Mar 10, 2014

Tuesday Toots-Mountain Loot!

Well, if you followed me on my vacation to the mountains then you know that I shopped a little lot! Most of my stops was Thrift Stores and Antique Stores but I did do a little shopping at other places as well.  Wanted to share some of little finds on my trip.

Isn't she just a sweet little thing? I named her Precious! The reason I decided on naming her that was because there was an older lady behind me in line as I waited to pay for my items and when she saw my cup and saucer she said in a more southern drawl that I do..."Well now ain't she just precious! So that is how she got her name.

I call this one "Pretty in Pink". She too just had to come home with me.

 She had a few blemishes here and there but so do I!!!

This pitcher caught my eye. I couldn't decide on whether I really wanted it or not but the more I looked at it the more I decided I needed wanted it.

I spotted these plates and fell in love....What ya think? 

Saw these cute salt and pepper shakers at a yard sale while traveling to the mountains. I can spot a yard sale sign a mile down the road so needless to say we stopped at several while going and coming from the mountains. how pretty is this? Don't you just love the cloche?

And we can't never have enough white dishes! 

Another yard sale find!

I picked up this cute little mug and matching bowl at another yard sale.

This Vintage suitcase was a Salvation Army find. I have a vintage suitcase like this one that belonged to my grandparents sitting in my "little girly room" as my husband calls it. So this one went in there as well.

Love the color of this but then I love the Fiesta colors!

A piece of Pottery that looked like it just had a story to it! Of course when I said that to the husband he said, "The story is that it's UGLY!  LOL! I think I am going to actually have the perfect spot for this piece of pottery!

Lavender Napkins Rings! This store had tons of lavender napkins rings marked down to 1/2 price. They will go perfect with a tablescape that I have in mind.

Bought two sets of these cute mugs. Plain but just enough color and design on them to give them a personality. Will be using these with a tablescape as well.

Now I feel in love with these! Yep, bought me a service for 8.

I see some lavender and green coming together for a Spring Tablescape maybe????

I've been looking for a creamer and sugar dish that would somewhat tie into my St. Patricks Tablescape but that I could also use for something else. Saw these and thought, YEP, think they will work.

And I've got to share with you that two years ago I picked up these cute salt and pepper shakers from a yard sale for 50 cents. I had them on my table that I had decorated for Saint Patrick's Day and when I brought the creamer and sugar dish home I could not believe how much they favored.

Now the cute part is that the sugar and creamer is Corelle and the Salt and Pepper is Paula Dean! It hit me...dang, I got a Paula Dean salt and pepper shaker for 50 cents!!!! LOL! Corelle wasn't that generous! 

Hope you enjoyed browsing my Loot this week! I sure enjoyed bringing it all home! LOL! 

Stay tuned this week....Saint Patty's Day Tabelscape!

Floral piece on my dining room table for St. Patrick's Day

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Hi Cindy! Oh, you found some wonderful things! Love those pretty dishes with the purple and the little tea cups! Those little bunny salt and peppers are darling. Honey, you brought in a great haul!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I'm so glad you shared it all! What great things you found!! I love the tea cups, the pottery, the bunny it all! You did great!

  3. "She had a few blemishes here and there but so do I!" Loved that comment...'cause so do I. You really did find some great things. Did y'all rent a U-Haul to get all your purchases back home?!? ;-) Can't wait to see your St. Patty's day table!!!

  4. WOW, you got some really cute items. Love the orange Fiesta piece a lot!!!! But I love Fiesta colors. I got a feeling we will be seeing some tablescapes before long with those dishes and yes, you can never have enough white dishes. Goes with everything.
    Connie Royals

  5. You scored big time, Cindy. So much lovely finds, I love them all especially the S & P shakers and the pink plate....christine

  6. Loved seeing all your goodies! So many neat things! I see a lot of tablescapes in your future with all those pretties!

    I'm planning to post an Irish tablescape tomorrow, if I get the photos taken, etc.

    Thanks for sharing, makes me want to go "hunting!"


  7. I love seeing your finds. You hit the jackpot, my friend! Can't wait to see your St. Patrick's Day tablescape. I'm not doing any special decorating this year - there's too much going on and survival is the goal for each day!


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