Apr 15, 2014

Wednesday in the Word-God's gift to Grandparents

Today is a very special day. It is my oldest grandchild's 10th birthday. She is now two digits as she would say!!!

Grandbabies has got to be the icing on the cake. My grandbabies are so sweet that sugar drips off of them!I know that I can get an AMEN from you grandparents on that one!!! I cannot imagine my life without the 4 grands that I have.

 But for today and because it is her birthday I want to talk brag on our sweet Raygen.

We have already celebrated her special day and she wanted everything bright and cheery.

Yes, Nana made her a cake and cupcakes!!!

Gum balls was the hit of the party!

Lots of color she wanted!

Her grammy made the Spring wreath and it went perfect with her birthday decor.

She celebrated her special day with lots of family and friends.

So in honor of her being 10 I want to say 10 things about her that makes me smile.Okay, grin....and grin big! 

1: Her Smile--it radiates the room when she enters. 
2: Her mannerism-respectful to others.
3: Her laughter--that giddy little laugh makes me laugh.
4: Her creativity--Whether it's decorating,(and she likes for things to match like her Nana and her Grammy) crafts or coming up with new ideas she does it well.
5: Her voice--she sings beautifully
6: Her drive--she will push herself to the next level whether it's sports, singing or playing the piano till she gets it right.
7: Her ambition--to succeed at whatever tasks lay before her.
8: Her personality--that makes her who she is.
9: Her shoe size--We wear the same size so Nana can borrow her flip flops now.
10: And last but not least: Her love for Jesus! At such a young and tender age she has a love for our Lord that simply melts this Nana's heart! 

   Happy birthday to       
our Raygen...... 

Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers. 

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter. Love the pictures.
    Connie Royals

  2. Wow! 10 already?!! She looks like a very special young lady! The party was so fun w/ all of the bright colors!

  3. Miss Raygen is beautiful, just like her Nana. You need to print off this post and save it for her!!! What a special time in her life....before you know it she'll be a teenager!!! You did an awesome job on her cake and cupcakes! HOPE the rest of your EASTER week is awesome, my friend!

  4. Birthday wishes to your sweet granddaughter. Yes, grandkids are definitely the frosting on the cake - a beautiful gift from our Heavenly Father.

  5. What beautiful grandchildren you have my friend. And what a beautiful day!! Happy Birthday Raygen! Her cake and cupcakes look awesome!! YOU ROCK Miss CINDY!!! Johnna D.

  6. Such pretty bright colors that just shout spring, love them. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter

  7. Happy Birthday sweet Raygen! I agree with your Nana on the 10 things she said about you.You are such s pleasure to have in Sunday School!!:)))


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