Feb 2, 2010

Latest Thrift Store Finds I love!

You can't go wrong with clear glass items when decorating. The thing I love about clear glass is no matter what type of piece it is it will go with any decor. I love these 3 items I found. Now I don't know quite yet where I will use them but I plan to use them by all means. The coffee cup with matching saucer actually has a bottom to it that makes it sit up a little higher though you can't see it in the picture. I love this! I am waiting on a bench that I ordered to come in to go at the foot of my bed and I may have to use this on my tray sitting on the bench. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is really a nice pattern and beautiful cut glass. The decanter is also a favorite. I couldn't pass this up. I have several cut glass decanters and I JUST had to have this one as well. The last piece is what some call a ginger jar. My friend Vicky has a selection of different sizes of these type jars and she used them at Christmas and I loved them. Gave me some good ideas! Now I know you are wondering what I paid for these glass pieces???? The coffee cup with matching saucer was $2. I found something that resembled it close online and it was $21. The jar with lid was only 99 cents. I really thought I got a good deal on this because these type of jars can be very costly. The most expensive piece was the decanter and I paid $4 for it. Decanters even at a Thrift Store can be pricey. They are well in demand to use for decorating purposes. I will keep you posted on how I use these pieces!


  1. Love, love, love the decanter and jar. Audrey

  2. I really like the decanter. you find the neatest things. I really like that pretty tray! Where did you find that? I love the size of it. Tress

  3. Wow you got some great deals! I absolutely agree about the fact that
    glass goes with anything and is timeless!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog - and I will be back to yours!

  4. Love the new blog. I wish I had you "cheap" decorating sense. Or any decorating sense for that matter!

  5. You always seem to get a DEAL! Cute stuff but I want the tray! Liza S


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