Jul 15, 2014

Tuesday Toots

So much to toot about in life......Hey, I got out of bed this morning so that is something to TOOT about right?

Recently I enjoyed a little trip with the two youngest grands and two of my daughters to Chuck E Cheese and then of course we had to do a little shopping.

This picture turned out blurry but I still love it!

Of course you get so many tokens when you purchase your pizza but you know Nana had to purchase more tokens....

Youngest grandgirl fixing to chow down on some pizza.

My sister Mary gave me this beautiful basket with a tomato plant filled with herbs a couple of weeks ago.

Look at it now....It is beautiful!

My Hydrangea is so pretty!

My oldest daughter with my oldest grand...Along with my grandson and soninlove are in New Orleans this week on a mission trip with our church. We covet your prayers for safety and that our Lord will be lifted high.

Whipped me up a simple little beach dress for my family beach trip that is coming up soon. Can't wait!

Goes quite well with the necklace, don't ya think?

How about a little kiwi, mango and avocado fruit salad with a hint of lemon, lime and spices to make you smile?

Should have some nice eggplants in August ready! Can't wait for some Eggplant Parmesan! 

Well it's been fun tooting today! If I would just learn how to tweet! LOL! Have a good day!

Hugs and blessings, Cindy


  1. You're a chef, a baker, a seamstress and a gardener. You are truly a Jacqueline of all trades!! HOPE you have an awesome day!

  2. Cindy, the little beach dress is so cute. You will be styling! Enjoyed your toots. You are blessed.
    Connie Royals

  3. Hello Cindy! Love the picture of you and your granddaughters. You are such a good Nana. ~smile~ Your dress is SO pretty. I love black and white...and yes, the necklace does go quite well with it! Our eggplant are coming along nicely as well. I love the stuff...anyway it is fixed!

    Have a great week, Cindy!

  4. Cindy,
    Great post! Love the first picture...just my colors!!

    You have a beautiful family!!

    Thanks for stopping by! When i do retire, I will never be bored because i have so much that I want to do including expanding my little craft business to selling on Ebay like I did years ago and doing more craft fairs and maybe even a booth somewhere.....
    So i won't be home much!!

  5. All of your plants--herbs, flowers, veggies look amazing! I love your cute beach dress..how impressive!
    You are one nice Grandma to go to Chuck E Cheese! :)

  6. Love the dress you made. Will add your family to my prayer list that as they are in New Orleans. You have a beautiful family and isn't it great being a grandma....my favourite thing LOL.


  7. Oh and BTW: LOVE, LOVE the necklace:-)

  8. You're the best Nana ever and I'm pretty sure the prettiest too. You and the girls look so cute together. I LOVE the beach dress you whipped up and the necklace looks fabulous with it. I've been wanting to make one for myself. Thanks for the show me. :).

    Have a wonderful day sweetie. XO's

  9. It's great to catch up with you, Busy Lady! The dress is so pretty. Hope you enjoy your time away. My eggplants are blooming like gangbusters but I haven't seen any fruit yet. I've never grown them before, is this usual? Lifting your family up as they work at their mission trip. What a great experience for all. Enjoy the rest of your week!!


So glad you stopped by to visit.
Hugs and blessings, Cindy