Mar 3, 2010

March Giveaway

What is in the box? 
I just love a "Giveaway".
I found this beautiful victorian frame and thought it would be a nice giveaway for Mother's Day! But, I couldn't stand to wait that long!
I can already see this with a picture in it surrounded by beautiful tea pots, tea cups, hankies, and the whole 9 yards. 
It has such delegate trimming which really makes it!

Now for the fun part! All you need to do is leave me a comment telling me whose picture you would display in this Victorian Frame and why or who you would give it to as a gift and why. It's just that simple! My sweet little husband will make the decision on who has the best story. Yep, going to put this on him!

The contest ends Friday @ noon. The winner will be announced Friday afternoon. 
I only bought one of these and now I wish I had of bought more!  


  1. This is really a beautiful frame. I would put a picture of 4 generations of our family (great granddaughters, granddaughter, daughter, and mother) in the frame and give to my mother on mother's day!

    Your blog is always a joy and blessing to read and I look forward to following your adventures as you treasure hunt.

    Love in Christ, Marsha

  2. Well for me personally I don't care for the Victorian style stuff. However, I have an aunt that lives in Key West and she LOVES anything Victorian! Her whole house is decorated with vicortian decor. Even her laundry room! I would give that cute frame to my aunt to add to her collection. Trinity

  3. I would put a picture of my best friend, confidante, oak tree, and teacher in the frame. Her name is Pearl. She has been my rock, other than God, my whole life. She always has an encouraing word and loves me despite the pain I may have caused her. She has always been there for me no matter what. I call her MOTHER with pride. Kim Crews

  4. I am more retro style but I do think it so cute. I would give it to my mom who has a collection of old pictures in a spare bedroom dating back to the 1800's in her family. I am sure she would love it and find just the right picture for that cute frame.

  5. I would put a picture of my mama in it, because she is the most beautiful person I know and the best mama in the whole world!!! :-)


  6. My Sweet Kristy! You are hoping to win unh? Love ya!

  7. I would put a picture of the most wonderful person that I have ever met in my life!!! And I would give it to her on Mother's Day! I would be so excited if I won because I wouldnt have to buy my mama nothing for mothers day!

    Love your daughter
    Melissa Kay:)

  8. I think I would have to put a picture of my grandmothers in this, them together. They are two strong women that I love very much and have learned much from. I think I would have to put this in my entertainment center with all my other picture frames. I like doing different style picture frames together. Thanks, Mrs. Cindy. - Stacy

  9. Melissa, you are too funny!!! But, you're not getting out of buying your mama something for Mother's Day!!!!

  10. I have a picture of my mom and hers 4 sisters when they were little.It is a black and white picture a little crinkly and it is old. The frame would be perfect for it!!!

  11. Looks great! Thanks for the help!
    Keep in shopping for good deals!


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