Mar 7, 2014

Mountain Trip-Scene 4

I left off on my last post with my man enjoying his time by the fire with a cup of coffee and now it is a new day and time to ride....but only after my morning coffee on the porch overlooking the mountains.(If you'd like to see the cabin and other posts on our trip please scroll on down on the blog from the home page)

And this wonderful breakfast....

I told ya! We eat well!!!! ( Now you know why we had to hike walk)

Snow was suppose to come our way but didn't quite make it to us. However, I meant I would not be whipped so we drove over to the parkway which was not far from us at all and it had snowed there. So we did get to play in a little bit of snow.....

And the Ice....

To finish up our week I will highlight a few last stops. We decided to take the advice of our youngest daughter and try out the Bullfish Grill for supper on another night that we stayed. WE WILL RETURN! Oh my! All i can say is the pork chops was the best I've ever eaten.The food was wonderful, the service was excellent and I thought the price was great. When my husband said that his steak was topping Outback (his favorite place) I knew this place had scored with us!

Rather large bull wouldn't you say?

 We went one night to the Hatfield's and McCoy's Dinner Show. Was really cute and tons of food! The Cloggers was my favorite of all there.

We shopped at the Bass Pro Shop. A friend had told my man about this little gizmo (as my Papa would have called it) called BetterBreader and he was wanting one. We got it!

We've used it once since we've been back home and it works like a charm.
We also went one morning while on vacation to Mel's Diner. Does anyone remember the TV show Mel's Diner? So glad we went. The atmosphere and decor was wonderful!

Did I have to have some gum balls out of the gum ball machine???? What do you think? LOL!

The last night we stayed we had enough leftovers to make another fine salad with warm Raspberry dressing.

 With Grilled chicken, brussel sprouts and bread!

Let me know if you want my recipe for the grilled chicken breast! Amazing what mayo, sourcream, raspberry dressing and colby jack cheese can do!

We stopped at none other than Cracker Barrel in which I could just browse the store there without ever eating!!! But I must say I do love to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

A few little gifts was purchased there for my daughters. They may be grown but this mama STILL brings the girls something home....

And a gift for a special blogging friend that I would meet later in the week....


In the Blogging world we have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful bloggers. Some that you just seem to feel as though you've been friends with them your whole life. Debbie has been such to me. We have been blogging together for 5 years now. Through those years we've shared our love for Jesus, our families, our church, our hobbies and more. We've watched our grands growing up, we've prayed for one another and we have had a bond that makes a statement. "Spirit knows Spirit".

We had the opportunity to meet at the Bass Pro shop for coffee while vacationing and Debbie was waiting inside the Bass Pro Shop when I Marty and I arrived. As soon as I saw her my spirit connected to her. 

How does ones spirit not connect when their blog is based on Jeremiah 29:11 and the front header says...

 Marty bought us coffee and sat and visited with us a while and then off to shop he went and left us gals to talk. Well, we indeed talked....for 1 1/2 hours! We had the best time visiting, laughing, talking about our grands and sharing prayer needs. 

Debbie collects Owls and I had gotten her the cutest set of Owl salt and pepper shakers from Cracker Barrel and she had made me this beautiful scarf.......

When she got ready to leave Marty walked with us outside and took a picture for us together. She is just as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside!

Needless to say we had a wonderful vacation and meeting face to face with a 5 year (now) blogging friend and sister in the Lord was the icing on the cake! 

God is good.....
LOVE my new scarf Debbie!

Only by His Grace and Mercy can we exist to enjoy this life that He given to us.

I hope that you have somewhat felt like you got to go on vacation with us by browsing through my pictures and allowing me to share with you. 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. I have enjoyed your vacation with you! The pictures has been amazing Cindy. What fun to meet a blogging friend in person! I do think you need to post the recipe to that heavenly looking piece of grilled chicken!
    Connie Royals

  2. How wonderful that you and Debbie got to have a great visit! I think that is just awesome. I see you did a lot of great 'eating' on your vacation, yummy. AND..I love the new look of your blog. God Bless you and keep you and I'll visit again soon.

  3. Oh, I've so enjoyed vacationing with you Cindy! What a lovely place and y'all do eat good! :) How nice to get to meet face to face with a blogging friend - and the scarf she made you is beautiful! I've so loved seeing your pretty smiling face. Thanks for popping in to see my cows.
    Be a sweetie,

  4. Oh my precious friend. I don't even know what to say except I love you. God is good!!!

  5. What a great trip you had! I always love these trip updates, it feels like I'm right there with you! That food! Oh wow..wish I was!! How fun to meet a bloggy friend too. You two look gorgeous!

  6. Oh, Cindy...your vacation seems to have been idyllic...Thanks so much for sharing such sweet moments with us. ~Zuni

  7. Hey, next time you and Marty go on vacation - THE DUKE FAMILY is coming :-) Just kidding of course. But what a great time you guys had!! God is good ALL THE TIME! Thank you for sharing your vacation with us! Johnna D.

  8. I've enjoyed tagging along on your trip with you! It's been such fun to see all the places you enjoyed - and the sweet blog friend, too.

  9. I've had so much fun reading all about your vacation too! What amazing places you were able to visit...looking at all the delicious food is making my mouth water! What a treat meeting a special blogging friend, I know you ladies had a wonderful time!

  10. We were on vacation last week too, just returned yesterday! I just want to tell you I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your vacation! I didn't do much on the 'puter while we were gone, but I did enjoy reading about your fun vacation and seeing the great pictures - my kind of vacation with the shopping, yummy food, etc! And meeting a special blogging friend was indeed the icing on the cake! Neat gifts too!

    After I "recuperate" from our trip (LOL!) I hope to do some blogging about our vacation!



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