a collector doll nor the fact that that little cutie is worth a little money. I am coming to your house to look at your Thrift store stuff. You probably have stuff you have no idea might be worth some money! Ha! She is a cutie and I am sure your granddaughter loved her.

  7. Ms. Cindy you always bless me with your stories. I can always here you in the back of my mind, and think I can do this. I love your creativity. I just wish I had some. Love Ya Kim Crews

  8. Well I am glad you got it for a dollar...sometimes things are overpriced in thrift stores which I can't figure out because they get the stuff for FREE in the first place. Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

    p.s. What are you talking about? I thought everyone carried freezer tape with them!

  9. Lemonade Party ????????

    What in the world? I've never heard about one of those. It sounds lovely !! If I
    wanted to throw one ...would you tell me how ? Ann


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