May 5, 2014

Make me Smile Monday---Baby C

Awe..I haven't posted pictures in a while but I've just got to share some sweet pics of Baby C. Isn't she beautiful?

I actually do not do photography as a business anymore as my grands keep me busy enough. With a few family things here and there and some church activity I stay as busy as I need to be. (and want to be) LOL!  But, there are just some special people that I JUST HAVE TO GET MY CAMERA ON! LOL!

Baby C had her eyes open for just a little while but she slept mainly.

Look at those little rolls on those sweet little legs.

Love how this turned out.

Nothing like black and white....

Sleeping away.

This was just precious to me.

She didn't care what we done...she just slept!

Look at those little lips.

She was comfy...

Yes, I really liked this picture. Who says a $1.00 clothes basket with $1 bandana's won't work for a good picture?

Just so precious...

I hope you have enjoyed Baby C with me today.

Oh and this one was just for fun...but so fitting since she slept the whole time....She was a joy to photograph.....

Stay tuned this week. Have a Rustic wedding to share with you! 

 Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. WOW CINDY! I love these pictures of this darling little baby girl. LOVE the ones of her in the clothes basket. Can't wait to see some of the rustic wedding.
    Connie Royals

  2. You're so good at everything you do. She's beautiful. Can't wait to see the wedding picture. HOPE you have an awesome day!!

  3. Oh my precious! You did a beautiful job with these photos, such keepsakes! I love them all, how lucky that she slept the whole had some cute set ups! I loved the bandana on the wash line! Great job Cindy!!!

  4. Baby C is beautiful and so are your photos. She's quite the little fashionista! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  5. I love your creativity in these photos Cindy. Love the one in the clothes basket, wonderful job

  6. She is absolutely beautiful, and your photography skills are wonderful too. What a great way to use all of your creative gifting.

    I loved the ones in front of the bandannas the best of all... I THINK. I actually thought they were all great.

    I've been catching up here this morning. In case you don't see my other comment, AMEN on the Wednesday one. Spot on and convicting!

  7. what a great model she makes! charming pics, cindy! the clothes basket is so cute!

  8. She is gorgeous, Cindy! Beautiful photos!


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Hugs and blessings, Cindy